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  1. I built this kit about two years ago. I personally found it to be a kit that required a good deal of patience. I spent hours filling, sanding and smoothing mold lines. I had some issues aligning the fender flares and front end which required a lot of the filling and sanding. There are two small pins that protrude from the front nose which provide a resting point for the hood. Mine only had one pin that projected far enough but that only requires a pin of some sort properly positioned. The trim lines around the side windows are rough and I managed to sand them smooth enough but I'm sure there are some that would replace them with styrene strips. Overall the assembly went fairly good and I ended up with a decent build. Funny thing was I wound up buying a second kit. Maybe it was the attractive box art.
  2. I'm lovin' the green Laguna. I have the Pepsi Chevelle and the AMT 380 Donnie Allison Chevelle. With those stock car kits I would somehow have to flare the wheel openings to make them look like the production car. The Johan Cutlass interior fits perfectly and would be acceptable for me. I saw your other Colonnade post which was a gorgeous green '73 Gran Sport. Reminded me somewhat of my Slate green '73 LeMans coupe.
  3. My first two cars were Colonnade coupes. A '74 Malibu Classic and a '73 LeMans so this build is very cool to see. I admire the talent and the accuracy of this model build.
  4. Thanks Bill. I'll try that out.
  5. Beautiful clean build and flawless looking conversion to a coupe.
  6. That's a great looking color and kind of reminds me of Testors Inca Gold. That Rustoleum Clear Enamel shot smoothly right out of the can. I just purchased a can of the lacquer version and hopefully my results will be as good as yours. Looking forward to seeing this model completed.
  7. Your foil work is always impeccable. Nice color combination that would've been popular that year.
  8. Thank you Hector. I've always preferred the look of whitewalls on Rally wheels on Monte Carlos. These are actually the kit black walls that have a nicely pronounced bead which I highlighted with a Uni-ball Signo gel pen. Thanks Guido I felt the same way about this kit which is why I bought three...lol. Thanks Chris. I'm satisfied with the result but there's always room for improvement.
  9. Well thanks Eric for the info on the carpet.
  10. Fantastic build and the white exterior/red interior combination is quite appropriate for the era. Interesting information on the seat patterns and I'm guessing you used embossing powder for the carpets.
  11. Thanks Bob. I think part of what made the blackwashing tough of this one is the fact the grill isn't recessed deeply enough. But I never thought about the chrome being a culprit.
  12. I purchased this kit earlier this year and have yet to build it. Partly because I like '70 1/2 Camaro and also since I had heard it could be challenging and wanted to see for myself. Your build came out beautiful. I'm personally a bit decal challenged and I would find wrapping the decals over the trunk spoiler to be difficult.
  13. First off....beautiful build throughout. And being a fan of green the color looks awesome. Secondly I'm seeing areas where I can improve my next build. It looks as if you foiled at the base of the windshield just above the wipers and I like the look when the hood is closed. You were able to pick out the side marker lights a detail mine is missing. The transparent blue on the washer bottle looks good as does the battery cables. Overall makes me want to get started on my next kit.
  14. Spectacular build of one of my favorite kits. I'll have to try my hand at the woodgrain detail on my next build.
  15. Beautiful job and I like the whitewalls as it's just as I remember these cars when personal luxury cars were everywhere a generation ago.
  16. Beautiful polishing job Marcos and a top notch build.
  17. Thanks Gareth. I've become quite fond of the Tamiya colors and they apply nicely. This Round 2 kit is already out of production and becoming scarcer. The older releases are still fairly plentiful on ebay. Thanks Eric.
  18. Awesome to see a full size 70's Coupe DeVille. Excellent job and color combination.
  19. That is an amazing polishing job. I would've thought that was cleared. It has that perfect sheet of glass look.
  20. Beautiful build and you gotta love the round headlight Monte Carlos from this era. I have four of the Revell 77 Monte Carlo kits and this is quite interesting.
  21. I purchased this kit earlier this year and have yet to build it. I'm gaining both information and inspiration from this post. And I'll probably do mine in Nocturne Blue which in my opinion was the best looking color that year. But then again this car would look good in any color.
  22. Thanks David. The badge scripts are the only detail item that wasn't foiled. I used chrome silver paint for those. I'm sure there are modelers capable of foiling those scripts but not me....lol. I've always been a fan of the various shades of light blue that appeared on the late 60's and early 70's GM cars. Thanks Dann
  23. Thank you Jim. Thank you Larry
  24. Thanks John for your comments. I've always appreciated the first and second generation Monte Carlos myself. I have another Round 2 kit to build and just this week purchased another older release with a green car on the box. I'm assuming that it's the 2003 issue you're referencing. I've considered doing a vinyl top on of the two builds but the halo will present a challenge in terms of properly laying it out and finding the right size styrene strips. As for the 402 could you possibly use the AMT '69 Chevelle 396 engine? Overall what challenges the kit may provide are well worth it given the cleanly molded body and well detailed kit.
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