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  1. Hi Joe, welcome to our community. Your builds look very nice. I hope you feel free to share more.
  2. Revell '49 Merc

    I like that color! It looks great with the flames.
  3. Compressor recommendations

    If you really want quiet, a CO2, or SCUBA tank is the way to go. You can do a lot of airbrushing with one, and they're totally silent. The downside is that you have to get them refilled, inspected, and hydro'ed every 5 years. SCUBA shops can be hard to find in some parts of the country. Whatever compressor you get, make sure it has a tank. The diaphragm compressors will pulse when you have the airbrush wide open. It's not a very attractive look. The small compressors with a 2 gallon tank have plenty of capacity for an airbrush, and are good for other things around the house too. I power my airbrush with the same compressor that runs the rest of my shop tools, with some additional filtering and regulation. It has a large tank, so I run it until the tank is at working pressure, then shut it off. That way, I don't get any blips in the paint when it turns on. (It's pretty noisy)
  4. I sent you a PM. As a general rule, please send me a screen shot with the web address (URL). This should help us figure out what's going on. Thanks, Dave Ambrose
  5. Cover versions of well-known songs

    There are actually a couple of Aimee Mann covers: I actually like this version better than the original. She also did an awesome cover of Free Man in Paris. She delivered an amazing performance at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, then we went to her performance at the Hollywood Bowl the following week. Unfortunately, I can't find a good recording of her performance, which is too bad. She's one of the few that can do that song justice.
  6. Brief Outage

    Oh, I had some of that too.
  7. Drill Bits

    I use this for drilling in plastic. https://www.amazon.com/General-Tools-92-Swivel-Head/dp/B000BQW5XS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1518405131&sr=8-2&keywords=general+pin+vise It works well and handles drills down to #80. I recommend high speed steel drills if you're drilling by hand. Carbide drills snap rather than bend, and they're best used in a milling machine or a drill press. That said, they work extremely well.
  8. Brief Outage

    Our database server crashed during routine maintenance this morning. It's now fixed. Please let me know if you see anything awry on the board. Thanks Dave Ambrose
  9. Once again,I can't post pictures....jeez

    There should be no limit on attachments, either number or total size. Please PM me if that resolves your problem, but don't go too deep with that purge.
  10. Deleting my own posts?

    A couple of people, who made a lot of good contributions would delete their constructive and valuable content as a means of revenge for being reprimanded for bad behavior. Being able to delete a thread means you're also deleting other people's contributions, which isn't fair either. If you ever think your thread needs to go, just report it to the moderator with a comment.
  11. 1932 Ford 3 window coupe

    I generally use 30 ga kynar insulated wire wrap wire. You can clamp one end in a vise and pull on the wire with pliers until it just gives a little. That straightens it, and you don't get the kinky wire look. Same method might work with the wire you're using.
  12. Clear part help

    I don't know how badly scratched they are, but I would try dipping them in future floor polish or whatever it's called these days. If it doesn't work out, you can easily remove it with windex.
  13. 1/25 scale surfboards

    Why not make some? There are plenty of surfboard pictures on the net for you to use as a pattern. Make a cardboard template of half the board. Trace one side, then flip it over for the other. .1 inch plastic will give you about the right thickness. A longboard typically be will be somewhere between 9 and 10 feet. Once you get the shape, round the edges. Real surfboards are not flat The front third will curve up 2-3 inches, and the rear third will curve up an inch, maybe two, but always less than the front. Add one or more fins, depending on the vintage, and you'll have a nice surfboard.
  14. Life with cats. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

    This is so cool. Thanks everyone for sharing. Yes, cat hairs in the paint are a constant concern. Thank goodness for microfiber towels. Shasta has gone back to her comfy bed on the other side of the hobby table. It might have something to do with me stacking a couple of model car projects in that box. Once I get done with final assembly on those, I can get back to the Titan IIIc.
  15. Deleting my own posts?

    Deleting your own posts is a double edged sword, and was getting abused, so we disabled it. If you want to delete a post or lock a thread, report it to the mods with your request in the report. We'll take it from there.