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  1. Great conversion Mark! I love these rare subjects... No matter what motorization you choose, it will be a very cool build. I like it a lot already!!! 😊
  2. I totally agree with my confreres on your color choice Ray, it's gorgeous! You work really fast and the quality of your models keeps getting better and better. You seem to have a lot of fun in your hobby and it shows... The painting of the metal parts is very convincing, it looks like real metal. 👍
  3. Thanks Charlie, It's just an optical illusion, the American currency is more stable than my building techniques... 😁
  4. There's no harm in combining fun with pleasure as we say around here (I don't know if it translates well in English...). Another good tip from you by reusing an everyday product, just don't overuse the good stuff... 😁
  5. Hello everyone, I have finally finished the last parts for the parachute system. Today's update focuses on the in-cab release lever that will be installed near the driver's seat. I did use brass for the bracket and aluminum for the lever. The lever is mounted on the bracket with a tiny brass rivet and remain functional. I added black ABS plastic plates on the lever and everything was shaped by hand with a small file and sandpaper. The black wire will run between the frame and the bed and the other end will be attached to the pin on the parachute. There may be a few details left to work out, but I can say that it's done and focus on the items that need to be added to the bed, including the fuel tank, the battery and its holder, and the kill switch. Comments and questions are welcome. Francis The wire retainer was made with a brass band and a small brass tube from Albion. The brass tube was welded and filed to the desired shape. The bracket was handcrafted from brass and shaped to fit the cabin floor. The lever was hand made with thin aluminum sheet. Black plastic handle added. Another view. Another one. Final product. Handle installed on the bracket. Both the handle and the wire bracket are adjustable. Test adjustment to its final position. All components together.
  6. Simply the nicest 1/25 brake calipers I have ever seen! 👌
  7. I really like what I see Ian! It seems to me that brass is trending lately.... 😉 Another one of your great builds in progress!!! 👍
  8. Sad to hear about your latest mishap with the resin clutch can but there's no harm in adding more brass to this nice dragster.... 😁
  9. Thanks for your kind comment Anton, I really appreciate it! 😊 Thanks Ron! I don't know how many times I installed and uninstalled it in the frame to get the right fit but I'm quite happy with the result. I am glad to know that you are still working on your pickup and I will definitely check out your next updates.
  10. This is far from bad Mike! I don't know anyone who can do this by hand...! I should have said I didn't know anyone... now I do!!! There is no machine that can replace talent... 😉
  11. Good job separating the hood from the cabin Pat. It must have been pretty tough just looking at the thickness of the walls. What did you use, a panel scriber or the back of an X-Acto blade? Sad that you have to give up the engine, I knew you on this forum as Mr. Engine! 😲
  12. The finish on the grille is very nice and shiny Charlie, it looks like your homemade nickel plating solution recipe is a success... 😊
  13. You can't see it of course but there is a big smile on my face... The workmanship and soldering of the small brass parts is very high quality, it's very inspiring for detail lovers! 😁 Tell me, did you make the grooves on the crankshaft pulley by hand...? 😲
  14. Nice work Jim! The '70 GTX & Road Runner is one of my favorite Mopar body and you paid it a beautiful tribute. The color (and the paint job) is superb and brings out the beautiful lines of the body.
  15. Thanks Charlie, I'm a little embarrassed of what I can present compared to your amazing updates! Colder days are coming soon in our part of the world, so more time for the hobby to come... 😁
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