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  1. Very nice, you never had trouble spotting one of his cars at the track.
  2. Sorry for the bad lead. Took me a little while, but I found the sheet. Seems it has everything but the side marker lights.
  3. Can remember exactly what all was on it, but Gofer has a sheet with "goodies" for muscle cars. Spotlight Hobbies has it.
  4. Thanks Randy, I was a little hesitant to get one of these kits, but after seeing yours, I think I will get one.
  5. I like the way it turned out, modifications look good. Where was the article by Drew that you mentioned?
  6. I have used a red Sharpie before to make red walls out of white walls
  7. That would make a cool Darlington throwback
  8. Whoever you were thinking of buying them from should be able to tell you. I can't remember who it was, but at least one vendor had a cross reference chart. Maybe someone will see this and know who it was.
  9. You are right, never really noticed that. I guess I was so used to seeing the old MPC Petty kits that were very stock and not "fudged" as they would say.
  10. Interesting, what are you planning to use for screen on the grill. I always thought that was an area for improvement, but didn't know what to do. That was always the baddest looking Regal in Nascar
  11. Look at wire ferrules, there are some that look exactly like velocity stacks. That's what some of the aftermarket vendors are using.
  12. I will by some, appreciate them getting involved. My two cents: the nose looks a little long, especially the area between the hood and bumper.
  13. Don't know if they still are, but MCW was casting them along with the fronts
  14. I may have missed it, but I didn't see anyone mention the AMT 1962 Bel-Air Z-11 kits. I think it is an excellent kit (except the wheel backs) that can be built box stock with great results.
  15. I am not familiar with this kit, but could you replace the mounting pins with some brass rod? I have done that restoring old MPC kits broken front pins. Nice build by the way, makes me wish I would have got one when they were available. How are the decals in the kit.
  16. Could they be aftermarket, like Competition Resins or Perry's Resin.
  17. Replicas and Miniatures makes a resin set for the 49 Merc.
  18. Revell made a nice snap/glue kit that is a curbside. AMT made one that shares everything with the coupe, been reissued several times. There are some imports, but the body proportions aren't right.
  19. Earlier discussion on the chassis, just thinking and I don't have one to check with, but the AMT 1970 Monte Carlo might be a suitable back half with it's short truck arms.
  20. On Randy Ayers Nascar forum there are several guys who make decals. Might try there also. I know some of them can do foil numbers on Alps printers
  21. Try lightly prying it apart. I just disassembled a complete built up last week that way. If that doesn't work, soak it in water before putting it in the freezer. The water expansion when freezing helps separate the parts.
  22. I am glad you are doing this car. I started the body work but was unhappy with any chassis I tried. Was thinking of the old MPC with newer truck arms. Which car are you doing, the purple or STP car.
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