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    1968 Volkswagen

    To do a proper conversion you need to cut the front and rear wings complete with the valances off the convertible and graft them onto the saloon, as the bumper hight was higher and they deleted the air intake grills on the wings, The bonnet and bootlid are slightly different to clear the higher bumper, I started this conversion but it went onto the back-burner
  2. Yes they were, they were deleted when they went with the Farina style lamps at the rear with the indicator built in.
  3. Very nice build, another item they seemed to have not included was the roof mounted indicators that these earlier FX-4 taxis had, as the rear lamps were only side and stop lamps
  4. It should be easier to find one now Heller have just re-released it, with a very nice box art https://www.glow2b.de/view.php?sku=1000574010
  5. Pretty much yes, leaving a very small gap in between the tape and the part that I'm covering with bmf, it gives a channel for the scalpel blade to follow. It's very handy when you're doing the wheel arch trims,
  6. Or include the correct wheels, the box art of all their VW T1 kits shows them correct, open the box and you find VW Beetle wheels instead
  7. Wooden cocktail stick, dip the end into some silver paint and dab it onto the rivet head.
  8. When I was living in Spain, my uncle and auntie came to live with us for a while, spent many a happy hour in their Opel Rekord Estate, same colour as this one
  9. I wish there was, Polystil made a die-cast in 1:25th scale, plus a few other die-cast in smaller scales
  10. As I'm unable to do any airbrushing until I move my spray booth and airbrushes into a heated outbuilding, I thought I'd get back to the Bel Air, not a great deal done today, as I've been busy with other work, managed to get the headlamps fitted.
  11. Welcome aboard you sure that's a model ? Looks so realistic, I supposed to be in Budapest earlier in the year for a photo shoot, that's been postponed until 2021 now....
  12. I nearly forgot the little Fiat 127 i passed my driving test in had little square headlamps
  13. Probably more usual than you might think, plenty of cars during the 1970's had rectangular headlamps fitted as standard
  14. Before and after, a good friend of mine gave me a load of old enamel paints, it took me around an hour and a half to stir and add a little thinners, but out of this lot only 2 tins couldn't be saved.
  15. All parts have been prepared ready for primer and gloss coat, unfortunately my unheated garage is way too cold for airbrushing, I've never been able to get it warm enough in the autumn and winter months even with a few oil filled radiators, so I'm waiting until I move into a heated outbuilding, just a little bit of rearranging to do first.....
  16. https://www.deutsches-traktorenmuseum.de/de German Tractors and Model Car Museum eV Karl-Schoppe-Weg 8 33100 Paderborn
  17. Steering linkages made up and fitted, luckily everything lined up OK, 3 parts to each linkage.
  18. Yes, you have one go at getting it positioned correctly, it took me two attempts to get this fuel filler rubber gasket done using the matt black stuff
  19. Thank you for the offer, I'm lucky when I'm in the Midlands, I'm never far from plenty of farms and tractor collectors, there's someone that actually drives one around here, I haven't tracked where he lives at the moment. if I need any detail photos I'll give you a shout..... To be honest, after building both tractor kits from Revell, I didn't think this one was going to be as detailed, not that I'm complaining, I love the extra details, but some parts like the brake rods are very fragile.
  20. It's nothing like BMF, it's actually a self adhesive vinyl, I've used the matt black stuff, it's slightly stretchy, not a bad product.
  21. brake rods and pedals fitted, a few more small parts prepared
  22. Spent an hour preparing a load of small fiddly parts
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