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  1. Also look on some of the specialty sites that just sell die cast cars, there are quite a few prepainted figures on them.
  2. Not much help, but I remember there was a build article for it in some magazine 40 +/- years ago. I distinctly remember the how to on the angled door window frames and the split exhaust tips. If I remember correctly the whole thing was a custom one off and not a kit.
  3. Herbie got his mate...
  4. I haven’t seen any Laudoracing models here before, so I thought I’d share this. It’s a 1/18 Lancia Montecarlo/Scorpion version from Herbie goes to Montecarlo. I’m impressed with the exterior detail and tampo, interior detail is nice as well. Chassis is simplified and there are no opening parts other than the roof panel, but I’m fine with that since I’m not a fan of out of scale panel gaps. Fits perfectly with the Hot Wheels Herbie.
  5. I don’t have a photo handy but I often use colored stained glass paint. It goes on very clear, thick and glossy. Over chrome lights, like turn signals, it has a very realistic lens look. There is a “frosted glass” version that works well for headlights.
  6. Just the way they paginated and printed magazines back then. Color was more expensive to print and a waste on pages with all text, so the magazine was broken down into sections. Depending on how it was bound you could have a b/w page in the middle of a bunch of color pages.
  7. The only thing missing is the rickety suspension bridge.
  8. Here’s the photo reminder... also if you have the eBay sellers name that would be great. I did a few passes through eBay but didn’t have any luck finding them. Thanks again
  9. I think there was lighting in one of the original sets with walls, that would explain the battery box.
  10. Always looking for a good Baja bug (and wheels) where did you find yours?
  11. Just scored two kits on my bucket list in one lot, a Monogram SWB Land Rover and a Cheetah. Price for the lot was probably about what I would have paid for the two individually, and I’ll load the Panteras and a couple others back up on eBay, so I think I got a good deal. The LWB Land Rovers look decent so I might clean them up for display and unload the unbuilt ones in my stash as well.
  12. Need to find some scale eagle beaks.
  13. Cloth might be a good start, like a fine weave burlap, or something similar. Maybe cheese cloth?
  14. I’ve always had good luck with USCP, Scale Production, Spot Model, Czech Truck and a couple other European suppliers. Usually 3-4 week delivery. Just got tires from SP and USCP today.
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