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  1. Hey, everyone!, here is the body with the final coat of clear on. After a week, i will paint the inside matt black. Now its time detail the interior, and chassis!
  2. I've seen this kolor in so many different lighting conditions, i coulda swore they looked similar at some point, lol......thanks for the idea!, i do have another kolor from Duplicolor that i prefer, that may work if i shoot it over a black primer. By the way; that Chevy looks GREAT!!!....any more photos of it?....you can post'em here -i'd love to check them out!!!
  3. Been running into issues with this build now. 1) for some reason the black paint on ONLY the doors, kept krazing....they are fixed now. 2) While masking to paint the gold on the passenger side, the side panel/vent, broke. I reattached it....it broke again. This was one of the issues i pointed out with the kit from the begining. I decided to flow canopy glue into the joint from behind, and now its drying. Next will be fine sanding, and clear coat. -Photo; The second time it broke, it took a little chip of paint with it....i will also obviously fix that first. I couldnt figure out a way to do the "50" on the tail of the Miura, so i decided the "Miura" was close enough for government work. Whens the last time i ever built replica stock anyway...LOL
  4. Lets start this off!! -Photo 1; Here are the areas to be removed. -Photo 2; In order to open the lower vent, the attachment points need to be moved out just a tad. Dont know why they couldnt have molded them there to begin with, knowing what we all like to do with them. -Photo 3; After opening the top grill, i did a test-fit, and noticed that the body had a ledge that needs to go away... -Photo 4; ....no more ledge, and the fascia can now be glued in place. Sorry about the lousy photos.
  5. Unfortunately yes, lol. Lets just say, this one will be my version of a curbside, lol
  6. New as in unused, lol....sofar i lost a couple blues, and a Plumb Crazy -ALL unused. I dont use this paint, but i really liked the Root Beer, so i got some specifically for this build.
  7. Hey, everyone! the last thing i wanted to do was to start yet another build, but due to the fact that my Testors cans of lacquer -new ones, are leaking at the base, i need to paint this body before this kolor goes off as well....Heres a kolor look i'm going for....
  8. Thanks alot, Bud!!, glad you like them!...i'm glad they worked, lol
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