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  1. FredRPG added a post in a topic going to call it "Dadillac"   

    Really nice work, and for the bonus points aren't the wheel covers from one of the 70's MPC Impala or Caprices? I remember one as a kid the could be built as a CRP Mountie or some kind of pace car and came with a trailer. I painted the center medallion the same red back then. 
  2. FredRPG added a post in a topic 1953 Ford Victoria   

    I also wanted to mention that the headlights look much better than your average kit, did you do something different?  Excellent job on the rest of the model as well.
  3. FredRPG added a post in a topic 1970 boss 429   

    Really clean build.  For the life of me I can't remember what my first model was.
  4. FredRPG added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms+Rods "barn find" dry lakes belly tanker   

    Perfect barn find finish, outstanding. 
  5. FredRPG added a post in a topic Sno Joke - Showrod Jeep   

    I am a big fan of show cars, and love what you have done here both theme and execution. Really Ike the idea of the simple engine that's a different touch and it works well with the concept... Yeah I know here's the big "however"...  It's the tires, as cool as they are, with the hard sidewalls and no tread, to me they look very toy like and distract from the high level of the rest of your build. I've seen 1/20 scale formula tires used in show rod builds that look great, but I have no idea how hard it would be to find something like that.  What are your thought on the tires?
    Again I don't want to diminish the skill and effort you have put into this, it's great work from top to bottom and I really appreciate you sharing the build process, it's been fun to follow along, can't wait to see it under glass. 
    Edit: just remembered I've also seen grooved handle bar grips cut down for ultra wide show tires, can't remember where though.
  6. FredRPG added a post in a topic 1971 Pinto Wagon - StreetFreak/Gasser/Showcar   

    Beautiful work, and thanks for detailing your build process. 
  7. FredRPG added a post in a topic '62 Pontiac Catalina Mild Custom   

    Love the paint colors on this.  From looking at your paint detail work I wouldn't think it will take long for your BMF skills to come up to speed.  I'm sure it's been said hundreds of times around here, but always try to use a brand new blade and very light pressure, let the knife do the work.  Again this build has a great look.
  8. FredRPG added a post in a topic Austin Mini Rat Rod   

    Don't know why, but the green headlights are my favorite part.  You seem to put a lot of thought into these builds even though they appear random, was that just a 'why not' moment, or is there a reason?
  9. FredRPG added a post in a topic 1966 Suburban...   

    Nice clean build, I like the colors. Thanks for posting
  10. FredRPG added a post in a topic Bartoletti Transporter and the Daytonas Coupe Tour De France 1964   

    I'm still amazed that the majority of the body work is heavy paper.  Outstanding work.
  11. FredRPG added a post in a topic A Special Delivery   

    Really cool so far, looking forward to the finished build.  On your rear door plans, have you thought of just a short tailgate? Yeah it's more show rod than practical but it might work for both. 
  12. FredRPG added a post in a topic My old Queens NY neighborhood in HO scale   

    Funny I always thought ho cars looked way too small to my eyes, the 1/64 cars blend in very well.  Well done scenes, you've made me rethink ho scale.
  13. FredRPG added a post in a topic Turboshark   

    Great work, you made one butt-ugly custom actually look cool.  Nice color choices as well, now if you could make the corvette summer vette look look as cool as this one you could earn a master builder title 😀
  14. FredRPG added a post in a topic CANNONBALL 2017   

    Well I stripped the bodies and picked the straightest one and got it in primer.  Picked out the paint for a 70s two-tone, gonna do a little weathering on the top.  Going more for endurance than drag race, picked up a petty nascar for the heavy duty radiator, trans and rear end coolers as well as the rear end.  Chassis is pretty simple, I'll have to scratch build the steering and braking bits, maybe add air bags to compensate for the additional gas tank (need to do the math on weight/gallons to see what is realistic, sort of). For the stealth factor I'm going for an old college dept van, something that you could explain away the speeding as being a storm chaser or following a radioactive cloud.  And as a bonus Yates tribute 'Yates College', the Latin is sea to shining sea and one red cannon ball for Red Ball Garage...
  15. FredRPG added a post in a topic regency era street rod   

    Wow, great detailing and clean design.  Reminds me of all the outlandish show cars back in the 70's.