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  1. Thanks for your comments Kevdog. In doing some online research in where to place the decals, I found two dates on when Chowhound was shot down: August 8, 1944 and also March 8, 1944. Not sure which is correct? In reading some of the stories about the plane and it’s crew, I see that many of the men were only in their 20’s when they were KIA when the plane went down. I’ve been to the wall honoring the Vietnam vets in Washington but someday I would like to see the memorials of the vets at Omaha beach.
  2. I just finished this up yesterday. When I started the build, I said to myself "why paint all that interior detail, no one will ever see it". But the inside was so well detailed that I couldn't pass up painting most of it. The fit between the fuselage halves was not the best especially the vertical stabilizer part. Comments welcome!
  3. Thanks Driptroit! This is the second time I’ve painted it yellow. The first time I built it I was a teen but I burned it down a few years later as my interests changed. Not this time though!
  4. I'm building a B-17 Flying Fortress and I lost a small clear plastic window. I recalled that I did not use the side windows in the Pete 352 that I built 4 years ago so I pulled the old box out (I save all my old boxes, especially this Peterbilt box because I like this box art so much.) and got the clear plastic piece to modify and use in the B-17. While I was in the old Pete box, I found a (approximately) 1/4 scale version of the box art that I forgot was included with the kit. I had to cut, fold and glue the 1/4 scale box together. Here it is displayed with the full-size box and the 352. My brother gave me the Pete 352 kit with Coke decals for Christmas. I'm going to build it with the stripes from this kit instead of the Coke decals.
  5. Thanks everyone for all your comments and suggestions. I decided to use some Perfect Plastic Putty in the seams/gaps. I'm not too concerned about fixing any raised panel lines after sanding, which should be minimal I think. Not sure how PPP compares to the Tamiya putty, but I've had good results with it in the past. I'll post picks when done. Thanks again!
  6. I know, it's not a car! I'm building the Revell 1:48 B-17G Flying Fortress....The first airplane I've built in over 45 years. (Thought I would try something different for a change.) Gluing the two fuselage halves together has left some small (approx. .010-.015"?) gaps between them. What is the best way to fill them and make it appear there was never a joint there? Thanks in advance!
  7. Very nice! My very first car was my parents '65 Galaxie, a 4 door, which was white with red interior. I bought it from them in 1975 for $500. Lots of good memories in that car. You did it justice!
  8. Yes - I looked at the DMW website last night and saw the black one. I’ll check eBay and Amazon to see if I can find it in blue. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for the information Bill! Not sure yet if I'm gonna go with the C1 transkit or just get the Motormax diecast and repaint. Or maybe I'll do both!
  10. Looks great Mario! And in that setting it looks very realistic.
  11. Didn't get as much done as I hoped to this year. But I got a good start on building a 1:48 scale B-17G Flying Fortress in the last month '66 Chevelle SS '80 Triumph TR8 '68 McLaren M8A
  12. My brother gave me this for Christmas. Kinda neat but not something I would build normally. Cranking it by hand it will spin at about 250 rpm. I added the red "racing stripe"!
  13. Thanks for the info Matthijsgrit but unfortunately my AMT kit is 1:25 scale.
  14. Thanks Snake! I'll consider that, it even has the wheels I need!
  15. My mother-in-law gave me these for Christmas.... I'm gonna try to build the Challenger into a widebody R/T Scatpack that looks like this (below) but I'll need to get wheel arch flares, decals, etc. Does anyone know if any of these parts exist?
  16. Wow that is beautiful! Nice job!
  17. Safire6

    MGB GT V8

    I love it! I had a grade-school teacher that had a BRG MGBGT. It started my love for British cars. Is that a Webasto roof? I like the diorama too!
  18. A colleague of my wife’s that works at 5/3 Bank gave this to her some time ago.
  19. Nice TR6 gbtr6! What year is it? The Koenigs look great on it. Mine is an early '72 model. I've had it for 32 years and recently put a Toyota W58 5 speed gearbox in it and a differential from a Nissan 370Z. Are you a member of the national TR6 club "6-Pack"? Here's a better shot of mine....
  20. My bro in law had it tinted after he bought it. I don't mind the tint on the upper section, but the lower section tint hinders me seeing where the front of the car is. It's like looking out of a narrow slit almost. Probably not legal in OH.
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