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  1. I don't see the difference between "models" and "scale models". It would seem Legos are both.
  2. If you don't want to call Legos models that's fine, just be aware that others do call them models and that is also fine.
  3. The difference is that sprue or runner most will know what is being talked about. So if I said throttle body instead of carburetor most would know what I'm talking about, engine part thing is too vague.
  4. Lego isn't AMT, Revell or Tamiya. They're also not Palmer, so you don't have to demand your money back either.
  5. Thanks again for the updates. I pass one sometimes and stopped in today. They had the ones that they didn't have last time I looked. Same group of kits mentioned, they just didn't have all of them at once.
  6. I used some wood I had laying around to make a couple size specific shelves for the unbuilts I keep accumulating. The skinny one for semis and the wide one for semi trailers.
  7. They had it once before, but it must have sold out fast. I guess I'm lucky it was still there.
  8. I was already kicking myself for not getting it, so I went back and picked it up. It was the only one they had.
  9. I wanted to pick up the Subaru Brat, but I limited myself to two kits.
  10. They also have an S one above and one below Cragar so I guess they're a bit fast and loose with the design.
  11. With some of you showing your Racers Wedge I checked Hobby Lobby again and success. Patience pays off. Also got the gas truck because I've been curious about it.
  12. We've also heard from the "I wipe my but with $100 bills" crowd so I guess we have the bases covered.
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