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  1. Completely obnoxious. I like it. And that paint looks great.
  2. Ya, I know, thread resurrection. Found it in Google looking at Model A trucks. Art, did this one ever make any progress?
  3. I most certainly would be a buyer for a Buggy/trailer kit.
  4. Id really like the dune buggy from the Mr Sandman Chevy truck kit. I think it's a Revell kit.
  5. I sure hope it's a shortbed. šŸ˜
  6. Does anybody know a source for So-Cal Speed Shop decals? Would love to build some of their salt flat cars. Or does anybody here make decals?
  7. That would be a nice bonus. But I would rather deal with flash, then have to overcome red plastic, or than terrible tan plastic that seems like it just keep soaking up primer.
  8. Oh man, I'll need another one of these. Hopefully it's molded in white this time.
  9. Pretty sure I have the wheels, but no tires.
  10. Looks great. I like the resin copies idea. Im certainly not going to try and source all three kits to make one engine.
  11. Thanks for that info. Exactly what I was looking for. Can anybody confirm if the Ed Roth edition has a small or big rear window? I guessing small window based on the previous comments.
  12. I'm curious of the history of this kit(Not the Foose kit), and the changes to the molds throughout the years. Headliner and rear window come to mind. I'm nearly certain I have seen this topic on here before, but I can't seem to find it and my search terms in Google aren't pulling it up either. Anybody know the history or know a link to another page that has it. Thanks
  13. In that case, I will need two of them. šŸ˜ I assume you are talking Revell street rod and gasser chassis.
  14. Looks great. These pictures helped me visualize how your hinges work too. Wasn't seeing the part being able to slide off the hinge. Thinking "That's going to make painting difficult". Will keep that method in mind for future builds of mine.
  15. No tires available to fit those wheels. You should probably just send them my way. šŸ˜
  16. I too, have been looking for a resin shortbox for the LRE. Thank for the possible sources. As I have been coming up empty.
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