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  1. Our family car was a two door version of the this Impala and it was Nantucket Blue with a black vinyl top and interior with the same full wheel covers and bumperettes. It also had the front fender lights which were an option on the Impala. So this one brings back some memories. Truly a beautifully detailed build.
  2. Thank you Nigel. It was an enjoyable build and while there's always room for improvement the trim foil was a valuable experience.
  3. That's a beauty Gareth as all your foil and two tone work looks perfect. And chocolate wrappers? Now that's being creative and it works well. I'll have to try your overspray technique on a chassis at some point as it creates a visual interest.
  4. Thanks Eric. Thanks Chris. Thanks Steve. On this model the trim that runs along the top of the front fenders was the most difficult for me and I thought the narrow "A" pillars also created a challenge. Nevertheless it didn't stop me from acquiring another kit when I was done.
  5. I've never seen anyone correct the asymmetrical drivers side window opening on one of these '65 Pontiacs. Very impressive and the replacement styrene strip looks like it would be easier to foil than the original trim molded into the model.
  6. This is going to be a helpful thread when I get around to building mine since I've heard there are fitment issues with this kit. You obviously overcame the kits issues and it resulted in a beautiful build. Thanks for posting the link to this one.
  7. The Impala is coming along very nicely. I had a similar fit issue with the front glass in my build of the AMT '70 Monte Carlo and it's basic design bears similarity to this Impala's glass.
  8. The detail of the interior is extraordinary..
  9. That's a beauty and in an excellent color. Nice work on the foil and picking out the detail on the molded in exhaust.
  10. Thanks michelle. Thanks Keith, it took quite a bit of time and foil to get this one presentable.. Thank you Ray. Thanks Cliff. Thank you David. If nothing else I'm persistent with the foil work. And there's room for improvement. Thanks Jason. I picked up another can of this color as I'm quite fond of the look. Thanks Glen I seem to do a lot of my builds in white or off white interiors. Thanks Lee.
  11. That turned out absolutely gorgeous and in a great color. I also built one these and recall spending more time sanding and smoothing the body for paint than any other model I've ever built.
  12. Recent Round 2 release of the 1/25 scale 1969 Olds 442. Painted in Testors Revving Red and topped in Testors Glosscote. Going against factory correctness I omitted the hood decals, foiled the cowl vents and didn't darken the areas around the headlight bezels all out of personal preference. Overall this nicely detailed kit assembled well with just a few fitment issues. I slightly adjusted the ride height by gluing a series of styrene strips to the chassis. Some of the trim lines on this one were definitely a challenge for my foiling "skills".
  13. Great restoration and I'm impressed with the High-Lustre Rustoleum. I'm also impressed with the scratch building of the suspension parts as you described. And I think the purple works well on this style Nova.
  14. AMT68

    68 GTO

    Excellent restoration and I'm rather partial to this kit as I've built a few of the '69 models which of course is essentially the same kit as the '68.
  15. AMT68

    1974 cuda

    Paint and decal work is beautiful. I wasn't even aware of this kit.
  16. That is as gorgeous a paint finish as I've ever seen on a scale model. Stunning restoration.
  17. That's spectacular work all around and I wouldn't even know how to begin restoring a model that started in such a condition. Nice backstory on the car that provided the inspiration.
  18. Extremely impressed with mirror-like finish and equally impressed with the detail and realism on the instrument panel side of the dash.
  19. Superb work as always and I like the attention to detail right down to the rub strips on the bumpers. I also like the tan with white seats interior. Gauges look good and I'll have to get a couple of sets for my builds in the near future.
  20. Very nice and clean build as always. The blackwash on the front grill and rear panel are very sharp looking.
  21. This will be an interesting one because I don't ever recall seeing a Rallye 350 scale model.
  22. That is just a spectacular build. The lowered stance and those wheels create a slick look. Great detail work and the polished paint looks superb.
  23. Nice detail work on the interior. Did you use a decal or is that paint for the floor mat? Hopefully I'll get mine on the bench in the near future since I've always heard positive reviews on this kit.
  24. Oh, I see. Well thanks for non recommendations.....lol. Nice seamless job on the seats.
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