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  1. It’s the same with different decals, I like the ones in your issue better. I’ll probably build it semi-curbside with similar decals, there is an engine but the hood is mounded closed and I’m not a big engine detail guy so no reason to open it.
  2. Wasn’t really looking for one but there it was and now here it is...
  3. Bingo, I knew someone would know what I was talking about, even if I didn’t.
  4. Nice work. There is a hot wheel car out there with a skull radiator that is just the right size for a shift knob. I don’t know what car it is but I’ve seen one or two used around here.
  5. My apologies I was complimenting randy’s work not suggesting you were questioning it. Now that I think about it maybe only the s cars had a red shroud, that’s what I meant about his work, there’s more chance randy is correct than I am. I love the cars and have had a few but I’m by no means an authority on them. I do recall one of my early ones (‘70) having a green shroud, pretty sure that one was factory. And as a further bit of possible misinformation I think the colors were in the gel coat or resin, not painted.
  6. The fan shrouds pictured above are natural (unpainted) fiberglass not metal. I’ve only had multi owner modified or repaired Porsches so mine have all been natural or black. I would think factory color would vary from year to model. With the quality of Randy’s work, and the level of detail, I’d guess he has the correct color.
  7. I was always bugged by the car crusher scenes in James Bond and other movies where they crush the car into a 3 foot cube without taking out the engine, transmission, rear end or anything else that wouldn’t crush. Even better when you put that one ton cubed Lincoln in the bed of a ranchero. But I still want to build a model of it some day.
  8. I think there is at least two versions of each. The accessories are interesting each one has a little cupboard/stove combo with table and chairs as well. I’m still amazed that I was the only bidder on each, especially as rare as it is to see them for sale.
  9. Picked up a couple of my ‘grails’ over the last few weeks for a decent price on eBay. Had to wait a couple of months for the Nissan to get here from Australia but it was worth it. The Toyota was a good example for eBay patience. The opening bid was too high and no one was biding so I waited until it expired and was relisted with a more reasonable opener and surprisingly ended up being the only bidder. It’s funny how you can get all caught up in a must have kit that no one else wants.
  10. What are the differences between the Superfly and the Dream Machine, I had always assumed it was the same kit.
  11. I got the jackman wheels (and a couple others) I missed last time around. Two seconds with some sandpaper on a flat surface and I can finally finish a long over due Baja bug. Thanks for the nice work.
  12. Not to get too far off topic, I’ve never had much interest in early rails but something about this one with the steel wheels I really like.
  13. My lucky day, I’ve been looking for one of these at a reasonable price. I hesitated for a little bit wondering if I was snatching it away from you, but figured I’m probably the only idiot who would think $20 was a good price for this thing.
  14. Another option would be black silicone, if it’s done carefully the door gap looks like 1:1 door rubber.
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