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  1. Great looking wrecker, everything looks just right.
  2. I got the old paint stripped off the cab & finished the big parts of the wrecker body today.
  3. I'm working on one of these right now & I wish I could make mine look this good. Great job!
  4. Thanks, if there is a rat's nest it's under the seat & or in the glove box, guaranteed.😉
  5. Thanks for all the great comments guys, I appreciate it.
  6. This was rebuilt from what I had from parts. The rack body was scratch built & the lift too. It all moves & the winch work too. Rusty & rotten just like I like um.
  7. Great looking wrecker. I like that you changed the wheel wells, it makes all the difference in the world.
  8. Here's what was there, not to mention a ton of other stuff everywhere else. I'm going to try & use some filler & if it doesn't work I'm just going to cut it all out & make a new tailgate. Thanks for all the help guys, I need & appreciate it.
  9. I love it! Looks great, it reminds me of an old retired town truck.
  10. mchook

    30 Ford woody

    That's really nice. I love seeing a nicely done Model A, great job.
  11. Thanks guys, I might try to scratch build a frame but for right now I need help. What can I do to fix the tailgate without messing up the letters?
  12. Thanks again guys. It was nice to make a junker again, it's been a while.
  13. I got this last year from a friend and figured I should rebuild it for my garage as a shop truck. I got it taken apart & it's in pretty good shape even though it had a lot of stuff glued on it. I'm not sure but I might get one of the new 65 66 F100 kits for the chassis.
  14. Thanks guys, I appreciate all the great comments.
  15. $3.00 flea market rebuild, slump buster.
  16. This is a linberg Charger super bee that I got at ollies for 7.99 a while ago. I've never built a car newer than a 1970s before so this is all new too me. I hated the new charger when it came out because it's a 4 door so I'm trying to make it a 2 door.
  17. Are you planning on building this car? If so, I can't wait to see it & I hope you do it "on the workbench" so we can all watch it come together.
  18. Great job, that's one nice looking "T".
  19. I love this truck! Great colors, really nice body & I love the trim work on the sides. I drove one like it as a kid only mine was green.
  20. Beautiful! 57 Fords are my favorite cars ever since I was a kid and this is the best looking model of a wagon I've seen. I wish I had your talent to make one look this nice.
  21. I've had this happen too. If I don't put my beard in a pony tail or tuck it in my shirt it ends up knocking things off the bench. Sometimes there's paint in it & parts. I think if I work on something too long I'll have my own personal junkyard on my face. Talk about losing something & finding it right under your nose!🤪
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