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  1. How about a Bonneville/dry lakes category?

    We'll take a look at this once I get some technical problems ironed out with our server. The board gets more complicated, and less useful when you start adding more forums, so we have to be careful with what we add. In the meantime, you can use tags on the postings to distinguish them. I'd suggest: Racing Bonneville LSR CanAm Indy Formula 1 The racing tag is generic, and we can use new ones as we see fit.
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Got the 71 Duster kit today. Nice car, was going to build my brother-in-law’s car. Now need some steel wheels with dog dish hub caps.
  3. Another LSR Fantasy Car: Caddy Cat?

    I’ve used this for fixing my surfboard, but never thought about using it for model cars. It’s great stuff. You can cure it in the sun if you don’t want to use a UV light. I need to try this myself. Thanks!
  4. Pulse Jet LSR

    The Green Monster used this very system to keep the front end down. It was fairly low gain as the front had to rise noticeably before the wing put it back down. But it worked and he set more than a few records with it.
  5. WW II Destroyer KIt

    There’s an interesting book about the Fletcher class destroyers, Typhoon, the Other Enemy. I highly recommend it.
  6. It's all in a name...

    OK folks, enough with the risque name corruptions.
  7. Hack, Virus, something going on here

    Greg, what topics are giving you this behavior?
  8. Ghosn arrested for securities fraud

    He was held out as someone who practically walked on water. He'd commute between France and Japan, getting his sleep on an overnight flight. Now he's in a Japanese jail. The Nissan CEO held a press conference that didn't reveal much of substance, but alluded to some severe misconduct and lack of proper oversight. I was surprised to learn that Mitsubishi was also part of the alliance. My, how the mighty have fallen. And, for the record, I loved our Xterra and I'm mostly happy with our Frontier. But I wonder why they did away with the torsion bar front suspension.
  9. CA fires Horror

    That won't be spring. It will be winter.
  10. CA fires Horror

    Chico and Paradise are big hot rod/classic car towns. We're be hearing about more car losses. It's sad, but nothing compared to the people who've been lost. The missing list was sitting at 1000. Not all of them are lost, but I'm going to be a lot of them will not be found.
  11. Doctor DRYbooth

    I use a cardboard box and a low wattage automotive work light. I call it a bake box. Works great, and is consummately cheap.
  12. Good To Be Home! (hospitals suck)

    That is rough. There are implantable monitors they can use to catch the events, but I would get a second opinion. Maybe find someone up at Northwestern. It’s frustrating when you don’t fit the common signs and symptoms. It takes a persistent doctor, and assertive patient to figure out what’s wrong. I hope you can figure out what’s going on and get well.
  13. Old Photographs

    I did spend hours looking through the Auto World catalog. Those were good hours.
  14. AMT and MPC Please Put Out Significant Kits

    Folks, please keep it civil. No ad hominum attacks.
  15. Recommended Handle for #11 blades

    That's good to know. I had a Gundam builder strongly recommend Olfa knives to me last weekend. Do they take the Xacto blades?