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  1. Looks Great to me!!...curious though, these Porsche Enthusiast kits usually go together great...
  2. Thats a good thing then!.....i have no one to leave my stash to, so unless i want the kits to be abused, i better build them.
  3. Looks great to me!.....maybe it would feel better to you if the air cleaner had the bottom part added. I dont know what Revell finds so difficult about molding it on, but a disc of thin styrene will fix it.
  4. LOL....thanks, Bud!!...very much appreciated!!!
  5. It is STILL looking BEAUTIFUL!!....looking forward to the finish!!!
  6. AWWWE....thats cute....my cat use to do that before he died.....funny little buggers...
  7. Dann Tier

    Modern Cars

    LOL.....easy, Bud
  8. I know the feeling....i use to do commission work, but i had to stop...i realized i was getting nowhere with mine.
  9. How the heck did i miss these beauties??!!!!
  10. Absolutely LOVE this build!!!!
  11. Beautifully klean build, bud!!!!
  12. My favorite year for the Camaro!.....STUNNING!!!!
  13. You call it done.....i call it BEAUTIFUL!!!....Well done!!!!
  14. I love this kit/car!, and yours looks Brilliant!!!
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