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  1. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I don't think the last word exists on any known subject. Sometimes, it's useful to revisit older discussions and questions. Things change. Our understanding changes, and if we aren't different people than we were 3 years ago, we're not growing enough.
  2. Ideally, we'd put them in their own section. But, we already have too many subcategories, and I'm very reluctant to make more. That said, I see your point.
  3. I thought of another pet peeve, and it really is a pet -- cat hairs. In the paint. And no, there will be no easy way to remove them. This beloved miscreant is the source. .
  4. I'll get this fixed. Now that our backup drive is replaced, it's back at the top of my list. It took a long time to find the root cause. But now that I have it, I should be able to modify the rules so they don't bother the forum.
  5. Thankfully, it was the drive we use to store site backups. I downloaded the most recent backup yes, so everything went quickly.
  6. It also helps to embed the link in some descriptive text. On desktops and tablets, there is a button on the editor that will let you do this. It looks like 3 links of chain. Highlight the text you want to link, then click the button. You can then paste the link into the dialog.
  7. Maintenance is done, and the drive is replaced. Went faster than expected.
  8. Paint drama has been my Achilles heel. I'm pretty sure I need to prep a bunch of bodies, and just spend an entire weekend painting.
  9. British cars. Mostly MGs. My first car was a ‘62 MGA.
  10. Sweet! Those look like HIF 6's.
  11. Thanks, everyone. The hosting company is doing the replacement. So far, they've proven to be very capable and competent. This is why we pay them the big bucks. I will be taking the forum offline a bit early so they can start on time.
  12. We are taking the site offline to replace a hard drive on Tuesday starting at 7PM Pacific. We should be back up in a couple of hours. During this time, neither the main site or the forums will be responding.
  13. Wow. I wonder if we have an excess of left handers here? I’m also left handed despite a concerted effort by the nuns to make me right handed. I also shoot right handed, but mostly because I’m right-eyed.
  14. We’re having a different problem. There is a package of rules on the server intended to thwart people trying to hack into our server. Unfortunately, they sometimes thwart legitimate users. You get a 404 error when one of the rules thinks you’re a bad guy.
  15. That’s awesome. It’s nice to know we can do adorable when we need to.
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