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  1. Very good source of information Daniel, this project is going in the right direction! 😊
  2. This is great Ian, I love this kind of build so much, the brass frame is on a very good start! 👍
  3. Thanks Roger! I've been thinking about building a Dodge Demon for a while now and I feel inspired, many of the building techniques I've been thinking about for a while are working their way through. My pickup took me 4 years to build and going back to a car is good for me I think... 😊 More progress next week. Francis
  4. Thanks Joseph, It is always a great pleasure to share my experience and I am delighted if it can be useful to someone else. Francis Thanks for the kind comment Marcos! Francis
  5. Thanks Tim! A bit of brass will certainly find its place somewhere in this build but I can't hide that I'm much more comfortable with Styrene for this kind of details. It's also a little sad to hide brass work with paint as opposed to styrene which is made specifically for that not to mention I have a much larger inventory of the latter... 😁 Francis
  6. Great work Sergey, glad to see you back on this build, your progress is impressive as usual. 👍
  7. Hello everyone! After a few days off before returning to work, I was able to finish most of the trunk gutter detail. As I pointed out on a previous post or reply, the Demon and Duster body does not have a metal extension between the trunk lid and the rear window, so the gutter construction commanded extra care to keep the body straight. I was very apprehensive at first when I removed all the moldings and the trunk lid, but the more Styrene strips I added, the stronger the back of the body became. Once again, I referred to a few photos to create the details and the result is quite satisfying, what do you think? Your comments are welcome and appreciated. The build will resume next week, Francis The rear panel is finally installed with the rear bumper mounting structure. Part of the gutter between the rear window and the trunk opening. I added a 0.010" Styrene strip around the opening, it is interrupted on the corners as I saw in the reference photos. View from a different angle. Overall view, I put the dime to get a more accurate picture because it is very difficult to get a good focus point. One last one for now...
  8. Thanks for your kind comments and to joining me in this new adventure Doyle! The final assembly is not for tomorrow as you can see, even if I don't have to create the whole body like I did for the D100, a lot of parts will have to be made to bring this kit to the new millennium. 😁 Francis
  9. Thanks Daniel ! I used a .031" two-flute cutter, so the rounded corners are .015". I had tried this first on a piece of scrap with a .050" cutter and the corners seemed too big. I have to work with precision because there are others who are doing great work these days! 😉 Francis
  10. Thanks Roger! This is exactly how it works in my brain... I construct (or deconstruct...) the part to be made in my head and I try to anticipate most of the problems related to my approach before starting. My biggest weakness is not taking enough notes or sketches, which forces me to take more measurements when I try to make a similar part for another project. As for my coffee consumption, I try to limit myself to one mojo at breakfast because it gives me palpitations... 😁 The rear trunk gutters are going well and I hope to post some pictures soon, I have many more details to make! 😉 Francis
  11. Thanks Jimmy, I have made some progress and I hope to upload some new pics soon. Stay tuned, Francis
  12. Thanks Joseph, this will be another long project, so you'll have several opportunities to come and take a look! Francis
  13. Thanks for your kind words John! Your knowledge on the subject always amazes me as I have read many of your interventions on other threads and you always have the answer, you impress me my friend! Rest assured that this thing will have a HEMI under the hood and with 2 carburetors this time... just to give a nod to the current price of gas, it doesn't cost much to dream! I will try my best to correct the small defects of the body and I expect a good challenge with the front grille! 🤔 Thank you for your visit and come back anytime, Francis
  14. Hi Claude! Thanks for the info my friend, we are well served by the rules and regulations of the SAAQ here in Quebec. Our neighbors south of the border have a lot more freedom in terms of vehicle modifications and we can only envy them. I am reassured, however, that "the professor" is watching me for any missteps I might (and will) make during this new project. Your knowledge and experience never ceases to amaze me my friend and I take note! 😁 Francis
  15. You can't go wrong with 2 carbs! 😁 The intake manifold is awesome Ian! 👌
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