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  1. Hey that looks great! I always considered building one of these but never made the purchase
  2. SoDak1

    '40 Ford Bobber

    Shes a dangerous machine for sure! The numbered doors were a great touch
  3. Woohoo! Long roof muscle is where it's at. Great job on this conversion
  4. That is spot on!
  5. My favorite year Dodge pickup, you did a great job on it. I'd drive it like I stole it
  6. That is really cool! Good stance and musclerod execution
  7. 70s land yacht faux muscle cars is one of my favorite subjects! I would be very proud of this one
  8. I'll try to make this one, only an hour drive for me
  9. That chameleon paint can be tricky to pull off in scale. I think you nailed it!
  10. That's one of the purdiest 67s I've seen on here. Your choice of color and execution has renewed my interest in this kit. Hats off to you sir!
  11. Gorgeous! At first I thought the design in the middle of the seat was a bowtie with a slash across it lol. Kudos on the real wood bed too I'm inspired to do this on a future build
  12. Interesting tip! Do you think they have enough stretch to be used as pulley belts?
  13. Hi all, I've tried this stuff over and over and never get good results. I've brushed and dipped painted bodies in future and after it dries it cracks all over like spider webs. At first I thought I wasnt letting my paint cure enough and it was out gassing through or having a reaction. A while back I brushed a body painted back in 2010 or so and it looked great for a couple weeks then cracks all over. Very dissapointed that happened. So far I've used it over testors enamel and rustoleum enamel. Maybe once over krylon fusion? What is the problem? Does future only work over acrylics and lacquers or what? Funny thing is I use future on clear parts all the time and never a problem so I know it's something with the paint. Any thoughts?
  14. Im not sure, I've never looked into it, I just think it's a really cool kit very similar to this one. For replicating the Mirage you are correct. If you look at the vehicle in the background you see an actual IMSA car with a pretty fat body kit which I think more closely resembles what's in this kit. The Monza Mirage is a tamer factory production model that really just channels the IMSA look. Believe it or not there are still a few companies that manufacture the IMSA panels and they go from mild to wild. Thanks for the review on this kit by the way, makes me wish I had one to go with my Sunbird
  15. Those will make beautiful slot cars. Makes me wish I could keep mine on the track long enough to have some that nice and keep them that way! Your friend will be impressed
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