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  1. Tell me John, you were certainly in close contact with the builder or the real car to be able to recreate it with this level of precision!? Your rendition (or tribute) is simply fabulous and the level of craftsmanship you show us in the WIP thread is simply OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I will check back the WIP thread in order to digest all the great work done... I take my hat off to you sir! 👌
  2. The color is fantastic Jim, I also thought it was an enamel so if it's the case, it might take at least 1 month of drying time before any kind of polish based on my previous experiences.
  3. Nice to see this Pro Stock Cuda still straight and very attractive Daniel. All those years haven't done too much damage on it and the engine bay is very well detailed. This Johan kit is timeless and still a nice one to build when we can afford one... Funny thing, I remember these kits were molded in different colors back then so you were lucky if yours was molded in white. Cuda, HEMI, Pro Stock, everything I love!!!
  4. That's FANTASTIC Brian!!! Obviously I have not seen all your jewelry since I have been a member of this forum for a few months but I must say that you have the magic touch! You are in your element my friend, to be mistaken for a real one!
  5. Very nice family photo Pat! Your International 4300 came-out beautiful and I do love the yellow Caterpillar engine, very convincing build from bumper to bumper. Well done sir!
  6. You are welcome Brad! I'm sure you understand the principle so don't bother with the angle mentioned in my explanation, by putting more angle you will shorten the transition (the funnel effect) and by decreasing it you will lengthen it. Happy machining, Francis
  7. This is fabulous Mark! The extreme weathering looks so real, I do love the green oxidation on the radiator, very nice detail. You have the magic touch sir!!!
  8. Thanks for the kind words Brad and Doug! Sorry guys but I forgot to takes pictures of that operation on the milling. Basically, I used the rotary table mounted on the angle table at 7.5 degrees and made 2 cuts at 90 degrees from each other. I wasn't sure how successful the parts were before I soldered them, this was my first time trying this so it was kind of trial and error that ended up pretty well I would say... It is not intended that I don't take pictures of everything I do but rather to save a little time because all these parts take me a long time to machine and I try to photograph only the essentials (sometimes I forget however...). Please feel free to send me a PM if you have any specific questions, I will try to help you as much I can. Take care, Francis
  9. Thanks Glenn, I still have to make the carburetor in order to make it more realistic, I will try to make it in the coming weeks! Take care, Francis
  10. Thanks for your visit and kind comment John! Come back anytime and feel free to leave any comments as you like, they are optional but highly appreciated! Take care, Francis
  11. Very nice work Daniel ! I'm just surprised to find you in this category... I'm torn because I also like semi-trucks and I don't need to have too much temptations... I've seen many marvels in this section of the forum and an old truck from the sixties or early seventies would be cool to build... as a drag racing truck...LOL. 🤔 Keep doing your good job my friend, you are so resourceful, I'll be back to check your progress.
  12. Thanks for the kind comments Charles! I'm very honored, however, I don't think I have much to teach you from what I've seen on your 1/12 Corvette so far! Take care, Francis
  13. It's bubbling with ideas in that head... Claude, you are the king of combining bodies to create unusual subjects my friend!!! Caskets rental is not common too... is it? The body modifications are very well done as usual and I love your decals... very funny! Another topic of discussion at the next exhibition, you are already well equipped for the next season!!!
  14. Thanks Jerry! Yes, another chapter of a book that I don't see the end... Take care, Francis Thanks for the kind comment Jim! I just consider myself a good student who puts into practice what I learn by looking at other people's work, but I don't think I will be able to do fantastic paint jobs like yours sir! Take care, Francis
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