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  1. Thanks Trevor ! This is the end of a fairly long journey in the "norm" for this hobby, but I know that some people can stretch a project out for a decade. It's not easy to deliver a very detailed project in a short period of time but it allowed me to be in contact with great people and very knowledgeable in the automotive field. I was very happy to have you follow and comment on my project and I am grateful for that. I hope that my next project will be of interest to you! 😊 Francis
  2. Thanks Mario ! Since we are not so far from each other, maybe we can meet at an exhibition somewhere in the province of Quebec and share our common passion, you are a very good modeler and you have a lot of beautiful subject to expose. Francis
  3. Thank you Charles, it is an honor ! You can see photos of the hood hinge fabrication on "page 36" in the WIP thread if you haven't followed it. I made them from pictures found on the internet but the 2 lower arms should have had a gearing system that I did not embark on reproducing. The springs do have some recall though because I used guitar strings. I had pre-adjusted the hinges location from below with the hood held in place with masking tape. I have to say I took a lot of measurements and precautions because this hinge system is pretty complicated but so awesome. These trucks were pretty basic but I thought that putting chrome on the DODGE letters would make a nice contrast even if it was never an option, I think...? Francis
  4. Thanks Brian ! I am very proud of the final result and some things could have been done differently but we have to move on and get it over with before a catastrophe happens. I handled this model so much that I'm surprised I didn't drop it on the floor by accident, that would have been fatal ! Sorry, I can't answer your request for engine sound but I will try to put pistons in the next one I machine ! 😁 Francis
  5. Thanks José ! This one is certainly an improvement of my previous one (70 HEMI GTX), I hope to improve the next one somehow before my manual skills leave me for good... Francis
  6. Thanks Carl ! Luckily, the photos are uploaded directly to the forum and are not linked to a hosting site like Photobkt... so you should be able to come back whenever you want, long live this forum! Francis
  7. Thanks Bob ! You are absolutely right and this is what I call learning, improvement and evolution. You also have to know how to listen and sometimes follow your ideas, it's all about balance! See you later for the next adventure! Francis
  8. Thanks Ray! I know what you mean because I feel the same way in a way. The satisfaction of having delivered when many thought it was too ambitious a project and the feeling of leaving a good old friend! I'll have to do it again to see if I still have the fire! 🔥 Francis
  9. Thanks for the wink Andrew! 👌 WOW, the effect is absolutely brilliant, it's amazing what these smartphone apps can do, I'm going to have to jump into the current century one of these days.... 😁 Thanks for the gift, Francis
  10. Thanks Tim ! First of all, it is a privilege for me to have the chance to be in contact with people of honor and value like you. I know how your priorities and obligations in life have led you to make choices, the right ones, and you have still found the strength to persist in this hobby. I am honored and proud myself to call you my friend ! You know, I am just a well-equipped modeler and I'm lucky enough to be good with my hands. I consider receiving more than I give because if I can inspire or help others to continue, my success is far greater than the conclusion of a single model. Maybe I got caught in a vicious circle by always wanting to do more details, it took me 4 years to deliver this one so what will be the road ahead for the next one? Of course, this is not a race or a marathon, but I will have to find a viable balance between the details and my desire to create a rare and satisfying subject. To be continued. Francis
  11. Thanks Ron ! This is not a farewell but just a goodbye! You never know where life may take you, maybe one of these days I'll cross over to Uncle Sam's side and put faces to some of the gentlemen of this forum! Francis
  12. Thanks Daniel my friend ! You have always been very supportive and were there at the very beginning. Your tenacity and ingenuity have inspired and motivated me. You are an example to follow and having you as a friend on this forum only adds to the pleasure of participating. I hope to start a new project in the fall but for now, the only thing certain is that it will have at least 4 wheels! 😁 In the meantime, I will continue to follow your projects and learn new tricks from you I'm sure! Francis
  13. Thanks for your kind words and continued support my friend ! Above all, thank you for keeping me on the right track, your expertise in the field of the modified car and your advice make I hope that this improbable truck could exist and function... As far as weight is concerned, it is quite heavy, probably not as heavy as a die-cast car of the same scale but definitely much heavier than an all-styrene model. It could be a disadvantage if I drop it on the ground... 😳 Enjoy our short summer too, I too can't wait to see you and all your great builds "in the flesh" !!! Francis
  14. Thank you Bob! You have certainly been a great ambassador and I appreciate it. There are more photos to see in the "Under Glass" thread but there is a limit to what I am able to bring out with the photos. Beyond the project, I'm especially happy with all the contacts and friends I've made on the forum, everything makes sense here. We can't please everyone but the beauty of the thing is that there is something for everyone and the admission fee is very affordable! 😊 I hope you will be on the trip for my next project... probably when the autumn leaves have all been raked off (certainly not a known activity in California 🤔). Francis
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