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  1. VERY sorry i didnt see this earlier, Bud.........thanks so much!!!
  2. Hey, everyone!, The interior is perminantly installed , as is the mesh. The windows are just set in, and wont be attached til the very end, for obviouss reasons. I also tacked on the rockers, and as you can see, they need to be tweaked a bit to fit properly....no worries.
  3. Hey, everyone!, i got a bit more done here; inside the body painted, and the interior installed.....time to start wiring things up!
  4. Hey, everyone!, i just wanted to say; thanks for following!!, this bugger is done, so i will post it under glass as soon as i can......God bless!!!!
  5. Looking GREAT, Bud!!!......i'm still stuck in the garden sadly.
  6. Well, you you did it, Bud!!!!.....everything looks Fantastic!!!!
  7. CONGRATS!!!!....still turned out BRILLIANT!!!!!!
  8. Looking VERY good, Bud!!!!
  9. WOW!!!, you're really cracking on!!!!! -looks Brilliant!!!!
  10. Coming together VERY nicely, Bud!!!!
  11. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!.....love the detail!!!
  12. I owned a few of these too...my first car!....i even owned a Ghia version, but it had a 302. Its gonna be cool watching this!!!
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