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  1. Cool box art, does this one have 4WD front axle?
  2. My first Box Art model for AMT! (My first build for them was a 49 Ford that was used in The Blueprinter photos and for trade shows, but didn't end up on the box) My second two were the stock and custom versions of the D50 Pickup. The custom truck on the cover was painted with Florescent Pink paint with a clear coat. (Hey, it was the Boyd Coddington era!) That thing was like electric bubble gum in person. The custom turbo engine, though finicky to build, looked pretty cool. Unfortunately, the colors don't show up very well in the photo. Too bad I didn't have a decent camera back then! This is also a small copy. I'll have to dig this photo up and rescan it.
  3. That's correct. All you have to do is level things out by cutting out the rumble seat floor.
  4. I would think the current batch would be made using the same compound as their current tires.
  5. Tim, I perused your album, and I would suggest others do as well, paying particular attention to the black tape mock-up. Tim's measurements speak for themselves. The only issue beyond that which jumps out at me are the headlamps. But I have a feeling the grille/bumper assembly from the AMT Rat Packer would fix that. And the Rat Packer isn't half the kit the new Moebuis kit is. The detail on this kit is amazing. Thanks for your efforts and patience Tim.
  6. You know what's even worse? Those Rally GTs Ertl used to put in all their street rod kits. They looked more like off road tires.
  7. That's for the brakes! LOL. yeah, that could have ended badly.
  8. Pretty much the same set-up just about every Ford Model T had from 1908 through 1925. Except you were sitting on top of it.
  9. I've heard both tooling stories about those old 62 annuals, glass and tires. Tooling new tires doesn't seem to the issue it used to be. Depending on the interchangeability, they may only need a couple. The glass might be a bit bigger of a deal, but definitely not insurmountable. Window glass tools aren't all that complex, and in fact, are probably cheaper to create than tire tools.
  10. Now that I could see. Much like how major portions of the 28 Model A Sedan ended up in the Woody/Pickup tool.
  11. Say what? Do you have some parts you can do a side by side comparo to show? Wasn't the the Buick body on frame? Forgive me for being incredulous. And I'm certainly not saying you're wrong. But those two kits seem very very different from each other.
  12. Drag City Casting makes a top like that.
  13. Be still my beating heart, that is a little treasure.
  14. The bigger question is did the 69 tool survive the big scrap drive of 1973.
  15. The hardtop/convertible always had chrome headlamps and the two piece chrome and red taillights. Both are continued in the current notchback kit.
  16. For a second I thought that was a survivor, Tom. Cool build! We'll call this one a "Faux-vivor".
  17. This is purely off the top of my head, but if memory serves correctly,(and Mark or Tim will correct me if I'm wrong) the chassis and engine for the Sonny & Cher Mustangs later went under the Mach 1/ Autolite Special/Iron Horse et al, then combined with the 66 Promo body to create the 66 Coupe we have now. But I'm with you.
  18. I'm not sure how I mised this post for over a year! Very cool build and great idea.
  19. Very, very nice! With the healthy stance and white lettered tires, I'd date this look to the early to mid 70s, a look overdue to come into its own. I really like this one a lot.
  20. Maybe splice in the rear panel from the 67 and fix both problems at once.
  21. Looks great! Don't forget the center mounted backup light over the rear license plate.
  22. Agreed. There areva lot of parts specific to the Rat Roaster that are improvements over what's in the other Deuce kits. It also has a stockish firewall.
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