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  1. Very nice! Grew up in a white with blue interior four door as a kid. Beautiful job.
  2. drodg

    1965 riviera

    Nice job. Keep posting your winter projects here. You are an inspiration to me to keep on building.
  3. That is a Chrysler Cordoba LS. Wow to see one nice is something. I worked for a Chrysler store then and I think it was originally supposed to be a Chrysler 300. Like they did in 79 but decided to go away from any performance roots if I remember correct. I think 80? You can see the red white and blue emblems like they had on the 300's.
  4. Looks beautiful. I have one and will probably start it this winter.
  5. Very nice build.
  6. Nice. Very cool subject
  7. Love it. I have been watching some later episodes of Get Smart and he is driving at the beginning a Karman Ghia convertible. Blue btw.
  8. I have read the The Red Car multiple times and my grandson who is now 17 has read it multiple times.
  9. That is unbelievable. Wow I wish I had your talent
  10. Michelle great job, Your skills are so improving!
  11. I can see the pics and it looks great but why in the truck section?
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