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  1. I completely agree Tim. I remember seeing these things everywhere in my youth, but it's a shame how they've more or less disappeared from daily life. Granted, the newest ones are the same age as me and they weren't ever meant to be more than working class yeomen so I'm sure many of them were used up and thrown away. I'm also sure there's a lot of them still earning their keep, with even more enjoying a well deserved retirement in fields, tree rows, and garages alike.
  2. I'm a big fan of the Ford C series, and this will be making its way into my collection. I ended up finding some of the aforementioned videos of some of these old mules still out working, pretty neat stuff. The Ford/Caterpillar V8 out of the LN trucks is a natural swap, and maybe someone out there would have the skills to master and cast a Detroit 8.2 "Fuel Pincher" too.
  3. Deal made for the reactor wheels, big thanks to Rodent's generosity. Still seeking an Edsel windshield.
  4. Good afternoon all. I'm in need of a few parts for some projects I have cooking that I'd like to avoid buying whole kits for. I recently wound up with two incomplete AMT ProShop '58 Edsels and can make one car between them, but I am missing a windshield. I have all the other glass. I'm also looking for a set of the "Reactor" wheels from the latest issue of the AMT '49 Coupe, I believe it's the "Gas Man" issue. Let me know what you're looking for. I have some hot rod stuff to trade, as well as any parts left over from trying to cobble together the aforementioned Edsel. Thank You all for taking a look and for any help!
  5. Better late than never I suppose. Mine is actually an F-250 and also has the 6 3/4' box, but in scale one is a moot point and the other is remedied with some well placed cuts. The only changes from this picture are it's now fitted with the black headlamp housings from the Harley-Davidson model, and it also has the fatter lower air dam from a later '08 truck. Which also leads into something I forgot to mention in my other detailed post. The narrow air dam was only found on "Job 1" '08 Super Duty 4x4 pickups. Starting with "Job 2" they were fitted with an air dam that's roughly 6" tall as opposed to the 2" air dam in the kit. 2 wheel drives kept the small air dam. So to be completely picky, the kit depicts a Job 1 2008 F-350 XLT. Job 1s were built from approximately January of 2007 to July of 2007, Job 2 from July of '07 thru the early part of '08, and Job 3 was the remainder of 2008. The Job numbers started over for 2009, and do every year thereafter. The trucks are divided by "Job", each of which had running changes and changes in availability of options, hence the designation.
  6. The kit depicts a 2008-2010 F350 in the XLT trim level. With a bit of painting/stripping some of the chrome, you could feign an XL, Lariat, King Ranch, or Harley-Davidson trim. Model Car Garage makes a photoetch set for it to make the badging possibile. Engine is the 6.4 liter Power Stroke Diesel V8 coupled to a 5R110 automatic transmission, and as others mentioned the exhaust is all wrong. It's a gas engine style and lacks the Diesel Particulate Filter system introduced with the 2008 MY emissions standards. The 6.4 Power Stroke was the last of the Navistar International built engine, before Ford switched to the in-house designed and built 6.7 liter "Scorpion" version of the Power Stroke V8. Both sets of wheels in the kit are inaccurate. The ones on the box art are a badly rendered set of the 2011-2016 18" optional wheel found on XLTs, while the 7 spoke design is also an 18" wheel, but it represents a 2013-2016 Platinum trim wheel, which was only available as a 20" wheel. I've got the real thing parked out in the driveway, although mine features the ZF 6 speed manual transmission. But other than the wheels, I have to say the body, interior and chassis are very faithful to the real thing.
  7. Thank you all for stopping in to take a look. I appreciate the kind words! Bill, I thought about this, but it would go against my MO of straight from the box. Maybe at a later date, but for now this is all she wrote.
  8. Well folks, here it is. I got the finishing touches applied the 'ol Binder over the weekend. I present to you my entry for the 2021 Big Rig Build Off, the International Transtar F-4270 just as Ertl imagined it. Out of the box (actually several to get a complete truck). Thanks to the generosity and encouragement of the forum, I was able to piece together a complete truck using several incomplete kits I've acquired over the last couple years. The only exceptions to my self imposed rule of all kit-correct parts was a grille from a new issue 4300 because I wanted it perfect, as well as the glass for the same reason. I'm extremely pleased with my work on this one, and I'm usually my own worst critic. My ONLY gripe is the hood doesn't open nearly wide enough to get a good glimpse of the 903 Cummins nestled underneath it. I need to get a couple errant dust flecks and fingerprints off of it before it goes in the display case, but I'm calling it finished. Just to recap, I wanted to keep this as faithful to the truck on and in the box as possible. No extra parts, no scratchbuilding, no kitbashing, no resin, no wiring, plumbing, or other detailing. I did, however modify a few kit parts to improve appearance and/or fit and finish. One big one being drilling out the ends of the airhorns because it's the one area Ertl dropped the ball. I also stripped a lot of the chrome and refinished those parts in more realistic colors and sheens. The only exception to the "from the box" rule were the new parts I mentioned above, as well as Modeltruckin' decals to get the stripes to match the box art. I also made use of modern paints, glues, and techniques to get what I feel is the most out of what's in the Ertl box. That being said, this kit is great fodder for the detail oriented. They're fairly collectible now, but if you find yourself in a position to get one, it's a joy to put together. Build thread is here: BRBO 2021 International Transtar F-4270 Rebuild - Page 2 - WIP: Model Trucks: Big Rigs and Heavy Equipment - Model Cars Magazine Forum Thank you all for taking a look and offering your compliments during the build!
  9. I inadvertently missed a June update, because frankly there isn't one. I do however, have an update for early July and I'm happy to report I'm ready for final assembly. I got some clear laid down on the cab and hood to gloss up the decals. Once that cures for a bit I'll give it a quick polish, but credit to my first time with Tamiya clear, it's already pretty good. Just a couple flecks of dirt that need taken care of, and I should be ready to stick a fork in this.
  10. Just a quick update to satisfy the rules of BRBO and have an update for May. Not a whole lot to report as progress has stalled slightly. I ended up buying a second decal set to make the stripes more opaque and got those applied. I'm still not satisfied with them as they have a very noticeable matte finish and I think I will have to break down and apply clear. The weather has been so hit and miss that the days I have time to work the weather is BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, and days the weather is nice I'm usually doing outdoor stuff. The other hold up is I unknowingly jumped the gun and did a bunch of detail painting on the cab, window rubber and the like. So when I clear it, that will all end up shiny and I'll have to touch it up again... So with that, that's my May update. I'm hoping to remedy the mentioned issues and get to final assembly soon!
  11. What a great survivor. I contemplated a brown paintjob for this, and had I used the original cab and hood I would have as the original builder painted it brown. But, since there are no parts of this truck in the current build I went with blue. When I rebuild the original truck I intended to, I'm going to spray it some shade of brown as a nod to its original builder.
  12. I did have to adjust the axle to move it forward some. I just opened up the holes in the stock leaf springs and shaved the locating tabs a bit to get it forward. the width appears to be fine, so I wonder if the Alcoa wheels in the 4300 vs the Dayton spokes in the 4270 make the difference. As for your decals, Colored stripes installed on white in general never seems to be an issue. So you may be able to get away with only one application. That's just my two cents though. I too noticed some layer misalignment on the other decals on the sheet. Probably not super noticble with the white stripes but I'm not sure. I know of several people who have spoken very highly of Modeltruckin decals which is why I feel I expected better. They're better than anything I can do with an inkjet, and there aren't a lot of folks out there catering to truck modelers so I guess it is what it is. I've yet to get a response from Mr. Reeter about my inquiry, so if I'm impatient enough I'll spend for another set. If that ends up being the case, I'll just limit my business there is all. Like I mentioned before, I'm not bashing anyone, and the best course of action is to simply not be a repeat customer.
  13. I was debating holding off revealing the color I chose, but in good conscience I couldn't. The reaction from the gang here has been far too positive to keep it from you folks, so its time to unveil the paint for the F-4270. Tamiya TS-15 Blue, rubbed out with Meguiar's Compound, followed up with Meguiar's Polish. Stripes are decals courtesy of Modeltruckin'. I have mixed feelings about them, which we'll get to in a moment. As I mentioned, I'm having mixed feelings about the decals. As far as quality goes, they're excellent. Thin enough to do most of the conforming on their own with only a small bit of Micro Sol needed for some of the harder contours. But, here's issue number 1. Minor, but I'm nitpicky when it comes to stuff like this. It's slightly difficult to see but the lower blue stripe (clear decal) on the cab decal is narrower than the hood. Don't let the cowl intake throw you off, that's an extra scrap of the hood decal, since these are made to fit the 4300 as well. I trimmed approximately 5/16" off the hood side decal and it was perfect for the cowl vent. The cowl vent reinforces my stance on the fact these are quality decals, as I was able to conform around it with one relief cut and Micro Sol. Which brings me to my next conundrum. On the decal sheet it was impossible to tell how thin the decals were as the backing was that light blue that we're all accustomed to. However upon application, the decals are quite grainy and have a flat finish. The latter could be remedied with clear coat, but I'm not planning on clearing the paint since it polished out so well, and it has that '70s single stage look I was after like the real trucks had. I have an area on the cowl vent that overlapped the decal and boom, bright white. That doesn't solve the lack of gloss, but it means I could layer these decals and they'd be fine...but it means I'd have to order another set. I'm not averse to layering decals, but as opinionated as it sounds, I don't feel like I should have to. I've reached out to Mr. Reeter at Modeltruckin' to see if maybe I got a bad set or if there's something he's willing to do before I just go buying more. I haven't gotten a response yet. Make no mistake, I am not bashing the man, the business, or the product, I am personally just not completely satisfied. We'll see how this pans out, and I will keep you posted. Aside from all that, I'm 100% satisfied with my paint and decal choice. I love the look, and I've started to trim out the cab with painting the window trim and things of that nature. There's still a few details to pick out, the door jambs need a black wash and the decals need some secondary trimming and touch ups (regardless of what happens next) I'm going to pause for a bit until I decide what the fate of the stripes are, so it might be a couple more weeks before I update, or I might hold out until it's ready to move under glass. Thanks again for checking in!
  14. Entirely possible, but they may not have a licensing agreement for those specific items. Hard or say if their agreement with Navistar is all encompassing or on a per kit basis, so maybe that's why. Or maybe in the years since the hobby show that's changed. Maybe they're waiting to see how the upcoming 4070A does (even though we all know they'll do well) to pump out more International trucks.
  15. Just a quick update for today. Not a lot of progress to report, but as usual, the last 5% takes the most time. The chassis is up on its wheels, and most of its accessories are on. Fuel tanks are painted up to look like raw, unpolished aluminum with gloss black straps. My research showed that this is how aluminum tanks from International were finished as standard. I debated painting them black to look like steel, which were chassis color by default. Again, I've been sticking to the plan that various brands, sheens and shades of the same colors will bring out the details. I also have the cab and hood taped to get a little warp out of the latter. I was able to work one out of the battery box in a similar fashion so I hope a couple days taped together does the trick. My decals from Modeltruckin' arrived last week, and they look fantastic. I'm still up in the air on what the base color is going to be, despite my original desire to go for a box art look. So for now I'm going to leave it primered and figure it out one of these days. We had a couple nice days here in PA over the weekend, but I was too busy to paint. Now that I've got some free time, the high for today is 51...
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