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  1. So this is where you hide Kerry! This Peterbuilt wrecker will have plenty of towing power, certainly way to much for your 34 Ford but as you know, there's never too much horsepower in play... You're a versatile builder sir... well done so far... I'm impressed!!!
  2. Gorgeous paint job Joe, looks like the paint is still wet... the color is so bright and intense that it pull my eyes! You nailed it buddy!!!
  3. What else could I add that hasn't already been said about this fantastic truck? Probably this is the sexiest log truck in existence even if the term sexy is strange for a work horse like this! A feast for the eyes from every point of view! Thanks for this superb build Brian!!!
  4. Thanks Joe! It's always a pleasure to see you stopped on my thread my friend! Take care, Francis
  5. Thanks Brian, I really appreciate your kind comments. Your own builds are exceptional and the Transtar log truck you build drive me crazy! I Still have a lot of parts to do so feel free to come back anytime! Take care, Francis Thanks for the compliments Martin! I make a lot of internet searches for the measurements of 1:1 parts in order to make them as realistic as possible. Anodising is new to me and I do love the rendering and the possibilities of this process not counting that it doesn't hide any details, its like machining a part in already colored aluminum. Take care, Francis Thanks Jim! I work hard to make all these parts and I wish to deliver the best build I can. I continue to learn a lot and I already have ideas to improve some of the parts I made on my next build. I love sharing and I learn a lot from watching the work of other members on this forum, it's an endless source of ideas and motivation! Take care, Francis
  6. The pictures speak for themselves John! The result is simply amazing, the paint and the decals are superb along with the stunning job of scratch building on each parts you made. The original owner will be stupefied!!!
  7. That's a good one Tim! I take it as an approbation... speaking transmission, I can't wait to see what kind of amazement you will bring us for the Maverick because amazement will be... again! Take care, Francis Thank you John, I feel very honored to receive your compliments, your reputation is well established as one of the best model car builders so it's very special to me to see you commenting my work, I do appreciate! Take care, Francis Thanks for seconding John's comments on my build Al! Take care, Francis Thanks for your support Brad! No problem for «more» because more and more to come, I'm not finished with that thing! Take care, Francis
  8. Thanks for the compliments Mike! Glad to know that you found this information useful, you will see on your first try how different 6061 aluminum is in comparison with aluminum. On the other side it's also more difficult to work with this hard aluminum especially when you want to make a lot of fine tuning manually, but the finish is superb. Take care, Francis
  9. Absolutely true Steven! Same feeling for me, a botched or ordinary paint job will destroy most of the good work done because it's the first thing you will see and comment on a build. You can relax now, you are on the good track with yours! I love that color!!!
  10. I'm speachless Scott! With all the passion, dedication and attention to details you have already put (and continuing to) I can't believe that you will not have a pinch in the heart when this beauty will leave your hands! I raise my hat to you!!!
  11. Hello everyone, I do have finally finished all the parts for the Lenco transmission including the shifter handles, all the levers (forward and reverse), rods and jam nuts. I also made the side supports with a 0.047" brass rod and the mounting brackets are welded on. The transmission is not finally assembled because I do have ordered brass bolts to connect the gear cases together. As soon I get them I will make the fanal assembly minus the shiter that will be mounted on the transmission by inside the cab when the floor pan will be definitively glued (a lot of fun in perspective...). This is my first ever all machined transmission and I'm very happy how it turns out, i will move to the flywheel and clutch set-up. Take care, Francis Lenco components including the shifter handles, shifter bracket, manual pods, jam nuts and the levers (forward and reverse). Lenco side supports made with brass rod. The mounting brackets are welded by resistance. Lenco transmission with shifter. Same parts different view. The shifter will be mounted on the reverse case using brass bolts. The brass pivot pin on the shifter is testing purpose and not permanently mounted.. Same parts different view.
  12. Congratulations Tim! Being relatively new with online model cars exposition (or any forum) I wasn't aware of this online contest but I can say without a doubt that your Bantam will remain a benchmark for the amazing quality of its construction. I wasn't a member of this forum when you created this opus so I want to raise my hat to you for this extraordinary work, simply the best 1/25 model car I have ever seen!
  13. You just keep adding some beautiful details to this beauty! Very beautiful... what a beauty! Beautiful job Brian!!!
  14. Very beautiful job Tim! I really love the first generation of Monte Carlo, probably the nicest Monte Carlo body style, according to my tastes! Nice paint job and perfect stance... a winner in my book of mine!
  15. You have created a monster Justin! Your original question remain hard to answer based on all the interventions and replies from ours fellow members! Scratch building mean to me build something from zero or adding some details and/or improving some details using basic or more advanced tooling. That's doesn't mean that basic tooling can't create amazing results, we can see some everywhere on this forum! Based on the huge amount and very diverse opinions expressed on this (very interesting) thread, my own conclusion is that scratch building is a thing and cost is another based on the budget available and the choice of spending for hobbies that is obviously very different for each of us. Scratch building is fun and rewarding so let's go and make scratch build at our own way...
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