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  1. My wife found it at the Dollar store and picked up a bunch of them for me. She's the best!
  2. My biggest blunder was buying my 1st model. It's been over 40 years & I can't stop!
  3. One day I'll make one of these. It's only about 1 hour from me.
  4. Great pics! I see 2 Dodge trucks in the mix too, between to the 70s Ford & 60 Ford trucks.
  5. Brought this home yesterday. We ordered it back in May.
  6. Looks as good here as it does on your YouTube channel. I like that boom, it looks familiar.😉 From mchook aka "Marks Model Junkyard"
  7. This thing looks really cool! I keep looking at it and thinking that it would make a killer looking Ranchero.
  8. Yesterday I was at my fathers working on the old shoebox when a couple friends stopped by in a 34 Ford with a 383 stroker.
  9. Great rebuild! I have a 60 & 61 too, I need to figure out how I want to do them. I kind of like the color combo on that 61.🤔
  10. Thanks Jerry! I can't pull off a nice paint job so this is what I end up doing.
  11. It came out great, just like we all thought it would.
  12. Thanks. Nice teaser, I'll be watching for it under glass!
  13. Thanks Roger, I wish I had just a touch of your talent. That way I could build something other than junk.
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