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  1. Now thats one BEAUTIFUL work of art!!!!
  2. The best Batmobile EVER!!!, and you did a great job!!!
  3. Its all looking BRILLIANT!!!!
  4. Looking GREAT!!!....nice, klean detailing!!!
  5. Thanks, Bud!...should have quite a bit of updates to post once my computer is fixed -after this whole virus thing.
  6. Too high tech for me, lol, but thats looking FANTASTIC!!!...just before our lock-down, i managed to pick up alot more styrene, so now i can get back to this one!...bad news is that my computer is still broken, so i cant do anything with photos....i will just take them, and post them when i can.
  7. FANTASTIC work on that dash, Bud!!!!!
  8. Heres the second one who likes it!...i think its looking Great!!!
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