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  1. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Editing posts is now disabled?   

    OK. it should be reenabled. Someone please let me know one way or the other.
    I do apologize. I altered a different setting and don't understand how that one got turned off too. 
  2. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Editing posts is now disabled?   

    Thanks for the heads up. The edit function totally needs to be there. I'll get that fixed ASAP. 
  3. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Jimmy Flintstone 32 Bonneville Car   

    You need to remove the mold release agent from the body. If you don't remove it completely, you get all kinds of paint drama. I was told to use Westley's Bleche White tire sidewall cleaner. It definitely does the job. I soak it overnight in the stuff, and I haven't had a paint job on a resin model go south due to adhesion problem. 
    I see that you can't get that any more. <huff>
    I'll have to let others make some suggestions, but it needs to be powerful enough to clean the oil off the resin, but not dissolve the resin itself. My gut feel is that a 50-50 mixture of denatured alcohol, and Windex will probably remove the mold release without affecting the resin. 
    I've been using epoxy to glue things, mostly because I have a lot of it on hand. 
  4. Dave Ambrose added a calendar event in Model Car Shows/Events   

    San Diego Model Expo and Swap Meet


    he 2016 San Diego Model Expo is hosted by IPMS San Diego and the San Diego Model Car Club in cooperation with the San Diego Air and Space Museum.
    It will take place on Saturday, June 3 at the San Diego Air and Space Museum Annex at Gillespie Field:
    335 Kenney St, El Cajon, CA 92020
    Annex Website
    The Model Expo will have both a model swap meet and a model contest.
    General admission to is $3.
    Please note – contest admission is separate from general admission. If entering the contest, paying the general admission fee of $3 is required in addition to the model contest entry fees.
    Contest admission is $10 for 3 entries for adults, plus $2 for each additional entry.
    Contest admission is $5 for 3 entries for Juniors (age 17 and under), plus $2 for each additional entry.
    The contest will be judged based on IPMS National rules, including the no sweeps rule, and no previous San Diego Model Expo, IPMS National, or Region 8 winners.
    There will also be room for display-only models – Bring anything that you’d like to show but do not want to enter in the model contest. The model contest fees do not apply to display-only models.
    We have a new category for the contest – Gundam, Gunpla and mecha models has been added! 
    Contest Categories
    Juniors, 17 & Under: all scales/categories (non-automotive)Aircraft: 1/72 & smaller-PropAircraft: 1/72 & smaller-JetAircraft: 1/73 to 1/33 – PropAircraft: 1/73 to 1/33 – JetAircraft: 1/32 & larger – PropAircraft: 1/32 & larger – JetHelicopters: all scales & typesMilitary Vehicles: Armor – 1/72 & smaller, all typesMilitary Vehicles: Armor – 1/48, all typesMilitary Vehicles: Armor – 1/47 & larger – Fully trackedMilitary Vehicles: Armor – 1/47 & larger – Wheeled, semi-trackedMilitary Vehicles: Softskin – 1/47 & larger, all typesDioramas: small compositionDioramas: large compositionShips: 1/451 & smallerShips: 1/450 & largerShips: SubmarineShips: SailingFigures: 53 MM & smallerFigures: 54 MM & largerFigures: Sci-Fi & FantasySci-Fi & Real Space Vehicles: all scales & typesGundam, Gunpla, and MechaHypothetical: all scales & typesMiscellaneous: all scales & typesOut-of-the-Box: all scales & typesAutomotive: JuniorsAutomotive: Production/ReplicaAutomotive: Hot Rods, Street Rods and Street MachinesAutomotive: CustomAutomotive: Competition – Non-Drag RacingAutomotive: Competition – DragstersAutomotive: LargeAutomotive: Low RidersAutomotive: MotorcyclesAutomotive: Out-of-the-BoxSpecial Awards
    Best AircraftBest ShipBest MilitaryBest FigureBest DioramaBest Space, Sci-Fi & FantasyBest Irish SubjectBest 1:72nd Scale AircraftBest Hypothetical Model – Craig Burke Memorial AwardBest Automotive – Fred Fimbres Memorial AwardBest Tamiya ModelBest Theme: 100 Years of BoeingBest Theme: Orphan CarsJudges Grand Prize – Best of ShowFLYER AND FORMS ARE BELOW
    Model Expo Flyer
    Model Entry Form
    Contest Registration Form
    Display-Only Model Form
  5. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Is it just me, or has the site slowed down again?   

    The 404 error is one of the problems that's supposed to be fixed by this next update. Hopefully, that will be the case, and we won't be frustrated by it any more. It happens to me as well, so I know you aren't hallucinating. 
  6. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Dedicated Harry forum category?   

    I was thinking along these lines too. It will probably be along the lines of a pinned topic. Harvesting is pictures from photo bucket is a good idea too. I'll have to figure out how to do that. Any other programmers out there that can deal with MySQL?
  7. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Messages,someone help   

    I have seen this. Clear your browser cache. That should cure the problem. 
  8. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Sad Sad Sad News: Our Harry Passed Away   

    This is a very sad day. Harry was a good guy. I will miss him greatly. My prayers and best wishes go out to his family.
  9. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Latest Issue of Model Cars: EXPIRATION ISSUE   

    Me neither. I'll bet most people don't.
  10. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Sanding sticks   

    There is a product called Craytex that consists of carborundum grit embedded in some kind of rubber. It comes in various sizes and shapes. I've never tried it on plastic tho.
  11. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic A pair of Bugatti Type 50B engines   

    Was there a particular reason for choosing 7075? 
  12. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Ordering From Other Countries, Any Guidance?   

    I ordered an American kit from a Japanese vendor off eBay. He had the best price too.  The kit was here in a week and exactly as advertised.
  13. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Snowed in today..movie??   

    In these situations, I gravitate toward either Step Into Liquid, or The Day the Earth Stood Still.
  14. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Is it just me, or has the site slowed down again?   

    Quick update:
    We need to update the forum software. I'm preparing to do that, and I'll have to take the site offline for a few hours. I'll announce the maintenance window ahead of time. It will probably be a weekend night. I'm on the west coast, so east coast people will see very little downtime unless they're night owls.
    I trust you can all keep yourselves amused for a few hours by building something, like maybe a model car.
  15. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Mg Gasser Done!   

    As are a few MG enthusiasts in The Colonies, I'm sure.
    That's a cute idea, even if it does desecrate a sacred MG TC(?).