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  1. Is this the snap version? Because of low parts count, I think it must be.
  2. Gee-whiz! This is chock full of interesting articles. Best magazine I have seen in a while. The other MCMs have been great, but its one will take several sittings and re-readings to digest. Thanks!!
  3. I like this project! Not yet every model need represent a high profile customizer, race car builder, iconic media car, or rare factory muscle car. Daily drivers comprise the vast majority of cars we see most of our lives. We see innumerable automobiles in TV shows and movies. Recognizing and acknowledging the richness of our day-to-day lives can guide us to many overlooked and unique project options.
  4. Thanks, it was static-clinging to one of the box sides.
  5. What is the item to the right of the yellow wire. My kit doesn't contain it.
  6. Absolutely! This gray beard would love to see some of those Chrysler Corp, AMC, Cadillac, and Oldsmobile kits back in circulation before he passed over.
  7. I think Round 2 is successfully hitting several different genres/builder's interests this month. The kits we know they are developing promise to satisfy some different consumer interests also. This tells me they are trying hard to navigate the current rough business environment with foresight and respect for us, their customers. There are comments about the cost of kits, and the value of those kits at current costs, but the factors affecting costs are beyond the manufacturer's control. (I do not know about their business practices, maybe there are problems there for small retailets.) I am also disappointed I cannot purchase as many kits as I could in the past, but I will buy what I can, and hope that maybe, just maybe, things will improve and prices will come down. I empathize with the brick and mortar, and small retailers, who are really suffering with the reduced sales caused by higher prices. I just wish there was still one around my area to support.
  8. For me, the frame can be adapted for a better use. I do like the positionable steering.
  9. Added to Atlantis site this morning. Interesting engine choice. Kit contents description indicates gray and white parts, no mention of chrome plating.
  10. Not too uncommon for a time in several classes.
  11. This may have been strictly an early production problem. The five kits I had preordered from Steve Iverson arrived last week, and are fine.
  12. Atlantis replied promptly, mentioning that part 24, the steering link, was also short-shot in some kits. One of my kits had this issue also. They said there was only a short time during production when this happened. As John replied, Atlantis is sending replacement parts.
  13. I recently received 2 kits from Atlantis. Both kits, right frame rail, part 16, is short shot. Anyone else have this issue?
  14. Seems Round2 has spoiled us. We are disappointed if every reissue doesn't include new or pad-printed tires, decals, colored glazing options, retooled parts and additional goodies. I know I am guilty. The kit can still be enjoyed and acceptedly completed out of the box by the novice, casual builder, or just for fun. I'm sure that whether to add options/value to try and increase sell-through is a choice Round2 considers for their business plan. Surely they need kits to just clean up and release as are. They are bound to lose some sells to those who need an enticement to make a purchase. I have been there also. However others who do not have the kit, or need it for a project will purchase it. Perhaps sometimes we can be satisfied to have the kit available, and supplement it with our imagination and choice of external parts. As most of us are likely to do anyway.
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