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  1. 2013 Ford Mustang Interceptor

    I like the aggressive fender flares. If you have time could you share the process.
  2. What's wrong with this picture?

    The buildings are there, the little girl is even hi-giving the control tower. As an interesting sidebar, back then in addition to regular cut & paste, masking and compositing in camera we would also peel the emulsion layer off the paper backing and use a gelatin adhesive very similar to what is on model decals. Done right you'd be hard pressed to tell what was changed without magnification.
  3. What's wrong with this picture?

    Then you know exactly what happened, the client stood over the designers shoulder as he was laying the ad out and said "No, no, Henri, point it down so it looks like it's landing. No buts, do it my way or you won't get paid you miserable swine." Then later the designer and his photo composite guy had a good laugh and started drinking early that day.
  4. Any interest in NeoClassics?

    I've always wanted to kit bash one of these. It would be great to put with other Bond cars.
  5. 1/25 Revell VW Beetle Type 1 Kits

    Even though the box art is a 72 super, model is a 70, so at least the text is right. 73 was the the big window super, I had one of those.
  6. 47 Chevy Flight-master Jet Car

    I love the work you put into these jet cars. What I can't figure out is how you show a fully assembled and painted car and then a week later show us the same car painted a different color. How on earth, you taking things apart, masking, re painting, reassembling, etc., boggles my mind.
  7. 3D printing

    I'd like to share what can be done, again with the disclaimer that this was set up by some outstanding engineers using advanced machines. These were printed as give-aways for a take your child to work day over a year ago. They printed these on a machine with a large print surface, 100 at a time, 10,000 of them over a weekend. Printed as one piece with no finishing (think of 10,000 Shelby wheels, Bill) If you look closely you'll see a spiral staircase and DNA strand through the middle. Something that could never be done with injection molding or resin casting. This is why I'm excited about what the technology could bring to our hobby.
  8. eightyone resin suburu engine review

    Glad you posted this, I've been looking for one of these but can't remember where I saw it. Where did you get it (or any one of the others recommended)?
  9. 3D printing

    More like praise the lord and pass me that small bracket that holds the sensor pod in place.
  10. 3D printing

    I fully understand what you are saying. I believe the personal touch will always be there, we're modelers driven my a need to assemble and create, but what will change is how you order your kits. Just like it takes specialized skills to create molds and expensive machines to fill them, those will be replaced by different skills and machines. What you won't have to wait for is packaging, distribution, stocking or be bummed when a kit is sold out. You'll order it, it'll be printed and its yours to assemble, modify, customize, btch about inaccuracies, just like we've always done. About 20-25 years ago I was designing some store displays for a fruit and veg distributer, he told me in ten years all fruits and vegetables were going to be pre cut and packaged for you, might not even be able to buy a head of lettuce. I thought he was crazy, but he wasn't too far off. Sometimes the future happens fast.
  11. 3D printing

    Sorry I meant to quote this, like I said 3-d printing has reached and exceeded this point, just not in a form accessible to anyone outside certain specialized industries. But like cars, personal computers and cell phones, give it another few years.
  12. 3D printing

    There seems to be a camp that believes that current commercial printing is as good as it gets. I work in an industry that utilizes printers that work in micron thick layers and some sintering machines that print metal in molecule thick layers, literally. Granted they are multi-million dollar machines operating in a multi-billion dollar industry, but commercial machines close to that capability are right around the corner. Don't forget it's not just the toy and hobby market driving the advancement, there will be a time not to far away when your local auto parts store or dealer will have little to no stock and print parts on demand. Probably local printers for appliance, HVAC, pool pump parts, or whatever's needed. Military use for just that, instant (well quicker than shipping anyway) parts in the field or at sea, is already in the works, civilian machines are right behind.
  13. Synchro, that's the name I was looking for, thanks. It was available on the vanagon and the double cab (that's what I meant by late model but called it transporter. Should have known better). I know they were in Canada, not sure if they were offered in the states, but you can get imported ones.
  14. Machinist tool chest

    Looks like the price went up about ten bucks: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00Y3IR5M6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 here is the one at harbor freight, a little taller and drawers are a little different as well: https://www.harborfreight.com/eight-drawer-wood-tool-chest-94538.html