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  1. Gary, I have used Aircraft Stripper that I bought at Walmart. It works real well but is nasty so I’d use it outdoors and be sure to wear gloves. Make sure also that you only use it on diecast as it will ruin any plastic parts it comes in contact with. i bought some of those disposable aluminum pans which you don’t have to clean up.
  2. Great job on this Caddy! Nice save.
  3. Beautiful work, Steve. You just keep raising your own bar!
  4. I'm very impressed by this! I'll be following along...
  5. Beautiful work, Douglas! I always liked that kit but never dreamed it could look that good. Congratulations, I'm inspired!
  6. Very nice work, Cliff! The Renshape sculpting is particularly impressive. The cream color looks period perfect, too.
  7. Way to go, Steve! That's a beautiful replica. You rocked it once again!
  8. I use dryer sheets and swear by them. It must be a used dryer sheet and I just lightly brush it over the object to be painted, right before I spray it. It has always worked for me and I used to always get particles in my paint, rarely do anymore.
  9. No, I took your comment literally and decided to see if it would work as I needed some tires. I should have read the OP's comment more carefully.
  10. Worked fine for me. Just now bought two sets of tires.
  11. This is a fun kit. I Ike what you did with it!
  12. I often wonder why Shapeways can't provide a simple key word search function. The other annoying thing is that you can search by scale but the picklist doesn't include 1:24 or 1:25.
  13. Interior looks great, Steve. It was a good move to pivot to the stock seats, and I can relate to just wanting to get it done!
  14. Great job, love the silver on this car.
  15. Curt

    Tamiya RX7

    Love these cars! You did them well.
  16. Nice clean restoration, Rich!
  17. Gorgeous clean build and the time you went over the 24 hours was well spent!
  18. Patrick, did you ever get back to this one? I thought it was an excellent build thread.
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