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  1. What kind of other nerd are you?

    My daughter's boyfriend called my wife and I "giant nerds" because we have more than one astronomical telescope. He doesn't know the half of it yet. But yes, in no particular order: Astronomy nerd. Celestial mechanics if you must know. Computer nerd; this keeps the bills paid. Gun and reloading nerd SCUBA nerd Surfer Rocket nerd, but I've retired. Building models seems downright normal.
  2. I wonder if the easiest thing to do would be to run a stout wire from the starter solenoid over to the positive battery terminal? That's basically what we used to do with the remote starter switches.
  3. Alternate ways to view the board

    When you're in the unread content section, click on Content Type at the top and select Topics. That will get you the topics that have changed and not the individual postings. I like it better that way too.
  4. How Old Are You

    I think you're pretty close to the mark with your "fountain of youth" comment. I'm almost 63. People who only know me over the phone are surprised by that. I seem a bit too chipper for someone my age. I blame model building for that.
  5. Have we lost the poll feature again ?

    OK, just needed to make sure you weren't running into another problem we encountered. Older monitors, and narrow windows get styled for mobile, which doesn't necessarily have all the options the desktop version has. We probably need to do an online meeting some evening so I can see what you see. Please send me a PM.
  6. Have we lost the poll feature again ?

    Greg, what is your screen resolution? Are you by chance, using an old monitor and/or computer? Normal procedure is to pick your forum and click the Start New Topic button. That will open a page that looks like this. Click the above circled Poll tab, and you should get a page that looks like this:
  7. Running out of patience!

    There seems to be something about the size of the post that upsets it. Next time it does that, send me a PM with the time. We're still trying to find the root cause. Thanks, Dave Ambrose
  8. San Diego area Sat May 19

    May 15th is the San Diego Model Car club meeting at the San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park (sdmodelcarclub.org for more info) We don't have nearly as many hobby shops as we used to. Discount Hobbies on Clairemont is the go-to for most of us. Friday evening is Crusin' Grand in Escondido. I highly recommend that event. Lots of cool cars in a very nice neighborhood. If you like trains, the model railroad museum in Balboa Park is worth visiting. PM me if you have any questions.
  9. Iwata needles

    Check the shafts under a magnifier. Sometimes, they have a number or something roll marked into the needle.
  10. San Diego Model Expo

    This year's themes are 60 years of Chevy Impalas for the cars, and Poke the Bear (communist revolution to cold war era) for military models. Every year, the San Diego IPMS chapter, and the San Diego Model Car Club put on a model contest and swap meet at the San Diego Air and Space Museum's restoration hangar at Gillespie field. This year's model Expo will take place on Saturday, June 9th from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM with awards presentation at 3:00 PM. There will be vendors with kits, hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch, and a raffle. The restoration hangar is located at 335 Kenney Street in El Cajon. Just look for the building with an Atlas Rocket as a lawn ornament. Once again, there will be a separate category for Gunpla, and Mecha models. For registration information, please read the flyer and category list below. Judging will be IPMS national rules, including the no sweeps rule.* The model car club supervises judging for autos, and the IPMS club judges everything else. If a category is too large, we will split the category and issue multiple awards. If you don't want to enter the contest, there will be a display only area. Please, come and share your builds. Categories: Junior All scales and categories, except automotive Aircraft 1/72 & smaller-Prop 1/72 & smaller-Jet 1/73 to 1/33 - Prop 1/73 to 1/33 - Jet 1/32 & larger - Prop 1/32 & larger - Jet Rotary Wing - All scales & types Military vehicles Armor-1/72 & smaller, all types Armor-1/48, all types Armor-1/47 & larger - Fully tracked Armor-1/47 & larger - Wheeled, semi-tracked Softskin - 1/47 & larger, all types Dioramas Small composition (fewer than 5 models or figures) Large composition (more than 5 models or figures) Ships 1/451 & smaller 1/450 & larger Submarine Sailing Figures 53 MM & smaller 54 MM & larger Other Sci-Fi & Fantasy Sci-Fi & Real Space Vehicles: all scales & types Gunpla, Gundam and Mecha: all scales & types Hypothetical: all scales & types Others: all scales & types Out-of-the-Box: all scales & types (non-automotive) Automotive Juniors Production/Replica Hot Rods, Street Rods and Street Machines Custom Competition – Non-Drag Racing Competition - Dragsters Large Low Riders Motorcycles Out-of-the-Box There are special awards for: Best Aircraft Best Military Vehicle Best Diorama • Best Ship Best Figure Best Space, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Best Automotive Best Irish Subject Best Tamiya Model Best 1:48 Stearman Biplane Best of theme for both autos and military Judges Grand Prize - Best of Show * The no sweeps rule says that a builder may win no more than one award in a category. This ensures that one builder doesn't flood a category and win all the awards. We also do not allow previous Model Expo, IPMS Nationals, or Region 8 winners to recieve awards. For more info, please visit the San Diego Model Car Club, or the IPMS, San Diego web sites.
  11. Is The "Poll" function working yet ?

    Cool. It wasn't working for me earlier.
  12. Bulk Photo Resizer

    Irfanview is my go to utility for things like that.
  13. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I think it's safe to say that continental private equity firms are different from their Anglo/American counterparts. My favorite coffee brand, Peet's was bought by JAB in Luxembourg. I was worried that quality would slip, and that I'd be reduced to drinking Starbuck's coffee. That hasn't happened. The coffee is just as good as ever, but the tea has undergone some changes. They merged it with another of their brands and explained that they were having supply problems due to increased demand for premium teas. We're getting by. They also own a bunch of other coffee companies, and Keurig. They seem to be making the synergies work for them. That's what these companies are supposed to do. I'm going to guess that there will be changes, but it seems like the continental equity companies are indeed in business to make money rather than bleed the cash, and stiff the suppliers like the American companies do. One advantage they have is access to eastern European mold making and manufacturing facilities. Their costs and capabilities are on par with China, and much closer. That takes a lot of time out of the product development pipeline, which reduces costs. I can't find what other companies they own, but it seems like they will take advantages of their portfolio, and the Revell acquisition is either part of an existing strategy, or the nucleus of a new plan. But, the long term challenge facing any of the traditional model companies is bringing younger people into the hobby. I feel like it can be done, but it needs a completely new strategy that hasn't been tried yet. Revell's previous management was good at marketing to people like us, but we're not the future.
  14. Hey Dave, it may just be something that bugs me but here it goes.  I wish the web site didn't automatically mark something as read once I have read it.  Sometimes I will look at something and move on and then later in the session it occurs to me that I want to look at it again or add a comment.  At that point it is no longer in my list of unread posts and I have to go through and try to remember what the post title was and search for it.  I really wish the site would wait until I marked an item as read before doing it automatically.  Any thoughts?  Doable or am I the only one who would like this?

  15. limited amount of pics ?

    We actually have no limit on disk space for the site. In this context, anything included in a post is site content, and in accordance with our terms of service. I don't see anything that would cause you to hit any kind of space limit. I have encountered problems with files that contain spaces, or extended characters. There are also restrictions on the file types, but so long as they are gif, jpg, or png, you should be fine. I did resave those settings in case that makes a difference. Try it again, and PM me if you into any more issues. Attach the problematic image file, if you can.