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  1. A Idea for NASCAR

    The last vintage race I attended had a NASCAR division that was populated by all sorts of retired NASCAR racers. It was a lot of fun to watch. Sadly, we no longer have a Coronado Speed Week, and I have to find some other venue. Monterey is doable, but expensive.
  2. some corny jokes

    These are called Dad jokes in popular parlance. Sometimes I wonder if they didn't get that just a wee bit wrong. . . . It makes things difficult sometimes, but I have to confess that I too, have a twisted sense of humor. I have to stifle myself a lot.
  3. Is this your fathers Oldsmobile?

    Think of it as euthanasia. You’re putting it out of our misery.
  4. 31 Days of Oscar

    I don't think it was ever nominated for any Oscars, but The Day the Earth Stood Still started out as an excellent movie, and has weathered the passage of time amazingly well.
  5. Art Anderson Arrested

    As some already know, long-time magazine and forum contributor Art Anderson was arrested for possession of child pornography. We, like everyone else, are both shocked and saddened by this development. Art was an authoritative source in matters of automotive, and model industry history. Given the facts of the case, we don't expect Art to be participating in the forum for the foreseeable future. As a further precaution, I've locked his account. If you have any information that might be pertinent to the current investigation, please contact the Lafayette, Indiana police. Safety is always our primary goal. If you have any concerns, please contact me, or one of the other moderators. At this point, I don't believe a public discussion will serve any worthy purpose. I would ask that you refrain from any public commentary. Edit: I realize the timing here is unfortunate, but this is for real, and not an April Fool's joke.
  6. Texas Mile

    I’ll bet that car has more speed in it. It was still accelerating as it got to the speed trap st the end.
  7. RIP Dick Dale

    Rest in peace, Dick. I had the pleasure and privilege of seeing him twice at the Belly Up in Solana Beach. The man is a master. One of my daughters went to the second concert. Oddly enough, she couldn't get any of her friends to come along. Their profound loss.
  8. I think this kit would sell just on it's sexiness alone.

    If that doesn't reek of American sports car power, I don't know what would. I'd buy one in a heartbeat.
  9. Your preferred gloss white

    I've been having the same trouble. Part of it is the nature of gloss paint to be somewhat transparent. I've taken to lay down a coat or two of white primer, paint it matte white, then a coat or two of gloss white.
  10. More Board Maintenance

    PM. Thanks for picking that up.
  11. More Board Maintenance

    I may have to start calling it Maintenance Monday. We'll be offline for about 2 hours starting at 8:15 PM Pacific, Monday, March 25th.
  12. Birthday listings

    All it takes is something fun. Model rocketry is like this too. Kids of all ages, flying rockets and having fun.
  13. Packing models

    I've traveled a lot, and I would never put an assembled model in checked baggage. It doesn't matter how you pack it, it simply won't survive. You might get it there intact if you put them in a coffin. They will treat those with respect. But otherwise, they're graded by how fast they load baggage. Not how gently.
  14. Golfers, Need range finder advice

    I don't golf either. I guess I'd rather get out in the surf break. Midway USA is my usual source for such things. I wonder if the hunting ones are tuned for game animals, and the golf ones for whatever you call the flag you put in the hole? My hunting friends like the Nikon rangefinders.