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  1. Is this off of the 1/24 or 1/16 kit?
  2. First Gear did have a blank white one out last year, I was about to get one ( I think it was around $50-60) when this popped up for an unusually low bid. Hopefully one will pop up on eBay for you. Not to get sidetracked but I got a first gear 60’s (?) International pick up to repaint and add the service bed from the mobius ford to recreate my grandfather’s Burlington Route lineman’s truck.
  3. Yup that’s where I got it. I just noticed in the photos that the rear wheels have a deeper dish than the front. I like how they made the flower wheels from the cartoon actually look cool. Kind of silly but I’m impressed by this thing.
  4. Jada finally got the scale right and it’s on the Mystery Machine. Looks as close to 1/25-1/24 as any cartoon car could. Sorry about the messy desk, but I thought this was too nice not to share. 1/25 NAPA van for size comparison. One interesting thing about it is the body is two pieces along the belt line,would be easy to make a mystery pickup.
  5. Couldn’t find a picture of my super beetle with the duck tail, but I did find photos of my favorite bug and it might qualify to be here. This is an early pic not to long after I got it, the previous owner added a suitcase motor from a 914. I lowered it, grafted an early bug sunroof on and bumped the engine up to a 2.4. It had a four barrel carb, don’t remember what size or make. Later on I got a bunch of smooth radius 180* bend pipe from JC Whitney, measured, marked them up for a set of RS style headers. Local muffler shop welded them up and I bolted a set of Super Trapps to them. It was a fast, loud, go cart death trap, and I wish I never parted with it.
  6. Just my personal opinion but the decals I bought from that seller were fuzzy. Kind of a low res print job.
  7. Yup other than the color and lower stripe pretty much the same, I had the stock taillights though. Even had the kamie (sp?) front spoiler.
  8. I’m not ashamed to say in the 80’s I lusted after one of these... had to be satisfied with a ducktail and black rear fender guards on my white super beetle like the turbos had.
  9. It’s the same with different decals, I like the ones in your issue better. I’ll probably build it semi-curbside with similar decals, there is an engine but the hood is mounded closed and I’m not a big engine detail guy so no reason to open it.
  10. Wasn’t really looking for one but there it was and now here it is...
  11. Bingo, I knew someone would know what I was talking about, even if I didn’t.
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