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  1. 1977 Jeep CJ-7

    I agree nice build. I'm curious about the sci-fi like backdrop you use in your pictures, what is it?
  2. VW Camper roof rack ?

    There are a couple on shapeways, search for 1/24 roof rack. I know I saw a vw bus rack there but can't remember if it is only in 1/18 scale.
  3. Hot Wheels Tribute 1/25 Custom Cougar

    I can't say enough good things about how you captured the look and feel of the Hot Wheels, even down to the smaller wheels on the Deora. It and the Thunderbird are my favorites, both then and now. Can't wait to see how you'll handle the Fleetwood.
  4. VW Samba Custom Triple Cab Pickup

    You did, it's just backwards on the instructions as well. I've had a couple of VWs with the folders, your drawing is the right way around - flat section to the front (this is the part that the lever clamps down to seal) and folds go up over towards the back. By the way your concept rendering is just as outstanding as your build, again really nice work.
  5. VW Samba Custom Triple Cab Pickup

    I just popped over here from your 911/speedster build and I must say nice job. At first read I thought a three cab would be weird but you balanced it out nicely. You might have already noticed but you have the sunroof on backwards, the flaps fold to the back or else they'd catch wing and rip the roof off 😀
  6. Revell VW Rabbit - Clearly Scale Engine

    I have one of those engines on order (been a couple of months hopefully get it soon) so I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish this. Might try to stick one in a scirocco as well. Thanks for posting.
  7. Revell VW Rabbit

    I had a four door rabbit that color, but I think it was called rally green for that year (75 I think), it was very bright, your color looks about right.
  8. Great job as usual. I always like seeing your name pop up in the topics, it means something fun is coming.
  9. Chinese six rat rod!

    For what it's worth, I'm with the rest who want to see how this six wheeler plays out. Looking forward too it in fact.
  10. 49 Ford Custom - MADE IN BRAZIL

    Really cool...
  11. Karmann Ghia advice

    If you go with the masking tape method, sometimes a light coat of clear before the silver will stop the bleed. Probably telling you something you already know, but I believe this trim is aluminum so you don't have to get real shiny.
  12. Really nice clean builds, thanks for sharing them.
  13. Hot Wheels 1/25 Tribute - "Sweet 16" - Custom Corvette

    Love 'em. You captured the spirit of the originals perfectly..
  14. Not your average 64 Fairlane

    Beautiful color on the car and I really like the blacks and dark metal in the engine bay. I'm going to file that away in the back of my head to inspire a build someday. I kinda think the injector hat doesn't work with the subtle toughness of the rest of the car, but that's just me, really nice work.
  15. Thanks, I was trying to make it much more complicated. Really appreciate you sharing this..