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  1. I too would love to see an sten kit with tasteful custom bits. They are still a common truck and v8 swaps are a plenty in 1:1
  2. Excellent weathering excellent build! I saw a 1:1 57 vette in a half and half scheme exactly like that and I thought someone slipped something in my drink
  3. Exactly like the mustang I saw at Mecum in Kansas City few years back. Beautiful builds both of em
  4. I always imagined if I owned a first gen Camaro it would be that exact color combination with hideaway headlights and mags. Great minds think alike I guess!
  5. Beautiful stance and choice of rims on a chevy not near as popular as the earlier Impalas. A 427 SS was uncommon that year, I wanna say something around 3000 produced? dont quote me on that. Thanks for reminding us how good one of these can look.
  6. SoDak1

    Dodge Viper

    This was my first kit when I was just a little guy. Came with some acrylic paints and non toxic glue. Thanks for the memory trip and great job!
  7. Hoh ma gawd I cant wait. Thanks for the update! VEGAS RULE!!!!
  8. Glad to know I'm not the only one that picks those cars from the crowd! Growing up one my dads "putts around town" cars was a 65 Belair post. Beige with a bright red interior. That was the car that turned me on to that color palette. Recently I was at the Packard Museum in Dayton and one of my favorites was this animal. Dark brown, tan top, orange pinstripes. The gentleman that purchased it new had some class. The guy drinking a beer and photo bombing was part of a wedding party that was there haha
  9. I applaud your choice of color! Thank you for thinking out of the box and reminding us that brown doesnt always mean basic
  10. I got the LRW poster at a flea market several years ago. Framed and proudly hung. It's one of my favorite things I own
  11. Would love to see that Sundance interior up close!
  12. I love the gold turbines against the blue. I think you did an outstanding job on this kit
  13. SoDak1

    1969 corvair

    The wheels and stance really work on this car! Great save
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