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  1. Can't find them anywhere. Calling Pegasus Hobbies direct only netted a response that they are still unpacking after the move. That was two-months ago. Anyone know where I can score to buy some of the smaller 19" and the larger 23"
  2. Sharp looking build, nice work
  3. Wow! I must say, all fantastic Mercury's My Custom Mercury is a very modern take on a '71 Cougar. This is a work-in-progress still, one day I'll get motivated to finish this one.
  4. Nicely done! Clean build, enjoyed looking at all the pics
  5. Wow! Just stunning detail. A true master craftsman
  6. Hi Michi! Wow you brought this thread back from 4 years ago. sadly I have not done much work since other than look at it on my bench and say I need to finish this one. I have decided on different wheels I think look better. This is the most recent picture I have. Perhaps this Fall and Winter I will finish this monster build
  7. Stunning, nicest GT-350 build I've seen. On target for all the wonderful detailing, sure looks like a show-winner
  8. @Plastic_Passion Thanks, this was a fun build, and yes I created all the ground effects and wing from plastic.
  9. Nice looking Gran Sport Jeremy Here's my only C4, a tribute build to one I owned for 17-years. Greenwood package I crafted myself as no kit exists of the actual Greenwood parts
  10. Very nice build and restoration, I like it a lot!
  11. I love it! Very creative and well executed!
  12. Nicely done! I can see how much work you put in this from the 2014 stock Vette Revell kit you must have started with.
  13. Thanks! This is the newer Revell Smokey and the Bandit kit, which I will say is a very well done kit
  14. Thanks everyone for the comments, appreciate it
  15. My take on the '77 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Resto-mod styled after Year One version. Mostly built out of the box with exception I added the round fog lights in the front bumper and removed the square ones in the lower air-intake. Added brass mesh in the side fender vents. Removed the molded in AC lines and made my own detail. Wheels are the kit Snowflakes inserted into Pegasus small aluminum sleeves. Trans Am and Bird decals are from Keith Marks, which are outstanding! Paint is all Duplicolor spray can with 4-polished clear coats, must say it's flawless smooth
  16. Nice! Yes this is a very nice kit to build, no flash and everything fits perfectly
  17. Had fun with this new release from Revell of the 70 Firebird. Due to licensing this release does not include any Trans Am badging and I noted the blue decal set is much darker than the 1990 Monogram release that did include Trans Am decal badging I built this a a box stock kit, first time I've not "customized" a kit, however I did modify the ride-height and improved the fitment of the headlights. Overall, this kit was flawless as to zero-flash and everything fit perfectly, good job on this kit Revell
  18. Thanks Bernard! Here for the very detailed and cool injection https://www.shapeways.com/product/V8W7QBN6T/ls3-obx-crossram-1-25?optionId=62936900&li=shops
  19. Love all the 32s here. I took a different direction with the AMT 32 Phantom Vicki kit. Chopped and molded in the odd looking roof from the kit, chopped the grill and used metal wire. Lots of mods, including flush windshield.
  20. Just saw someone renewed this old post. I've built three more and redid the Custom Cougar to correct body modifications
  21. I like it! Well done custom
  22. Thanks everyone for the nice comments, I appreciate the feedback
  23. Built this for a good friend in Arkansas I visited last summer, first time seeing his 90's built 40 Ford Coupe named Raspberry Ice after the color and pin-stripping. I duplicated every detail he did building his in the 90's, including the 59' Cadillac taillights, smoothed running boards, dual frenched antenna's, and his license plate in scale. Added PE wipers and scratch made side mirrors. To make this as close as I could to the actual car I had to extensively modify a set of 6-spoke Pegasus wheels to match his 1-of-200 custom made set of Shelby Wheels from the late 90's. I resprayed Molotow chrome on the wheels and clear coated with Pledge, they turned out really good for the first time I tried spraying it. The paint was the tough part since it was a custom mix and no paint code or samples from the original paint work, so I used some Folklore and Creatix craft paints blended to make the Raspberry Ice paint all from pictures, then several polished Wet Look Clear coats. I base coated with Pearl Ice Blue and laid out a .04 pinstripe before spraying the custom mix. I added some detail hand-painted pin-stripping around the nose, headlights, taillights, hard to see though. The interior I duplicated as well with custom gauge panel, steering wheel and door panels with flocked bucket seats.
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