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  1. My older brother worked at a Lincoln Mercury dealer and bought a new Fiesta when they first came out. Neat little car! Now that dune buggy is really nice! Any Triumphs in that group? Thanks for sharing.
  2. Me too. I either torched mine or put fire cracker in them. ? Nice job on the 'Vette!
  3. That is slick looking, nice paint job! What paint/ finish is that on the fuel tanks?
  4. Safire6

    68 Mustang GT

    Looks great! Like '70 Grande said, opening the doors and trunk is not something that I would ever try. You did good and the wheels look perfect on it too.
  5. Welcome back to the hobby Mike! It looks like you still got the knack-nice job! I'll be retired in 4 more years after 36 years at the same place. I started building again about 3 years ago after being away from the hobby by about 45 years.
  6. You're right RRR, it needed a bit of rake. Easily done...
  7. These are really cool builds-great job on both!
  8. This is so cool! Everything about it, but I really like the poles hanging out the back. Now you just need to add Miss Kim and Miss Tasha!
  9. Thanks Bob! Yes the only aftermarket part on it is the wired distributor cap, all else is box stock. And thanks everyone else for the kind words!
  10. Dang, she is stacked! Nice paint, especially the eyes. Where does one buy kits like this?
  11. Wow that is beautiful! Did you use the AMT kit for the 352?
  12. Great job, I like the color you selected. It looks very period correct.
  13. Thanks for your nice comments everyone!!
  14. OK I found the time to put the decals on it. The inspiration for this build is shown in the first pic. I filled in the side scoops with perfect plastic putty, sprayed with Tamiya primer and MCW Poppy Red with my brother's air brush. It was my first time using an air brush. Up until now I've only used rattle cans. I've always liked the looks of the Autolite decals so I put them on the front valence. Comments welcome.
  15. Thanks for everyone's replies. I will take all into consideration. What kind/brand of liquid cement do you recommend Ken? I have never heard styrene having a "memory".
  16. Thanks for your comments everyone! I hope to get the decals on this weekend and then I'll post more pics.
  17. I like to take pics before and after I apply the decals. Here's some B4 shots. I'm also experimenting with some new lighting. Pics with decals coming soon. Comments welcome.
  18. I want to get rid of the texture of this vinyl tip and make it looks smooth like a regular steel hardtop. Any suggestions on how to do that? Sand it or fill it in with putty I guess are the only two options? Anyone ever do this before and have any tips? I don't mind keeping (or eliminating) the 'ridges' along the sides and front. TIA!
  19. +1. And I think that is the first time I've seen parking brake cables on a chassis. Nice details!
  20. I'd take that blue Nova with the redline tires and/or the Jag!
  21. Nice lookin' TR6 there. Looks like a '73 but with hints of a '69 thrown in to deceive!
  22. I built this kit last year mostly box stock but using Pegasus rims and tires. It just didn't look right with them so I put the stock wheels and tires on it. Wish I could find some Panasports for it.
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