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  1. My First try.

    Great for a first try, and I know that guy working on the vette, he's ready to punch the air cleaner because he's spent four days trying sort out the wiring, $500 on a new loom, three days putting it in and it still won't start (and he'll kick a hole in the wall when one of the other guys figures it's a bad coil in about five minutes).
  2. caterpillars and earthworms

    I've never tried this, but what about some sort of cheap green synthetic fur trimmed to be a little more random and dry brushed with various earthy greens and yellows? That's kind of what the photo looks like.
  3. There's also foam backer rod used to stuff in cracks too large to fill with caulk or other fillers. You can find it at most hardware stores in several different diameters. Works great for a lot of things.
  4. '69 Dodge Charger Daytona

    Well the noses on many of them were ever so slightly different. I'm sure there is a more informed mopar fan here, but I think it had to do with the different materials and that they were painted separate. So you could claim you were super detailing. 😃
  5. Well seeing how nicely yours is coming along I may just ignore it and get to finishing.
  6. Your build is looking good, I have the same combo on the back burner, but I'm not sure what to do with the grill. Every gladiator or wagoneer I've seen has 12 slots in the grill not eight. Do you know if there was an eight slot version?
  7. Dwarves in 1/24.

    Wonderful models, looking forward to seeing all your different motocompos together. Thanks for sharing
  8. round 2 66 nova problems

    I may be wrong, but I believe shellac like BIN Z should stick to anything, even glass if that's a concern.
  9. Unfinished Business

    The unfinished tub gives the impression of a fiberglass body, kind of like if a 1/1 builder did the same thing with just spare parts. I like the look.
  10. Whoops. Gotta pay better attention

    I don't think so, but I'll double check the ones that didn't make the shelf.
  11. Speaking of smart cars

    You can get a soul with a six speed manual, I have one. Fun little car to drive, not a drag race winner, but if you stay in the right rpm range it can squirt through traffic pretty quick. I usually get near 30 mpg around town and as much as 36 highway without my canoe on top (-5 for that)
  12. Whoops. Gotta pay better attention

    Slightly off topic, I had a Shriners fez from some where and thought I'd pick up another one to bookend a shelf. Bid on several over a couple of weeks and lost every bid. One night I sat down and put low bids on about 20 different fez auctions ending soon. Long story short, I have a collection of 16 Shriners fez and don't go on eBay after the first cocktail.
  13. Trailer Park Kustomz

    I purchased their dodge swb p/u bed. It is cleanly done, no complaints.
  14. I use one of those ultrasonic jewelry/pen cleaners with soapy water. It buzzes the residue right off.
  15. Glad I'm not the only one, see something new I want to try every time. Beautiful work.