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  1. I love the looks of this car as well, and have never seen one built before. To me, you are pretty lucky to have one...they can be hard to find here in the U.S., and they ALWAYS have the high price tag of $150+ Thanks for sharing this with us!...i will be following!!
  2. Duplicolor paint even reacts this way. When i painted mine, i had to do ALOT of sanding between each kolor coat, but it eventually stopped, and turned out great. You got it, Bud!!!
  3. I'm gonna enjoy this!!!...looks like a great kit!
  4. It will!!.....you build like magic!!! -This one is BRILLIANT!!!! To me, the Tamiya version i have actually looks too big.
  5. It even looks better than my Tamiya version -gonna have to get one now! Looking forward to this!!!
  6. Love the Camaro, and Dodge Pickup!!
  7. Love the Flatnose, and Escort!!!!
  8. VERY sorry for your loss, and that one build is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I think i only managed one this year...two at the most...
  9. What a BEAST!!!! I want to build a Gasser some day -just one, lol
  10. Dann Tier

    10 for 20

    Love the little moped, and RC plane!!!
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