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  1. Very cool! I like how you made the connection between the front and rear units extendable/retractable to accommodate different length logs. Very creative!
  2. Like the others have said, the paint finish is excellent and overall a beautiful build!
  3. I just finished this up yesterday. Like others have said, this is a finicky and delicate kit. I thought it was a fun build. Like 69 H.O. Firebird, I increased the length of the front seat post so the seat is at a more horizontal orientation. I also replaced the black "cables" that came with the kit with white 29 gauge silicone coated wire. 69 H.O. Firebird gave me the idea to use a pin vice to drill out the handbrake levers to attach the cables. I used .005" thick aluminum tape and cut it into 1/16" strips to make the clips holding the cables to the frame. I googled the internet to find different seat options and found a pic of one I liked and I used Molotow to make the silver stripes on it. I didn't cement the kickstand to the frame so it can be placed in the parked position or retracted. The decal on the chain guard split into 3 pieces while applying it, so part of the N is missing in ORANGE. Comments welcome! actual seat from internet: I'm thinking of someday doing a diorama depicting this advertisement (but without the kid on the bike!)...
  4. Great video Raul! Looks like it would be more work to do than actually building the model! I wish I could get my Lego people to build some of my models!
  5. Very cool Samdiego! I’m currently building the orange krate but doing it mostly box stock. I was thinking of building it with an extended fork like yours but didn’t see a way to do it with the limited skills I have. Great job!!
  6. Nice rendition of this! https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1964-CHEVROLET-NOVA-CUSTOM-GASSER-200755
  7. Nice diorama and beautiful GT40! Yui fits perfectly on it's fender! Would like to see more of your figure collection.
  8. The color looks great on this and the stance is perfect. And I love how well those rear tires fit so perfectly under the fenders! Great job!
  9. Thanks Lazlow! I didn't like the looks of the scoop in the kit so decided to delete it. But I wish I could have gotten the dual quads and filters centered better in the hood opening.
  10. Yes those things are way too small. They were the last things I glued on. I almost didn’t put them on thinking I’ll wait to use something else before I post pics. But I just wanted to ‘get r done’ and move on to the next build. I’ll probably change to larger pipes in the future. Thanks for the comments!
  11. I just finished this today. Not my best work but I'm happy with it. Built mostly box stock except I used the rear tires and plate decals from the AMT '67 Chevelle pro street. Drilled out the holes in the rims. A few mods were necessary to make things fit right, especially to the cut-out in the hood and the top of the grill. Tamiya TS-20 metallic green and TS-26 pure white. Used Molotow on the trim. I'll be adding a side view mirror and Super Sport decals for the rear quarter panels (if I can find the decals). Comment welcome!
  12. Impressive details on this! Great job on the build and the photography!
  13. I too had a 72 Pinto, a brown hatchback 4 speed. I bought it used around 1977 I think. My dad had a brand new one, identical to mine. I got mine cuz I wanted a small car that was easy to parallel park since I was taking my drivers test then. Fun little car. Great job on yours, looks just like your 1:1! I’d like to find an unbuilt kit and build it like my brown one.
  14. I agree, great job on the weathering!
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