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  1. I am looking for a complete, unbuilt Monogram Miller Mustang IMSA Racer kit. I have a selection of sealed NASCAR kits to chose from for trading.
  2. It's supposed to be a Accel Turbosonic setup. The carb set on top of the adapter and the turbo drew the air/fuel mixture through the carb and blew it through the bottom half of the adapter into the intake.
  3. With the carbon fiber parts that I have had experience with (Drag Cars), it's not that the paint is transparent and you can see the carbon through the paint, but it's the fact that carbon has a texture that shows up. It's the fact that the surface that is painted has a weave texture that shows through the paint. Unless there is a lot of sanding and blocking, then it becomes invisible because the surface is smooth. This is my experience with race cars, no experience at all with exotics.
  4. the cure for extra weight......more boost !!
  5. Well....I installed mounts for the passenger seat, but the seat hasn't made it into the car yet !
  6. Nope, haven't abandoned it, just very busy at the shop (I own a chassis and fab shop) I found a very nice resin Coyote on eBay from Outlaw Speed Shop. It came with a stock intake, Boss 302, and a Whipple. Coyotes are pricey, I picked up one out of a supercharged Roush Mustang with one burnt piston. It's being sleeved now.
  7. not much progress, mini tubs finished, 25.5 cage need to finish door bars. Too busy working on full size stuff. Sold motor out of 1.1 car, putting a turbo Coyote in it, so I have to start on a Coyote for the model too.
  8. Finally got a chance to work a little on the Mustang, got some of the 25.5 cage finished
  9. Wow, that cage has some big, nasty looking welds on it !!
  10. the wheels look like American Racing Trakstars, try Fireball Modelworks for the tires
  11. Any thing you need Tim, I'll help if I can. Not my car by the way, building it for a customer. I've also done some work on one of his other cars, a 15 Mustang with a Coyote and twin turbos, street car, made 1100 rwhp.
  12. Are you going to scratch build the chassis for the Mustang ?
  13. Here's a MMR twin turbo Coyote that we are putting in a Fairlane. Hope to build a model of it later.
  14. On the cover of the newest Hot Rod, there is a LS with a set of Hammerhead's SBF Hemi heads on it.
  15. That is the motor that GM copied to design the LS !!!
  16. Ted's Modeling Marketplace for the tires and wheels
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