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  1. Well 1:43 is hard to work with because of the size of parts and quite frankly my eyesight at 65. I cannot imagine building this and you are doing an excellent job.
  2. Very sharp. Beautiful execution. I have a place in my heart for the 62 Chrysler as I had an uncle who had a new 62 Newport.
  3. This is a great build. I have not been following but love it.
  4. Sean Carpenter did a resin conversion of the 62 Grand Prix a few years ago. It was excellent.
  5. I think I somehow Steven I edited your post just wanting to say I have never seen that kit before and there is one on Ebay.
  6. Nice job and beautiful Corvette 1:1
  7. Looks very nice. I like the clean build.
  8. Nice. What kit is this?
  9. Looking beautiful. I love F8
  10. Great looking build. I bought the kit a few years ago for the great Goodyear blue line tires.
  11. Very nice looking build. Congrats.
  12. I think that would be a hard paint job for anyone. Fun to watch your progress
  13. I built the coupe a few years back. I actually clear coated it and didn't paint the body. I painted the engine and interior etc. It ended up being a great looking kit but it did have some issues like the interior tub fit and I think the windows were quite a bit of a headache too. Good luck with your build and I would really have liked to have a set of Rudge wheels back when I build mine.
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