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  1. Wow, I really like this, everything about it is cool!
  2. Looks great-love those early Torinos!
  3. I got the radius rods, front axle and tie rods installed and working properly today. Still need to Molotow some of it.
  4. Looks great! Nice weathering effects too. Those flames must be painted on?
  5. The Uncertain T and the Chevy Badman are in my Top 10. Cool old pic of the kid holding the Uncertain T!
  6. That is so cool. "Boss!" as my cousins used to say in the '70s.
  7. Nice job with all the paint details and foiling I like!
  8. That is exactly what I did when I built these two Mustangs. You can see the thin pieces that I made of Plastruct to raise the seats off the floor in these pics. Now even a short driver and passenger can see out the windshield as Tom said!
  9. Can one of the moderators move this to the On The Workbench section of the forums? I thought that is where I submitted it initially but I guess not! Thank you! Safire6
  10. Thanks GTX. Initially I tried using shorter boots but the wires just wouldn't stay put in them with the 3 types of adhesive I had. So I resorted to the boots you see. I made some more progress today. Got the cockpit nearly done. Just have to add the throttle linkages to the scoop. Oil and fuel lines run. Yeah I know-the slicks rub against the body. The axle need to be at least 1/8'" longer.
  11. Thanks for the tips Casey. That sag is very visible in that pic but it is hardly noticeable on the real thing thankfully. The black at the fuel filler opening is from painting the inside surface black. I painted the inside surfaces first and then the outside surfaces. Apparently the Tamiya tape I used to mask off the hole was not burnished down well enough and the black bled through. My builds are definitely getting better since the 2 or so years that I've been back at this hobby, and the tips from this forum are the reason why.
  12. Making some progress now. Everything painted and polished. Had to notch the panels at the sides of the engine to make room for the headers. Comments welcome
  13. I did as everyone suggested and the results turned out great! I sprayed 3 coats of Model Master clear lacquer over the Tamiya paint, then wet sanded with 4000 grit and then polished with Meguiar's swirl remover that I had in the garage. I don't feel even the slightest edge now. Thanks for everyone's help,...my builds wouldn't be half as good as they are without this forum!
  14. One of my uncles gave one to me too for a birthday present when I was 13 or 14. I don't remember being able to drop the bombs but I'm sure that's because I screwed something up. I do remember being able to slide the canopy open and closed though. Still wish I had that one. Does anyone know if it ever was reissued?
  15. Love the Uncertain-T! Wish I still had mine from back in the day.
  16. That is pretty cool I think! 36 years ago I used to work for Cincinnati Milacron, a well known manufacturer of machine tools but they also manufactured (and still do) plastic injection molding machines, like the Nissei above. They also manufactured several industrial six axis robots, both hydraulically powered and electric motor driven. I worked at Milacron's plant that built the injection molding machines as a co-op student. When I graduated from college I worked at Milacron's robot R&D facility building their first small electric industrial robot prototypes. A couple years later the company held an "open house" for all employees and their families and they gave out one of each of these robot models to everyone that wanted one. I'm pretty sure they were molded on their own injection molding machines. The models were already assembled when they handed them out, so not really a "kit". The cream colored one is about 1/10 scale and the blue hydraulic one is about 1:18 scale.
  17. I'm inspired!. I'm almost finished building the 1:16 Revell Tony Nancy FED. I'll post pics soon when I'm done. After that I'll be building the Gas Rhonda Mustang. My wife's uncle (RIP) used to bracket race this Vega years ago. His two kids used to bracket race also, and one still does.The girl second from the left in the pic used to race the Vega also. She is my wife's cousin but no longer races.
  18. I would love to see pics of what you have completed on it so far!
  19. Wish my old kit came with the girl! I wouldn't have torched it if it did!
  20. I wish it was my Oldsmobile! Very nice and great color choices!
  21. I built this one as a kid but torched it when i lost interest in the hobby. I have never seen it since then. I remember opening the box and being disappointed finding that the tires were styrene and not rubber/vinyl. Strangest subject I've ever built.
  22. Thanks everyone for the tips and links! I'll lay down a few coats of Tamiya clear and wet sand. I'll post results later.
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