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  1. I've never seen this kit before, that is crazy cooool! Great job on it!
  2. Very realistic looking! i like the side view mirror hanging from the cable and the board sticking out the window. Great job!
  3. Wow that is beautiful! Great color and love the wheel and tire choice! Where are the wheels and tires from if I may ask?
  4. Yep if the Challenger were my daily driver I think I'd need to get a second job just to pay for the gas and insurance. I like that Hell Rasin color!
  5. Yeah I took the 6 out today for a drive and it felt like a toy compared to the Challenger. But it's just as much fun to drive and it get more looks.
  6. Mike worked at a job which required him to be away from home most of the time so the car only has about 2200 miles on it. He also had a Dodge PU for his DD. I’ve put about 200 miles on it myself. You can bet I’ll be blowing it out once in a while!
  7. Under some terrible circumstances my beloved brother in-law died of Covid in September. He wanted his 2020 Challenger to go to his 21 year old son. His son got married a year ago and is expecting his first child in January. His mother, grandmothers and aunt (my wife) thought that this is not the kind of car that a new father should be driving. (He has a Dodge pickup as his DD.) So they convinced him to put the Challenger into storage for a few years until he has the means to properly care for it. And he agreed to it. So I am the caretaker of it for the next 3-4 years. I plan to drive it occasionally to keep it "in shape", but only on dry roads. Stored alongside my '72 TR6. 485 hp and 475 ft-lbs torque. This thing is a beast!
  8. Very nice Zippy! I have this kit in my stash but I robbed the alternate wheels and tires from it to put on a '66 Chevelle SS that I built for a friend. I have some BMF but so far I've been afraid to try it out so I've been "Molotowing" the trim on all my models. I hope that when I get around to building my '61 that it looks as good as yours!
  9. Nice little Bug Mario! Looks good in those whitewalls and I love that green. What color/paint is it?
  10. Thanks John! Yes the TS-56 Brilliant Orange is the color recommended in the instructions and I think it matches very well with McLaren orange. I did use the original Tamiya decals and had no problems with them.
  11. Nice job, I love the wheels and the paint!
  12. Very creative, I really like this!
  13. Awesome job! Where did the rear wheels and tires come from? They look great on this.
  14. I agree, just listen..... McLaren M8A Can-Am Racecar - Walkaround, Start up, and Insane Revs - Bing video And not really any kind of bulkhead between the driver and the V8!
  15. I was a 14 year old kid 50 years ago and it was 1971!
  16. Thanks guys! When I was a kid I built a 1:25 (or 1:24?) kit of a McLaren M8B.
  17. Nice work, looks like those decals could have been a challenge but you did a great job on them!
  18. Very nice, looks like the real thing! Great photography also!
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