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  1. That's a great idea. I'll see if I can change the default. You can also define your own activity streams too.
  2. It's pretty high up on my list of things to do. But, it will happen after I get us moved in to the new server.
  3. Update 1: The new server is up and running. We will be doing a data migration sometime very soon. I'll try to make it more graceful, but you may get a time out for the entire site.
  4. It shouldn’t affect that, but you’re going to have a much harder time finding a modern browser that will run on XP. Add to this the insecurity of that OS, and you seriously need to upgrade.
  5. At long last, the forum and main website will be migrating to a new server. We'll try to keep the disruption to a minimum, but I don't yet have a hard and fast schedule for any offline time. Our hosting company will coordinate with me as best they can, but there are likely some factors that are beyond our control. The new server should be faster and more responsive than the old one. We're also upgrading the underlying server software, which is a necessary security measure. If you find the sites offline, please bear with us. We'll have them back as soon as we can. I'll also update this posting as more information becomes available. Update 1: The new server is up and running. We will be doing a data migration sometime very soon. I'll try to make it more graceful, but you may get a time out for the entire site.
  6. We support both encrypted (https) and unencrypted (http) urls. We have a fully qualified SSL certificate, but the site doesn’t automatically redirect the unencrypted requests, hence the message. we do have all the appropriate countermeasures in place and I’m going to try to fix the redirection problem when we upgrade the server.
  7. You can read the board without logging in. Seems that lots of people do that.
  8. I inadvertently discovered that if you start swearing like an angry navy chief in the goat locker, the voice response systems will sometimes route you to a rep who can actually help you. And yes, I can be quite the potty mouth under some circumstances.
  9. Hmmm. . . looks a bit like my backlog XB-70 Corsair Rutan's voyager Lockheed Vega (don't tell my dad) PBY Catalina P-38 SR-71 I have a whole 'nother list of imaginary flying machines.
  10. Great build! My eyes bulged out so far, they smudged my glasses.
  11. Save the date -- We're obviously subject to any restrictions that might still be in effect, but we're planning on June 5th for the Model Expo.
  12. I just finished an MPC Titan IIIc. Terrible kit. The halve of the rocket bodies do not fit well and require massive amounts of filing and fitting. Given that the center booster is silver, it shows every little defect. Glad to have this one in the done column. the only good thing about that kit was the box. My cat liked to sleep in it.
  13. I'm going to want one of those snap kits to build with my grandson.
  14. Happy new year from the lower left coast!
  15. Thanks. Digital distribution is high on our list of things to implement. It would fix a lot of problems for us. At this point, we haven't identified a platform that protects our copyrights, works well for legitimate users, and offers workable economics. We haven't finished researching it yet, and if we find one, you can be assured that we'll be up on that platform in a hurry.
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