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  1. I would think you could get the viper red in a touch up spray from an auto parts store still.
  2. Tim, I like it when someone paints Corvette models with lacquer paint, like the factory did on the real cars.
  3. You could open up the holes in your photo etched parts with a drill bit or twirling an exacto blade in them
  4. Their 53 Corvette has one with optional parts for the 54
  5. Looking for cast/printed/aftermarket parts for 1/12 scale models. Working on a couple of Monogram '67 Corvettes, would like L-88, road and drag racing pieces, wheels and tires. Thanks
  6. I would bet this was one of Kyle's cars that Richard had to use for some reason. If you have the book "The Cars of the King", in the chapter on the 1981 Regals, you can see he used one of Kyle's Buicks. During that time frame, Richard had trouble with wheels busting, so maybe he was trying something new.
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