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  1. GarryR added a post in a topic Round2 Kat's Kollection - New Series   

    One man's junk is another man's treasure. If one has an interest in early-mid 60's drag racing, the Hippie Hemi has an accurate chassis and running gear, coming from the 1965 Garlit's Wynn's Jammer kit. It is typical of many dragsters of the era and applicable to lots of projects. Many may question the marketing decision, or not like the subject matter, but the contents cannot be labeled "junk". 
    There are a lot of new kits that have created excitement on this forum, but have little or no appeal to me; 70's Mopars, Bronco, '76 Gran Torino, '83 Olds, any post-1970 Nascar, Porsche, Ferrari, etc. I know the kits are not "junk", but like everyone, have to carefully budget what I spend on the hobby. The current price of kits has been a game changer for me. Gone are the days when I would buy kits at retail I was not particularly interested in just for parts that might be usable for an unplanned project. 
    I agree with those considering Round2's contribution to the hobby as being profoundly positive. AMT, MPC, Lindberg, and Hawk could easily have followed Johan into oblivion. I am appreciative that Tom and John have the interest, vision, savvy, and resources to do what they have done.
  2. GarryR added a post in a topic Palmer '70 Vette - what to do?   

    I have long planned to use the larger 63-67 Palmer Corvette larger "scale" convertible body as the basis for a salt lake streamliner, and the smaller 99 cent kit body as a salt lake go kart streamliner. I  also think the smaller convertible body might make credible pedal car and have several kits and built-ups stashed with those thoughts in mind.
  3. GarryR added a post in a topic Advance Preview - Round 2's new AMT Camaro "FIFTY" Full Detail Kit...   

    Agreed! Now, with the Mustang MY18 refresh revealed, is a perfect time tool a full detail 2018 Mustang (along with the current GT350, to be greedy). The fact I own a 2016 GT has absolutely nothing to do with my desire. Well, mostly nothing.
  4. GarryR added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    I ordered a new car December 4, 2015. It was delivered February 1, 2016. This is the first car I have purchased for myself in 22 years and it is the first performance car I have had since 1988. I am having soooooooo much fun!