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  1. Safire6

    Triumph TR8

    Thanks everyone, appreciate the kind words!
  2. Safire6

    Triumph TR8

    Thank you. Advertised as “the shape of things to come” back in the day. I personally like the coupe much better than the convertible. Compared to the earlier TR3, 4, 5 and 6; the TR7 and 8 were radically different designs which turned off a lot of potential buyers.
  3. Safire6

    Triumph TR8

    According to Richard Newton’s “Illustrated Triumph Buyer’s Guide”, less than 3000 TR8s were produced and less than 20 of them were available in the home market. It’s no wonder you never knew it existed!
  4. Safire6

    Triumph TR8

    I bought this last year from randyc here on this forum. Thanks Randy! I just finished it yesterday. A friend of mine had a TR8 coupe in the same colors so this is a tribute to that car. Hope you all like.
  5. I have the Ecto 1 kit also. Someday I'm gonna build it as a hearse I think.
  6. I tried a bath of Zep Industrial Purple degreaser and then tried a bath of Simple Green to remove Model Master Lacquer over Tamiya primer. Neither one had any effect on removing the paint after soaking for a day and a half. But after couple hours in some DOT 3 brake fluid, the lacquer and primer came right off.
  7. Looks good! I like how you scuffed up the slicks.
  8. Very cool, but I especially like the engine, headlights and board with the Canadian maple leaf!
  9. Safire6

    Tuskegee Airmen

    Awesome build of my favorite airplane of all time. Great job!
  10. This is so cool! And I like the background that you used to light it up. How did you think of that?
  11. Wow this is so realistic, like your other builds. Fantastic job!
  12. Nice job, looks just like it came out of the '70s!
  13. Your skills are getting better with each build Michelle. Good job on this one! Keep it up!
  14. Just beautiful! Looks especially good in the snow.
  15. A good friend gave me these today. He had a 1:1 '66 Chevelle SS in marina blue back in the day so I be building this one for him to match. I doubt I'll be building the Countach-it looks pretty cheesy!
  16. X3! And perfect colors for this TR.
  17. I only got two done last year, the 1:16 Revell Tony Nancy front engine dragster and the Polar Lights 1:25 Gas Ronda Mustang..... I may be lucky to get two done in 2021 also....I just retired and my wife got me a 4-1/2 month old beagle pup to keep me busy. He's taking up more of my time than I ever expected!
  18. I really like these 1:16 Revell front engine dragsters. Your's looks great!
  19. Nice collection there Daddyfink. I really like the Badman!
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