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  1. Casey429 added a post in a topic Hot Wheels 1/25 Tribute - "Sweet 16" - Custom Corvette   

    As an avid HW collector, I have to say those are awesome!
  2. Casey429 added a post in a topic GMC Astro/Chevrolet Titan Exhaust Manifolds   

    Correct. The only other manifolds I have for an 8v-71 in my stash are from a Peterbilt, and I need those to build it lol.
  3. Casey429 added a post in a topic GMC Astro/Chevrolet Titan Exhaust Manifolds   

    Thanks Jim, but I don't need any of the stack setups. I need the exhaust manifolds that attach to the cylinder heads. I have all the other exhaust plumbing.
  4. Casey429 added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    GMC Astro/Chevrolet Titan Exhaust Manifolds
    I recently picked up a mostly complete, but started 1987 issue of the AMT/Ertl GMC Astro 95. The only thing I seem to be missing is both exhaust manifolds. I'm willing to trade or simply pay the favor forward if anyone can help me out. As far as actually trading, I don't have a huge parts inventory, but I'll do my best to return the favor if I can! 
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  5. Casey429 added a post in a topic Reissue Wishlist   

    I didn't even think of pickup trucks when I came up with this harebrained idea. Sure, why not?
    You are correct, but that is the one originally released as T-500 (tractor) and T-522 (wrecker) with the Unilite cab. I meant the new tool one with the later "1100 Series" cab. 
    I second the DM800s for sure. The 1/32 rigs wouldn't offend me either.
  6. Casey429 added a topic in Truck Kit News & Reviews   

    Reissue Wishlist
    Seeing the topic up in the general section regarding "Comfort Kits" got me thinking. There's some stuff out there that we're way overdue for another run. Some of the recent reissue news (especially the Cruiseliner) also got me thinking about this. That being said, I want to know what everyone else thinks. I'm going to post a list of a couple kits below, and we'll build it from there. Feel free to agree or disagree with me and anyone else, and let's have a little fun!
    To start, I've got a couple wants that have been reissued recently enough for me to remember them, but I have no luck actually buying any of them. Some of them are a little outside that window, but there's no reason they shouldn't be out. Based on some of the recent groundwork laid by new reissues that haven't been seen in 30+ years many of these should be easy.
    "New" AMT Peterbilt 359. I have one from when it was last around, which I believe was 2003-04. It'd be nice to have it in the T-501 California Hauler and T-533 Wrecker variants. Pipe dream: double package like the 75th Anniversary Freightliner Cabover.AMT Ford Louisville: Ideally, the 3-in-1 Dump/Snow Plow/Tractor, but I'd be ok with them separately. We just got the short hauler, this should be a no brainer.Ertl International Paystar. The tractor and logger are probably out of the question, but with Round 2's track record lately I won't rule it out. The dump truck and mixer were last out about the same time as the Peterbilt. Every time I search on eBay, I get disgusted at what some people ask for Paystars, regardless of the variant.Ertl International Transtar Cabovers. I'd much rather have the CO-4070A, but I'd take a Transtar II given the opportunity.Ertl International 4270. Because why not?AMT Autocar, dump truck and tractor. Same reasons as the Paystar.Revell of Germany Peterbilt 359: It seemed like it was just here a minute ago, and I can't for the life of me find one.There's a few more that escape me, but I'll leave it up to the rest of you to come up with more. I don't want to steal all the thunder on this one.
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  7. Casey429 added a post in a topic What's next from Moebius - How about a 70 F-100 4x4 and a 65-66 F-100   

    I'm always ready for another 4x4. Seems to have been a lack of them over the years, with 4x2s prevailing even in modern tool pickups. As others have stated, trying to make an F-250 4x4 out of these won't be impossible, but it's not simply a matter of tossing on some 8 lug wheels. The only thing an F-250 shared with it's 1/2 ton counterparts (if we're sticking to the '67-'72 trucks) is sheet metal and engine options. F-100s used a 5-lug Dana 44 front axle, Ford 9" rear, and I'm not sure but may have been available with an automatic transmission. F-250s were a Dana 44 HD front (in a couple variations up though the '70s) and a Dana 60 rear. I've been told that F-250 4x4s were manual trans only up until the debut of the new '73 trucks but have never confirmed that. Just to add more to the confusion, the F-350 wasn't available as a 4x4 until 1979. Aftermarket conversions were around, but I've only seen one. 
  8. Casey429 added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    '70 F-100 Ranger XLT
    Good evening everyone. Here's the latest from my little corner of the world. It's a pretty basic mashup of a couple of Moebius/Model King F-100s. What we ended up with is a 1970 F-100 Ranger XLT with 390 power, 3 on the tree, longbed, 2WD. I used the majority of the '71 Ranger XLT to build this, with the grille, interior,  mirrors and manual transmission from the '70 Custom. I added the missing lower bodyside molding to the rear of the bed, since the wide style as depicted would've had that piece. It would've been more difficult to modify the rest of the trim to match the narrower style that didn't. The Custom door panels were also modified to resemble the '70 Ranger XLT as the '71 is completely different. As a first for me, I threw some details at this thing too. I used a MAD prewired distributor (awesome parts!), added battery cables, a starter solenoid, and fuel line on. Hindsight says I should've stuck some heater hose in there too. Oh well. Also a first, I threw some photoetch at it courtesy of Model Car Garage. I didn't have it handy when I built up the interior, so other than an ignition key and the rearview mirror, PE is absent from there. Yet another first was the use of Tamiya paint on the body. I have mixed feelings about it. It fisheyed on me like nothing I've ever used before, but thankfully nowhere on the exterior. I rubbed it out with some Meguiar's Compound, and while it's far from flawless I'm pleased with the shine and the little bit of orange peel adds to the realism (HA!). I haven't decided if it will wear the wheelcovers yet, so they were only temporarily attached to one side. I stripped the chrome, and redid them in more correct finishes and restored the trim ring chrome with my new favorite thing ever, the Molotow pen. License plate is a photo reduced real one, and I learned that in the '70s PA tagged all trucks "COMMERCIAL" regardless of them being commercial use or not. I wanted to build a very loose interpretation of a truck my grandfather bought new in 1970. To that effect, the blown truck tires, spoons, jack, and tools are a nod to Pap's nearly 50 years of trucking. I took a few liberties on the unknowns, since I don't have any pictures of the real thing. My dad ended up trading in the real thing on a brand new 1977 F-250, the '70 basically toast by then. The rust belt was not kind to these trucks! I'd be happy to answer any other questions, and thanks for looking.

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  9. Casey429 added a post in a topic Comfort Models, Ya Have One?   

    This is a fun question! I'd have to say hands down, AMT's '53 Ford F100. I've built three of my own, restored a couple built-ups, and have enough parts to make up at least another or three. I couldn't help myself and picked up another when the latest issue came out. It's sitting off to the side of the bench right now, being built as a Marmon-Herrington 4x4. A close second would be the Moebius Bumpside Fords. I just finished my first one, and dove right into another. This was a long overlooked subject matter, and many others have praised it and I can totally see why. And even though we're not in the truck section, I'll even say that the reissued California Hauler has won me over. I could never bring myself to pay what originals were going for, and Round 2 hit a home run bringing that one back. I'm getting ready to build my second one, with plans for at least two more.
  10. Casey429 added a post in a topic Paystar Logger   

    It's all fixed. Tried 5 minute epoxy the first time around and that was a fail. So I scraped all of that back off and tried again using good old Testor's orange tube to stick the pieces on, and a couple coats of Plastruct cement for extra insurance. Seems to be working so into the display case it went. I also turned the air intake the correct way, even though I didn't take pictures of it. I've been around enough 1:1 Paystars to know that wasn't going to fly. Other than that, I did absolutely no other restoration work other than reattaching the mirror. I still need to come up with 2 more mudflaps, those are all that appears to be missing. Also set my dad's old Paystar up with the photo op. It's a little worse for wear, and the front axle has been "welded" as a repair. I'm hoping for a reissue so I can give it a proper resto, since it's mostly all there. Thanks everyone!

  11. Casey429 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Paystar Logger
    Hello everyone. Hope everyone's new year is off to a good start.
    I picked up this Ertl Paystar at an estate sale foe a whopping $5. It's a pretty clean build overall, and pretty well done if I do say so myself. No paint on anything, but it's 100% complete, save for the tractor's mudflaps. The downside is both ends of the front axle are broken off right at the springs. Shouldn't be much of a fuss to fix. I don't plan on a full resto for the time being, since it is pretty well done. I just figured on posting it here, since it's still awaiting the repair. Thanks for looking!

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  12. Casey429 added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Peterbilt 359 "Pennsylvania Hauler"
    After much ado, I proudly present my freshly completed Peterbilt 359 "Pennsylvania Hauler". Peterbilts weren't all that common on the east coast back in the day I'm told, but that wasn't enough to stop me from building one with some east coast flavor. For greater details on what I did, you can check out the build thread here. Otherwise, here's a quick rundown, accompanied by pictures.
    Paint is Rustoleum (yes, really) Harbor Blue with kit decals. Luckily I had a second one of these in the stash because I tore the cab stripe on installation. But I salvaged part of it for the stripes on top of the hood. I have some door signs drawn up, but I haven't printed them out yet. Still waiting to get a batch together to print. I used some aluminum tube for the exhaust standpipes because the stock ones were a tad too short for my taste, and would've required more effort than it's worth to rid of the mating seams.

    Up on the roof, I decided on one blue light in the center, leaving the rest amber. The housings needed some attention to remove flash and mold lines, so I had to foil them. I have several photos of my dad's from back in the late '70s when he started driving and the blue light was a popular thing, around Pittsburgh anyway. I have several of a Mack tri-axle dump truck he drove, as well as a friend's dark blue Peterbilt 359 with a double bunk that both have the one blue light. The blue color is pure coincidence, I've seen other not blue trucks with a blue light as well. After browsing lots of Mr. Ahlborn's photos, I made a game day decision to drill a hole in the side of the roof to attach the spotlight to, which looks much better than just sticking the light to the side of the cab. Mine's in the "away" position.

    Under the hood is the stock 8V-71. Dressed in a Peterbilt appropriate coat of white. Farr air cleaner and matching elbow were swiped from a Road Boss.

    Pretty much box stock out front. In the build process, I lost one of the fender mounted marker/reflector brackets to the sink. I was washing parts after dechroming, and the drain ate it. I've seen pics of 359s without them so I'm more upset than angry. I'll get them on the next one. Peterbilt emblems are all BMFed and colored with a red Sharpie, and the letters were revealed with some 4000 or 6000 grit (can't remember at the moment) sandpaper. I also smoothed and foiled the front of the mirrors to get rid of some nasty pin marks.

    I still need some baby moon caps for the steer axle and the aforementioned door signs, and I think it needs some antennae. The grille could use a black wash but I don't have any acrylic black at the moment, easy enough to remedy later. That's all for now, thanks for looking everybody.
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  13. Casey429 added a post in a topic Peterbilt 359 "Pennsylvania Hauler" - It's done!   

    After much stalling, the PA Peterbilt is done! Check it out under glass.
  14. Casey429 added a post in a topic Viva Raunchero!   

  15. Casey429 added a post in a topic Cabs under construction   

    Excellent work on all of them, but I'm really digging the LTL. I've always liked the early hood, and it looks like you've nailed it.