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  1. Thanks, i like the Tamiya rally set best still.
  2. Thanks, i'll give that a look, but i'd rather trade for them if possible.
  3. Thanks, Alex, but truck drivers wont work for me.
  4. I prefer the modern one, but i think i could just modify another set...what sets are you referring to?
  5. Dann Tier

    1/24 figures

    Hi!, i am looking for these figures, or a set thats similar....thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for the quick replies, guys!....he's looking for the Ecto 1, not the 1a....i didnt know one existed...is there one thats not a 1a?....
  7. Hey, everyone!, i am i need of an Amt Ecto 1 for my brother whose a massive GB fan...thanks for any help! God bless!!
  8. Hey, everyone! I thought i hadnt finished any builds in 2021, but then i remembered my Fujimi Aventador Miura edition...hope you like it! God bless!!
  9. Thanks, Simon!, i'm glad you're liking it!...i'm still working on the next update -soon!
  10. Love this kit!, and yours is looking Great!!
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