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  1. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Site is loading topics slow   

    It also looks like we're a little overdue for some database maintenance. I can do it this weekend. Expect to see the site down for about 15 minutes or so.
  2. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Forum Rules and the "Warning Counter" Explained in Detail   

    I can change your profile name to something else. Just send me a PM.
  3. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Tough question at my age!   

    I'm in a similar situation, tho not as bad. I went up to the rafters and did a quick count. Hmmm.....that's more than I thought. Worse yet, Mary, my wife, poked her head up there. I got busted. My kit buying has slowed dramatically. It took a little while to come to terms with that, but I'm OK.
    I look at my kit stash and I like it. I'm looking forward to building them all, and at this point, that's not too unrealistic. I have relatively few duplicates, tho I do have some, and those are mostly intentional. If Rachael can slow down with the raffle wins, I'll be in good shape. 
    Unfortunately, my build rate has slowed due to other priorities, but in the long run, that's not a bad thing either. At the end of our current project chain, I will have a new workshop. With a spray booth and air compressor. That will make building much easier.
    I don't expect to be slacking, but I'm looking forward to retirement too.
  4. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic What kind of job do you have?   

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, I'm a software engineer. I do a lot of stuff, but I mostly design systems that scrape information off paper and get it into somebody's computer.
  5. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Favorite Fast Food   

    Here in San Diego, Rubio's is our go-to fast food place. They are best known for their very tasty fish tacos, but they have other stuff too. I only occasionally get tired of them.
  6. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Make real paper conical air filters   

    That's very clever. I'm totally gonna steal your method.
  7. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Rising price of our hobby   

    I think the big difference for new kits is that you're trying to pay for the molds on a much smaller kit volume. Back in the '60's you could sell hundreds of thousands, or even millions of kits. Now days, it's 10s of thousands. That's probably most of the price difference.
    Now that I have the '30 coupe kit in hand, I can see that Revell is taking a more modular approach to their molds and kits. That's going to help a lot with pricing.
    Royalties also play a part, but that's usually on a per unit basis.
  8. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic When did color fall out of favor?   

    I like colorful cars. My Xterra was bright yellow. In 13 years of driving it, only one person ever pulled out in front of me. We replaced it with a blue Frontier pickup truck. We had the hardest time getting one in something other than SoCal drab. I swear that 95% of the cars around here are black, white, silver, or some kind of metallic beige.
  9. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Fiat/Chrysler won't build cars in the US anymore   

    I bought a '78 FIAT 131. It was my first ever new car. Aside from the dealer cross threading a spark plug at its 1000 mile inspection, it needed only routine maintenance for the next 10 years, and 131K miles. They were actually good cars, but suffered from incompetent mechanics and indifferent dealerships.
  10. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic What's YOUR opinion on "Theme" contests?   

    We do monthly themes for our club too (San Diego Model Car Club), They usually generate a fair amount of interest, but not always. This last year, we ran a survey, and took suggestions, then built our list off of that. We try to think of a clever and amusing name for the theme.
  11. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Round2 August Announcements Video   

    There were preview pictures of the Excelsior at Comic Con. It looks like a excellent kit. I think I might have to get one of those
    The Pacer? I thought they were ugly when they came out. Now my taste in cars is more refined, and well, I still think they're ugly.
  12. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic How's it going everyone?   

    Hi Sam, and welcome. That's a very nice first model. I've been finding it useful to limit myself to one new technique or material per build. I get overextended and frustrated if I try more than that, then the project goes on the shelf for a while.
    As for photo etch parts, they are made from very thin metal which has been coated with a light-sensitive resist. You expose the resist through a mask, and wherever there is light, the resist hardens, forming a barrier. You then wash away the unexposed resist, and put the metal on a backing tape. You drop it into a solution that removes the unprotected metal. Once the unprotected metal dissolves, you're left with the parts you wanted. You can make parts with very fine holes and details this way.
  13. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic New distracted driver hazard - Pokemon Go   

    This game seems to be taking San Diego by storm. I live near a park, and it's been full of kids. On the plus side, they're out walking and face to face socializing. Nobody's gotten run over yet, but a couple of geniuses walked off a cliff near the beach. One fell 80 feet, the other 50, and had to be rescued from the cliff face. Both are going to be very good friends with their orthopedic surgeons for a while.
  14. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic 41 Chevy rat rod   

    Finally, a rat rod I like. Nice work.
  15. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic PERIOD HOT-ROD REFERENCE 1930-1949   

    What an interesting thread. Thanks for posting it!