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  1. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic first diorama need help   

    Go find a hobby shop that carries model railroad supplies. We get an asphalt material that you mix with scenery glue. It looks like the real thing. They'll also have trees, shrubs, and grasses for your scenic needs. We also use sifted dirt from the backyard for dirt. Can't beat the realism and it's cheap.
  2. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Rough Weekend :(   

    You have my sincere condolences. Even if you have kids of your own, your cats are still part of your family, and just as important.
  3. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Revell Custom 1949 Mercury   

    Very, very nice; I especially like your paintwork.
  4. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic It's Veterans Day   

    My take on Veteran's Day is a little different. It's easy for us civilians to thank veterans for their service. But, today, let's also remember our obligations to them:
    1) We will not to send you to war without good reason.
    2) We will care for your wounds when you return.
    3) If a war proves to be unjust, that is our burden, not yours.
  5. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic 1919 Garrett FINISHED!   

    Lacquer thinner is even better for cleaning brushes. Just don't use it for thinning paint without testing it first. I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in the People's Republic of Kalifornia, the state has mostly outlawed the sale of xylene and toluene, which are the usual ingredients in lacquer thinner. They call them Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Ironically, acetone, which is clearly a VOC is not included although extensively used for nail polish. I guess angering most of the female population was too big a step for even State of California. 
  6. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Micr Nitro Wire Wheels   

    If someone has the PDF instructions, you should be able to drag the file into the attachment area when you edit your post. Do let me know if there are any difficulties. I might have to do some tweaking.
  7. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Messengar   

    Let me know if you can't get it enabled. I might be able to do that from the admin console.
  8. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Chat   

    We used to have regular sessions there, then we had to take it offline. I suggest just logging in to the chat room when you start reading the board. If you see someone there, go in and say hi. You never quite know what you'll talk about.
    Alternatively, suggest a meeting time and topic. See who's interested.
  9. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Chopped '25 T   

    Thanks Dann. I wanted to do something a bit on the wild side. I still smile at this car every time I see it in the display case.
  10. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic How to be competitive at contests.   

    Agreed. When we're judging, we think more in terms of plausibility than accuracy. I happen to know a lot about MGBs, MG Midgets, and Morris Minors. But I don't mark down a model of one because of a minor inaccuracy. There comes a point when too much esoteric information spoils the fun for everyone.
    Matching colors to cars from photographs is always problematic. Case in point: If you're building Ernie Irvan's Kodak Chevrolet, you'd probably think that the color of the car matches the color on the Kodak film box. It sure looks that way on the kit box. And, indeed Insignia Yellow is almost an exact match. However, the real car has a lot more orange. I was surprised when I saw it, but that indeed is the case. And I'm very glad I haven't painted my Ernie Irvan cars.
    If I were to suggest one thing to work on, it would be to get the paint right. It's the first thing we look at when judging.
  11. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Name That Quote.........   

    This would be Isaac Asimov. I want to say it comes from the Foundation and Empire trilogy. But it might have appeared elsewhere.
  12. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Name That Quote.........   

    Cookie Monster?
  13. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Munsters Drag-U-La   

    Very nice indeed. Did you drill out the pipes, or fabricate new ones from tubing? If you did drill them out, how did you do it? I've had a lot of problems drilling "baloney tip" pipes.
  14. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Pin vice question   

    General tools makes a good pin vise. The collets are reversible, and there is a second collet stored in the vise body. It works for drills from 1/8" down to #80. The head of the vise turns, which makes drilling much easier. I found mine at a local hardware store for about $10.
  15. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Need help with instructions   

    I'm building the FineMolds TIE Interceptor. Excellent kit! But I had the same problem. A google search revealed that some kind soul had posted a translation of the color callouts.I think the search was Kit maker and name color chart.