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  1. You guys are all masters of rust! I've always wondered why we're all drawn to rusty model cars when we hate seeing this stuff on our real cars so much? We're pretty well equipped with rusty vehicles here north of the border and your depictions of the phenomenon are very convincing! I love them all!!! 👌
  2. You are looking at too much bad influence on this forum Steve... 😉 Joke aside, you do a great job, you don't always need the big equipment to make beautiful things, good hands, a good file and sand paper work wonders and I see you found the recipe!!! 👌 We want more!!! 😊
  3. Thanks Joe! I'm now preparing the body for painting and I hope to show you something different in the next few days (or weeks) if all goes well... 😁 Don't worry, it's not finished yet, I still have some details to do and some other additions to make during the final assembly so you should still have something to look at!
  4. Nice blue Joe!👍 It's going to look different than the usual colors we see on these Mustangs. Are you going to use the white stripes? What brand of paint did you use, it's not a color we see often.
  5. Thanks for the kind comments James! One thing leads to another, we end up being carried away and that's what it gives... The beauty of this hobby is that there is something for everyone, as long as you get satisfaction from it! I am honored that you seem to appreciate my madness! More to come... 😊
  6. Great job Steve! Another superb pro touring in the making. The color is gorgeous by the way... I would like to take a spoonful...! 😁
  7. Great job Claude! Your imagination never stops... but even if it's fantasy, I think you didn't distort it too much with the Dodge Stealth powertrain, it stays in the family I would say! Certainly anyone who sees this in their rear view mirror might be tempted to brake to see what's behind them and that could be an advantage in crossing the finish line first...LOL 😁 I can't remember the last time I saw a real one, you have to come here to refresh your memory, that's the advantage of scale models! By the way, this is another clean and high quality build from you my friend, you never fail to impress and I still am!!! 👍
  8. Bob, have you ever tried this Rust-Oleum clear coat directly on top of another brand of lacquer paint like Tamiya? I was just wondering if it would attack the Tamiya lacquer paint if I use it instead of TS-13. Everything is harder to get here north of the border, sometimes it looks like they are trying to bring in illegal substances... but this brand is probably available in our local hardware stores.
  9. You did a beautiful paint job Bob, I really like the color combination you chose, it's typical of that era. 👌 I remember seeing an episode of Gas Monkey Garage in their early days, they had modified a 52 Ford Mainline into a gasser and I liked the body style, it looks quite different from what you see most of the time...! By the way, I understand your frustration with the BMF, it seems that the product is not what it was in the beginning, at least according to my last experiences with their "improved" versions... Keep up the good work! 👍
  10. The Woodlite headlights and adjustable shocks are fantastic Charlie, you never cease to amaze us my friend, you have certainly spent a lot of time on them! 👌
  11. That's kind of the price you pay for being a detail freak like you my friend!!! There are often many details that are hidden in the end but you will always have the satisfaction of having completed your ideas and that's what counts! Your intake is an example of determination Daniel, you can be proud of the work done, it's superb! 👍
  12. Thanks Bob, I do appreciate your comment! Thanks for you kind words Sergey! You're right, I had mentioned it myself in my post but they took a while to make and I didn't feel like doing them again (at that time...). Sometimes you have to convince yourself that it's acceptable and move on, this project is dragging on...😢 Those are some nice wheels Charlie! I've already thought about making some of the same kind (with rounded spokes) but I haven't tried it yet, another future project... I will be curious to see your technique, you dazzle us with your machining prowess my friend! 😊
  13. Thanks Brian! I think I've covered most of the details that can be done at this scale (at least what I'm capable of doing) but I still have a few details to do in the engine bay. I hope to finish it soon... after the paint job... Thanks Daniel, your comments are always appreciated my friend! Thanks for your suggestion Zen, unfortunately, the bed floor is already assembled and the inner walls of the box are rounded in shape, I would have had to modify them at the beginning of the project to be able to mount the attachments. Thanks for the suggestion though, it would have been a good mounting option too. Thanks Anton, I am very happy that you love it!
  14. Thanks Ray but I still have a lot of work ahead of me... Hope to not disappoint you! Francis
  15. Beautiful Tim, the windshield frame is very nice, not too big and give a kind of aviator look, I love it! Will it be welded to the body or bolted?
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