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  1. I had this old body & interior tub that I liked the old paint job on so I added a 65 Fairlane chassis, 289 engine and built some more stuff to spiff it up a little. I added rust where all the glue blobs & paint runs were too. Nothing great but I had to save it.
  2. Another great build, Nice job!
  3. When I was 17 I got a 66 F250 for free. It was worn out and the old 300 6 cylinder burned more oil than gas. It seemed like every week it would blow a brake line, luckily it was a 4 speed so I would just shut it off and let the clutch out to stop.😬 Not something I would want to drive today for sure.
  4. Put $100 in gas in my truck (3/4 tank) Thursday, must really be made of gold because Friday the front gas tank strap pulled through the frame. Got it in the garage & temporarily fixed it last night. 50 degrees yesterday, today 8 inches of snow so far and still snowing. Trying to get the tractor started to go plow & I flooded it so I killed the battery. After 1/2 hour on the charger she finally fired up. While plowing I tore up the driveway because everything was soft from the warm weather we've been having. I was going to work on a model, but with my luck the last few days I figured I better not.
  5. Exactly, I live in the woods upstate. The road I live on is dirt so when it snows it's one of the last to get plowed if they even remember to do it. I do a lot of towing & hauling stuff too, I NEED a truck. Not to mention I'm 6 foot 8 and I don't fit in these little cars too well. We have a little Ford Focus that I can use if I have to but I hate getting in & out of it.
  6. Cheapest I could find here today was $4.39 a gallon, $100 gave me 3/4 tank in my Ram.😞
  7. Beautiful cars, thanks for posting! Wow Dave, those are great pics! Looking at those pictures, I can smell the old oil, gas and for some reason a cutting torch burning through some old iron. It must have been fun spending time there as a kid, I know it was in my fathers yard.
  8. I would love to see you win it. It would cool to have someone here have one of my builds.
  9. Absolutely beautiful paint! Man, I wish I could paint like that. Great job!
  10. Picking one to start is easy but finishing it is the hard part.
  11. WHAT! YOU DON'T HAVE A CELL PHONE!!! I thought I was the last person on earth that doesn't have one of those stupid things. Nice to know I'm not alone.
  12. Yeah, the smell from that one will be lingering for days.🙄
  13. I bought some new paint and wanted to test it out. It's that paint you put on to protect your actual paint and that's made to be peeled off. It's kind of a rubber coating. I thought I could use it to make the paint look like it was peeling off from a rust spot. It worked but I wont be using it again, it's a pain to use and I just don't like it. Anyway, I used it on this old thing just for fun. It was already built so I popped it apart and repainted it.
  14. Sorry guys I had a brain fart. I just realized it's a Fairlane not a Galaxie. DUH on me!
  15. I got this old Ford in a lot of junkers and I thought it was an old AMT 66 Galaxie but when I compared the two they're not the same. Anybody Know what kit it was?
  16. Great project and nice work. I like the single exhaust but maybe have a set of cut outs on the y pipe to open her up & let her breath when she's leaving a Chevy or Ford in it's rear view mirror.😁
  17. One of my favorite cars, nice job.
  18. That looks just right! Nice job!
  19. Thanks Brian! Thanks Jerry. I got the dog after Christmas one year when they had all the Christmas Village stuff on sale at Walmart. I think I paid a buck for it, cut the snow base off, repainted it and added some garbage to the can. Oh ya, I all most forgot. He gets fed everyday with the other dogs but he just wont stay out of the garbage!😉 Thanks Walter. Thanks Chris, my friend had one like this in black when we were kids. We took it everywhere, it was a beast.
  20. That's too funny because there is a ton of these trucks around here too that look just like it, but with the frame rotted just about in half right behind the cab. Great job, I love it!
  21. I LOVE IT! Every time I look at it it makes me smile. Thank you for sharing it with us. My new favorite on this site!
  22. For just getting back into the hobby you're off to a great start. Your mods look good and I can't wait to see the finished car. Keep up the great work!
  23. Thanks Alan! That Dog is always nosing around in that can, there must be something good in there.😁
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