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  1. Is that a bug shield on the front of that or a Covid 19 mask?! ? On the local news here the other night they showed a big yellow school bus that was driving around neighborhoods that had a big sheet "mask" like that on the front. It was filled with kids that were being driven around to other kid's houses that had birthdays that week.
  2. That is cool, wish I had taken some pics o the models I build when I was a kid! Or better yet-saved some of them. Four of my last builds are some of the same cars that I built when I was around 14 or so. ('66 Galaxie 500, Peterbilt 352, T'rantula and Tony Nancy front engine dragster.)
  3. I see that some of you have built a couple vehicles from the Cheech and Chong movie "Up in Smoke", namely the '64 Impala and the '66 Chevy "Hollenbeck Laundry" delivery truck. Has anyone ever built the green van from the movie? If so (or if not) what would be the best kits to bash to try to build it (if anything close even exists)?
  4. Glad the damage wasn't too extensive and you were able to save it! Looks good as new in the photo. And that is a nice looking Celica you have too! I actually have a Toyota 5 speed gearbox in my TR6. It is pretty common for TR6 owners to put Toyota W58 gearboxes (usually from Celicas) in their cars when the original 4 speed box gives out or they want to upgrade to a 5 speed. I got my W58 gearbox from a local junkyard about 6 years ago. They are considered pretty much indestructible compared to the original TR6 box.
  5. I like all the little details you added, like the foam padded roll cage and braided chute cord.
  6. Wow, that Torino is beautiful! Always wanted one of them!
  7. Nice MGB GT! A teacher I had in grade school had a British racing green one. It was the car that got me hooked on British sports cars at a young age.
  8. Looks like the same color as mine and possibly the same year. What work did you do to it Adam?
  9. My 1972 Triumph TR6 that I've owned for 31 years. I completed a frame off restoration on it 11 years ago. And my 2015 VW GTI daily driver.
  10. Yeah after seeing Mike Williams recent post on wire wheel lacing, I thought about that. Maybe in the future I'll give that a try and make some modifications!
  11. Very nice, one of my favorite subjects! Great paintwork!
  12. Wow that is nice, great job!
  13. I finally found time to finish this one up. Comments welcome.
  14. Looks great! it looks like you added some wiring to the battery and starter motor? I will be starting on mine soon. Can I ask what paint you used?
  15. Looks beautiful-I really like the stance!
  16. I've always like the Malco Gasser, nice job on this one!
  17. Almost completed. Just need to add the rear body fairing, chute, front wing , drag steering link and some decals. The two front top body panels don't fit properly with the bottom panels on one side (because of some slight frame twist I think) so it looks like I'll be gluing them on.
  18. Wow, beautiful Freightliner! How did you make the antennas?
  19. Thanks Nazz and Mustang1989. Yes I got real lucky that my brother saved one of the slicks when I built the first one about 45 years ago. That original one is the one on the right.
  20. Thanks for the kind words Lee. I agree with you, little details like that make all the difference. I'll start looking for some Fram decals-I'll see if Hobby Linc has them. Of if you have another suggestion on where to look I'm all ears!
  21. Hello, welcome from another fellow Buckeye!
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