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  1. Its all good, i took no offence, just an explanation. Yours is looking great so far! its always a great thing to have extra parts...i usually have two kits for every build.
  2. Hi, i'm glad you liked it, but i disagree with you about the "scale" of the flakes being wrong. There are an overwhelming amount of cars with large flakes -all types of cars from dune buggies to even Rolls Royce's with them. Just because its a type of paint that isnt "usual", DOESNT make it a non-realistic scale...its personal choice. Here are a few "out of scale" paint jobs on full-size cars .....
  3. Some sweet Mopars!!!
  4. Killer job on this sweet little ride!!
  5. Stunning!!!...this is one of THE nicest builds of this kit i've seen!
  6. Sweet little ride!!! -love the colors !!
  7. Waaaaay cooler than the original!!
  8. Looks like a very fun build!!
  9. LOVE all your beach buggies!!, and these are no exception!....never knew they came in that scale...
  10. I've always liked these cars, and you've done it proud!!
  11. KILLER!!! -perfect kolors!!!
  12. 20 year ago, and its STILL fantastic!!
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