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  1. Yep, retirement is highly recommended. Wish I had done it a couple years earlier. Welcome!
  2. Ah, another geezer, yeah! There are a lot of us here who began our hobby in the 50's - 60's. Welcome.
  3. Thanks guys. I sent the request yesterday and received an email notifying me it would take about 6 weeks for delivery. I sent the photo I posted here, along with a detailed explanation.
  4. I received a sealed kit from an eBay vendor today. This kit has the chrome engine parts tree for the Chevrolet engine! It seems the only replacement request is thru Revell in Germany. I filled out the request, and got a note indicating no replacement parts were being shipped to the USA due to COVID restrictions. However, I received an almost immediate email response confirming the request, but remarking that it could take "some time" to fill it. Has anyone else experienced the incorrect engine chrome tree in their kits? Has anyone requested replacement parts from Revell recently?
  5. Also the Thomas Flyer. I am not sure of that kit's pedigree. Weren't there some other classic cars MPC released, perhaps mostly in 1/32nd scale?
  6. I believe the artist is illustrating the parts from the Ford 427 Parts Pack. Not 100% accurate, obviously not familiar with 1:1 speed equipment. But still, much better than the Mooneyes illustration.
  7. I can't speculate if this is meaningful, but the Atlantis Fiat build up posted in a thread from James Duff (http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/164249-2021-ipms-nationals-kit-information/) features the Chrysler Hemi mill. The box art illustration appears to be the Ford 427. Atlantis seems to have taken the criticism of the Mooneyes box art constructively, as the Fiat is rendered more accurately.
  8. I will cast a vote for this version of the 70's Datsun pickup.
  9. Both the Fox bodied Mustangs and the SN95s are hugely popular among drag racers, and at least in my neck of the woods, young drivers. High School parking lots around here are full of them.
  10. Nothing you need, but golly gees-o-flip, the box art is beautiful! Much like the last release of the '25 T double kit, I didn't need the parts, but love the box illustrations.
  11. As covered previously in this thread, all three of the original double kits had the Roadster Chassis Speed Equipment. The photos James Duff posted of the Atlantis build up show the Mooneyes dragster with the straight axle from the Roadster Speed Equipment, and the Chevrolet engine.
  12. Seems like I remember it having a nice chassis with possible front wheels. I do not know how accurate to a 1:1 chassis it might be.
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