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  1. It needs to go way.
  2. I'm a fan of the steel wheels on the older one as well. Since they are 1:24 it'll be easy to swap out the fancy factory wheels on the new wagon. For anyone interested the tan III is by Hatchett, no opening features but I kind of like this rather than over scale door lines. The green one, not sure of the manufacturer but nicely done, door openings are fairly tight, they don't jump out at you. Both off of eBay, I was looking for one of the new kit releases and found them.
  3. Thanks I'll keep an eye out, I got some raider wheels from you like maybe two years ago(?) off of eBay and really like them.
  4. Are you still casting the vw wheels? I keep an eye on your eBay page but haven't seen any listings in a while. I've been looking for old school wide five jackmans, kind of like what you have but without the ribbing on the deep wheels.
  5. Probably right, I was looking at the window frames on the convertible, and was thinking why would they make the sedan any different. Plus on the model you only see the window frames like on the convertible but not the center strip like on the sedan photos. Interesting detail, thanks.
  6. I don't think those are B pillars, too thin, I believe it represents the window frames when the windows are up. I like the two tone and the wheels, both really complement the body style, great choices and execution.
  7. FredRPG

    My First try.

    Great for a first try, and I know that guy working on the vette, he's ready to punch the air cleaner because he's spent four days trying sort out the wiring, $500 on a new loom, three days putting it in and it still won't start (and he'll kick a hole in the wall when one of the other guys figures it's a bad coil in about five minutes).
  8. I've never tried this, but what about some sort of cheap green synthetic fur trimmed to be a little more random and dry brushed with various earthy greens and yellows? That's kind of what the photo looks like.
  9. There's also foam backer rod used to stuff in cracks too large to fill with caulk or other fillers. You can find it at most hardware stores in several different diameters. Works great for a lot of things.
  10. Well the noses on many of them were ever so slightly different. I'm sure there is a more informed mopar fan here, but I think it had to do with the different materials and that they were painted separate. So you could claim you were super detailing. 😃
  11. Well seeing how nicely yours is coming along I may just ignore it and get to finishing.
  12. Your build is looking good, I have the same combo on the back burner, but I'm not sure what to do with the grill. Every gladiator or wagoneer I've seen has 12 slots in the grill not eight. Do you know if there was an eight slot version?
  13. Wonderful models, looking forward to seeing all your different motocompos together. Thanks for sharing
  14. I may be wrong, but I believe shellac like BIN Z should stick to anything, even glass if that's a concern.
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