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  1. Mike worked at a job which required him to be away from home most of the time so the car only has about 2200 miles on it. He also had a Dodge PU for his DD. I’ve put about 200 miles on it myself. You can bet I’ll be blowing it out once in a while!
  2. Under some terrible circumstances my beloved brother in-law died of Covid in September. He wanted his 2020 Challenger to go to his 21 year old son. His son got married a year ago and is expecting his first child in January. His mother, grandmothers and aunt (my wife) thought that this is not the kind of car that a new father should be driving. (He has a Dodge pickup as his DD.) So they convinced him to put the Challenger into storage for a few years until he has the means to properly care for it. And he agreed to it. So I am the caretaker of it for the next 3-4 years. I plan to drive it occasionally to keep it "in shape", but only on dry roads. Stored alongside my '72 TR6. 485 hp and 475 ft-lbs torque. This thing is a beast!
  3. Very nice Zippy! I have this kit in my stash but I robbed the alternate wheels and tires from it to put on a '66 Chevelle SS that I built for a friend. I have some BMF but so far I've been afraid to try it out so I've been "Molotowing" the trim on all my models. I hope that when I get around to building my '61 that it looks as good as yours!
  4. Nice little Bug Mario! Looks good in those whitewalls and I love that green. What color/paint is it?
  5. Thanks John! Yes the TS-56 Brilliant Orange is the color recommended in the instructions and I think it matches very well with McLaren orange. I did use the original Tamiya decals and had no problems with them.
  6. Nice job, I love the wheels and the paint!
  7. Very creative, I really like this!
  8. Awesome job! Where did the rear wheels and tires come from? They look great on this.
  9. I agree, just listen..... McLaren M8A Can-Am Racecar - Walkaround, Start up, and Insane Revs - Bing video And not really any kind of bulkhead between the driver and the V8!
  10. I was a 14 year old kid 50 years ago and it was 1971!
  11. Thanks guys! When I was a kid I built a 1:25 (or 1:24?) kit of a McLaren M8B.
  12. Nice work, looks like those decals could have been a challenge but you did a great job on them!
  13. Very nice, looks like the real thing! Great photography also!
  14. Oops! Moderators please move this to the "Other Racing" forum.
  15. 1:18 scale. The holes and slots in the underbody and behind the front wheels (that were left over when this was a battery powered kit) were filled in with Perfect Plastic Putty. Two coats of Tamiya primer and four coats of Tamiya TS-56. Looks like i need to fill the gap where Bruce's right arm attaches to his shoulder! All comments welcome.
  16. I just noticed that a hose has come loose from the engine.
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