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  1. See you when you get back. Jerry
  2. Hi guys, it's been one year since we lost Kodi . So for those of you who have lost a friend I can sympathise. Here is a picture of him herding sheep , at least that is what he was suppose to be doing. He sure enjoyed himself though. I miss you old friend. Jerry
  3. Scott, here's to a speedy recovery for Coco. I hope you can enjoy lots of time together. Jerry
  4. Tom . thanks for the picture on Lala, she was a beautiful girl. The pain does subside and the memories help. Rob . your little ones are cute, thanks for sharing. Jerry
  5. So sorry for your loss Kyle. I know only too well how this feels. Dixie was a beautiful girl and I'm sure had a wonderful life with you. You will always have all the good memories. Jerry
  6. Great looking truck Mike. I too, love the color combo! Well done. Jerry
  7. Nazz

    69 pontiac

    Thanks Patrick, I may do the same. It wouldn't even be a problem if the thing wasn't textured. What irritates me is I lost the darn thing! Jerry
  8. Nazz

    69 pontiac

    Hi guys, I have a '69 Bonneville that is now missing the insert panel which is part of the rear bumper. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. I can not finish the kit without it. I am sure I can find something in my stash you will like as compensation. This it what I need:
  9. I like it too. Well done Dan. Jerry
  10. Very nice Randy. Well done. I also have the song stuck in my head, thanks. LOL Also it just occurred to me the driver of the XKE challenged the Corvette to a drag, aren't drags in a strait line? Sorry , couldn't help myself. Jerry
  11. '64 Cutlass. Ahhh man, now I have another kit to buy.... and I'm running out of space! Jerry
  12. Amazing Snake! Thanks for posting. I was expecting it to be R/C , not an aircraft someone would sit in and fly. Really cool. Jerr
  13. Very nice Charlie! I love the way you made the rust look so real. Can you describe how you got the rust effect. I for one would like to know. What paint ant technique did you use to get the rust look and did you apply the blue paint over the rust and then remove it till you got the result you wanted? It this the salt technique ? One more thing , what type and brand did you use ? Jerry
  14. Hi Mark , I'm sure Pepper will developed quite a repertoire as they grow. Sometimes I'm not sure I want to know what Diesel is trying to say! Thanks Mike and Kyle for the great pics.
  15. So true David. Mark , It is amazing how quickly you get attached alright! We got underdog when he was about a year and had been with us only a couple of weeks when we discovered he had a problem with children. His first meeting with the grandson went great, the next one , not so much. He is now over 14 years old and hasn't seen the grandson since, but I couldn't let him go so we keep them separate. I think he was mistreated as a pup by kids. He sure could sing though. Haven't herd him do that for a long time now. Speaking of which, Mark, does Pepper sing? Diesel doesn't yet, but boy does he talk! Got to be the Husky in him. Great pics of all your furry guys. Keep 'em comin'.
  16. Hey Murray, and welcome to the forum. I think you will like it here, and yes, you will learn a lot! There are a lot of great guys here and they are willing to help with advice if you should need. I can't wait to see your models posted. Jerry
  17. Great looking Chevelle Rick. I noticed that the firewall is white, GMs' are usually black, for what it's worth. Jerry
  18. Amazing as usual Mark ! I really like your weathering techniques. I always enjoy your builds. Thanks for sharing. Jerry
  19. I agree with Mike, this model holds up well, and great job . It looks just like it should IMHO. Well done Claude!
  20. Nice Riv David. Love the color.
  21. Nice work David. Well done.
  22. I really like this one Rusty. Brings me back to my childhood. I really like what you did with the headers Nice! Jerry
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