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  1. Agreed, the paint lines are perfect. About to paint mine, that's how I stumbled upon this post. Looks great. I think since I already glued the roof on mine, I might be lazy and just paint it all one color. But yours looks great in two-tone! - Rudy
  2. Super creative! I love the moonshiner Idea..... - Rudy
  3. Hey Tom! - Rudy

  4. Excellent work! I very much enjoyed viewing your project, looks like many a farm in my area. I especially appreciate the scratch-built items like the thresher! Great motivation to get going on my own project. I'll start with a small wall with a roll-up door and a man door, just a spot to photograph models in front of. I ordered a couple gooseneck lights for the building tonight. Thanks for sharing! -Rudy
  5. Looks like fun! Maybe a smaller car like a Model A Roadster or Coupe Would fit much better, and still look like and "american" garage... -Rudy
  6. Wow, I am impressed beyond words. I could lay out one side, but making the other side Symetrical is where the problem lies! Great Work!- Rudy
  7. Came Out Great! Kit tires or aftermarket? I love the color... "root beer"? Take it one day at a time my friend.... Rudy
  8. Great job! I love that shade of blue. Are those billet-looking pulleys Kit parts or aftermarket? Thanks! Rudy
  9. i ordered a set of 60's Pontiac wheels, some replacement bronco (Revell) wheels and tires to replace the undersized ones in the kit, some drum brake backing plates, and 4 sets of military tires. Everything came fasterthan expected, and are very nice parts! I'm impressed, and will continue to be a customer. Below are some pics comparing the kit wheel and tire to the replacement. Either will look nice I do believe! Stay tuned for pics of the bronco build soon! -Rudy
  10. Dare to be different! -Rudy
  11. Thanks guys! I agree, a black wash in the grille would look great. The next one I build will be 4x4. The white walls and bumper stickers were kit items. The wheels, tires, whitewalls , and caps are 5 different pieces, works great that way. The white walls snap into a notch in the tires. Several of my fellow club members have built them as well, one looked GREAT with the grille dechromed, painted white, and had the Chevrolet letters painted. It's a very nice kit, goes together like legos. Was My first two-tone paint job. -Rudy
  12. Just finished up my 1966 Chevy Suburban last night. The only Mods I did were to shorten and remount the drivers side mirror, and to wire the engine using a wired distributor from Morgan Automotive Detail (Madmodeling.com) I think it came out O.K. Thanks,Rudy
  13. Awesome! Modern classic movie How did you do the weathering for the dirt on the windshield, where the wipers wiped the windshield? Did you make half-round masks and airbrush the "dirt" on? Thanks!! Rudy
  14. This is the crazy kind of stuff I would expect to see from the doctor ^! Very imaginative. Cant wait to see the finished product. Rudy
  15. Very nice work! I must get myself one of these kits! Where did you get the photo-etch pars for the fuel system? Rudy
  16. Awesome Build Bernie! And how cool is it for jerry to come on here and give you photos and such. Thats a stand up guy. I have not seen this movie, but it is right up my alley. I am almost done with my traditional-styled 29 Roadster pickup built from the "goodguys" 3 in 1 kit. I like my hot rods fenderless though of course!!! I will update my build thread tonight or tomorrow. I am in a wheelchair and snowed in for sure!!! 12-15" of snow tonight/tomorrow. Snow + wheelchairs = no good! I wish I was born about 1920. P.S. I LOVE your car jerry! Rudy
  17. Wow I am really impressed with your work and the level of detail!! What did you use to make the rust holes in the body? Rudy
  18. No reason why it wouldnt work, you will just have to take the time to let the glue dry between modifications.... I built (and Z'd) a similar frame for a 26 model T sedan I am building.... I built it from some leftover scraps from the original frame, and some rectanguar styrene strips they sell in packs. The key here is only doing a little bit, let it dry, continue.... See attached picture. Also, the flathead engine that can be seen in the upper part of the pic, the headers are made from a chrome parts tree.. (although not finished).... You are only limited by your imagination, and what you have laying around. I see oddball stuff that can be used for modeling all the time! Good Luck! Rudy
  19. Since the OP's question has already been answered, I will not bother. But I WOULD like to say that I LOVE the paint scheme on your 55 Longbox! My 1:1 Mustang is that color of gray. I also like the look of those wheels on there, will make a nice restomod. Rudy
  20. LOVE the Cyclones. Saw a BAAAADDDD Black 1:1 66 on ebay a few weeks back, I wanted it! My cousin has a 70 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler 429 CJ, 4 spd. Does anyone make a kit of this model? It is a pretty rare animal in the 1:1 world. I will be watching your build. What color are you thinking? Rudy
  21. I am really enjoying this build! I had a van not to long ago, and have thought of recreating it in Plastic..... To Add to the fun it was a wheelchair -lift van, as I am a paraplegic. I have often thought of building a cool old 60's flat-front ford or dodge van and putting a wheelchair lift in it... And would like to do the same in 1:1! Thanks for the motivation, and good luck Rudy
  22. No replies of any sort? Oh well I guess...... Updates probably tommorrow..... Rudy
  23. Looking forward to the release of this kit!!!! Awesome work on both kits, and the included decal sheet is worth the purchase price by itself, I agree. I always get excited when I see gasser kits! Rudy
  24. Very neat idea for a diorama!!!!!!!!!!! I've always wanted to make one of these with a shell of a car! Rudy
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