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  1. Very cool Steve! Like you, I also built the Badman when I was a kid. I remember sitting in a math class at summer school (I wasn't too good at math in grade school!) thinking about getting home and working on that model! I would like to build it again. Thanks for the recommendation on what kit to use. Can I ask, where did you get the decals? TIA, Steve
  2. Safire6


    I stand corrected! I watched the old episode on you tube where it was raced against the Munsters Koach. Thanks for letting me know about that and thanks everyone for the nice comments!
  3. Safire6


    Wasn't sure if I should have posted this in the model car section or here because I can't imagine the real thing ever being drag raced. Built mostly box stock except for tripling the thickness of the headstone on the front, making "interior panels" out of .010" styrene and painting them purple and making candles for the headlights. Unfortunately excess glue spoiled the looks of them. Oh well, it was a fun build.
  4. Very cool funny cars and nice builds!
  5. Beautiful buid Dan! Love the color and details!
  6. Very cool Alan, nice job!
  7. Thanks for the nice comments everyone! karbuildr…. If you use the search function on this website you’ll see several other Munster Koaches that were done VERY well including a few custom built ones!
  8. My wife gave this to me along with the Drag-U-la a few years ago. Pretty much OOB. I'm working on the Drag-U-La now.
  9. Very cool Daniel! Of all your trikes, I like this one best and I like the colors you used.
  10. I have to agree with you Matt. I built the 2573 piece Lego Land Rover a couple years ago. No I didn't have to trim flash, sand out mold defects, paint or glue or any number of things that a typical model requires. It's a different experience that requires strict adherence to the instructions and doesn't allow much, if any, customization. Similar to your BMW, the Rover has working steering, a very complicated working 4-speed sequential gearbox, all wheel drive with 3 differentials, independent suspension, a detailed in-line 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons and a working winch. Cool build Matt, I like it!
  11. Cool Nova! I had a 1:1 '78 back in the day. It was my first brand new new car. Ordered it from a dealer in Milford OH and I paid cash for it. I remember the salesman having to get the manager because he never had a customer that paid for a car entirely in cash!
  12. I got these today in the mail from Spotlight Hobbies. I'm gonna build the Sterling Marlin #14 Tennessee Volunteers car from the Monte Carlo. Thanks Volzfan for the idea! I'll be getting the decals soon from 3 Amigos. A friend had the 1:1 Firebird back in the day in that shade of green. I'll be painting it the same color.
  13. Very nice! I built this kit about 4 years ago but did not shorten the chassis as you did. I wish I had. However I had no problems with any of the decals, but I really expected to, especially the larger ones.
  14. Wow, beautiful paint and excellent photography! Nice job.
  15. Beautiful job! I love those early Torinos.
  16. Thanks for the details Steve! I'll see if I can locate one of these kits. Go Vols!
  17. My wife is a huge Tennessee Vols fan-football and basketball. We drive down from Cincinnati to Knoxville and attend 2-3 games a year. And were a huge fan of Smokey too! She's a NASCAR fan to a lesser extent. I've got to build one of these for her! Can you please tell me Steve, what kit did you use to build this? And the color you used looks spot-on for Vols orange. Nice job!
  18. Wow that is fantastic Shawn! And even more so this being your first time at weathering and creating a diorama! I have yet to do either one but someday I hope to try it. Great job! Love the beat up wheel covers on the fence and the milk crates too!
  19. Looks great Dan! I I really like the engine bay details. I built this kit a while back, pretty much box stock, and painted it green with white rally stripes. Your selection of yellow looks good.
  20. I like it! Looks great with the whitewalls!
  21. According to the manufacturer it is 1:10 scale.
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