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  1. Well 73, 74 and I believe 75 had the Rallye wheels without trim rings as standard. The earlier cars had the poverty caps as standard. I have a 1970 Roadrunner and it had 14" Rallye wheels but they were an option.
  2. Tim thanks for the excellent pictures. So excited about the 68 Coronet and the 68 GTO.
  3. Well I would assume it is a 1:1 car but since none exist we can assume it is a replica. Lol. Beautiful build. Congratulations and curious how many hours do you have in your build?
  4. Fun looking forward to your build.
  5. I love the build. I have always wanted one since I read in middle school The Red Car by Don Stanford. I have read that book many times and have a grandson who is in college that has read it multiple times. Love seeing your build.
  6. Thank you! I also got the original box today in the mail that I bought off of Ebay so I can display it.
  7. I am so looking forward to those Moebius kits. Thanks again everyone.
  8. Thanks everyone! So appreciate it.
  9. Tim I read the link this afternoon. Quite a story and such impressive work.
  10. Thanks and I think the original body looks better than the snap kit body. I have built a couple of the snap kit cars and I think the body shape of the original kit looks more correct.
  11. Tim were you like nine in 1969 when you built that? You were obviously born with a bit of building talent! 65 years later I am still working on mine.
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