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  1. Why Can't I Post?

    I’m sorry. I don’t understand.
  2. Why Can't I Post?

    Well, that shoots down my current hypothesis.
  3. I found Gumby and Pokey on one of my business trips. Brought them home, and they played with them forever. Gumby enlisted as a test pilot in the Ambrose Model Rocket Space Force. One lovely San Diego morning, he ejected successfully from his craft, was picked up by a northbound air current, taken out over Mission Bay, and never seen again. Rachael still mentions it every now and again.
  4. Why Can't I Post?

    The next time this happens, try shortening the text in your post. I’m beginning to think that this is a factor.
  5. Do you have your browser configured to store passwords? Are you using a 3rd party password manager? The forum should actually remember your last session and take you back there. Do you have cookies disabled in your browser?
  6. hobby lobby

    My favorite kind. When we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, Zachary’s was our go to pizza. I sampled Due in Chicago many years later and Zachary’s was definitely authentic. Nobody local to us makes a good deep dish pizza.
  7. Space Rod 32

    Sehr ausgezeichnet. I hope I got that right.
  8. Locking Threads

    What topic is this regarding?
  9. It’s a two edged sword for the celebrities. Yes, it’s nice to be adored, but a pain in the drain after a while. John Dobson is a superstar among the telescope and astronomy community. We went to a lecture he gave locally. People were having him sign all kinds of unrelated paraphernalia, which he dutifully signed. We brought a copy of his telescope making book.* He smiled while signing that one. I don’t blame them for charging. It keeps the casual collectors at bay. * because we’re giant astronomy nerds.
  10. Where do you find YOUR inspiration ?

    I have multiple sources, but The Voices is my favorite. Sometimes I find historic cars when Googling around. I too have a notebook, but techie geek that I am, I keep it in Evernote.
  11. Like Husband,Like Wife...

    Cool. Looks like you have a pair of keepers there.
  12. Lacquer thinner in Phoenix, AX

    Some air quality regulations require it. Acetone is not considered a Volitile Organic Compound as they do not want to make enemies of the female population. In point of fact it is. People around here seem to buy theirs in Nevada where it consists mostly of toluene and xylene.
  13. Too many pictures?

    We have indefinite storage for photos. Our primary disk is YUUUUUUUGE and is only 20% full. My database disk is another story, but I'll spare you that saga. I like the idea of only putting a handful of pictures in a post. If you do quote a post, delete the pictures you aren't responding to. That will make everything more understandable to other people reading it, and relieve us tablet users from having to scroll three miles down a thread to read all the responses. The selector goes by number of posts, not length.
  14. Lost in Space Robot

    I like it. Is this the 1/24th scale version?
  15. Brief outage earlier

    That’s the way I usually feel about it. This is not directly from a site attack, but it probably didn’t help either.