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  1. EXCELLENT job on this car...LOVE it!!!
  2. Absolutely Stunning!!!....doesnt even look like an old kit!
  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!.....looks like the real thing!!
  4. Thanks, bud!...its not as difficult as i was planning for, and pretty soon, i will have another update.
  5. I too am eagerly waiting to see more of this Brilliant build, with all the great techniques!!!
  6. May not have started out as good as a Studio 27 kit, but in the end, its looking just as good!....because of YOUR talent!
  7. Nice!!!.....your build is looking like a winner though!!!!
  8. I've always loved the design of this car, and yours is looking fantastic!!...great kolor choice....looks like a nice kit still!
  9. I dont blame you at all....this kit is probably one of the sadest kits, it has VERY good details, but horrible everything else. It feels like their best engineer started it, and then their crappiest finished it.
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