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  1. I thought I'd turned the in-content ads off. Thanks for the heads up. I tweaked the settings again. I'm sure you'll let me know if things get out of hand.
  2. Found it. You plowed into a different security rule. It also has to do with SQL injection attacks. I'll be working on our problem this weekend.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian members!
  4. Our core problem here is somewhat amusing. How many of you have told your neighbor or coworker that you're going to a model contest and had them get the completely wrong idea? Google analyzes the site content to figure out what we might find interesting. Google is having that problem. Ah, postmodern technology.
  5. We have settings that are supposed to keep the ads clean. I'll go recheck those. We are working to bring in someone with experience in these matters to get this all ironed out. Update: I've tweaked the settings and blocked the dating sites. Sorry to all you single guys, you'll just have to find that info on your own. If you run across any inappropriate content, please send me a PM with the URL for the ad. To get the URL, right click on the ad, and select copy link address, then paste it into the PM.
  6. That's an interesting point. The market itself has shifted. Now days, most modelers start when they're adults; something that hasn't registered on the hobby as a whole. There might be a market for the parts that wasn't there before. Model King is able to do short runs of modified kits. It's worthwhile for the bigger manufacturers because they remove all the financial risk of doing so. I don't have any insight into their dealings so it might not be quite that simple.
  7. We'd just as soon you directly upload the images anyway. That way they stay with the posting regardless of what happens with your photo hosting. We lost the images from Harry's builds because of PhotoBucket's change in policy and would like to avoid this in the future.
  8. I'm still working on this. I can't get rid of them, but they're causing us problems. Darn things are a sledgehammer solution to a problem needing a jeweler's hammer. I do apologize. Using the words s e l e c t followed by f r o m triggers one of the rules. There are other rules that people have triggered.
  9. I'm sorry we don't interest you any more. We don't generally delete profiles, as it deletes the posts. If you don't want to be here, just step away.
  10. This is very sad indeed. We got to see that B-17 when they visited Ramona California. My son came away with a new appreciation for how those who fought in WWII. I hope they continue to fly those planes.
  11. I wonder if we couldn't turn the funding model around. What if someone like Atlantis says, we could do some set of interesting kits. They need X to make a run. People sign up, pay for them, and they either get to enough to run, or some time limit runs out. Kind of like GoFundMe without the 3% skim. They can injection mold them in the US. These are limited run kits. Keeping with the low-cost theme, packaging would be a plastic bag containing parts and instructions. Deluxe kits get a white cardboard box. I could see this working for all kinds of hobby stuff. I'll go back to my server room now. Please turn out the light.
  12. I liked these kits. If I remember correctly, there were lots of left-overs. That was always a good thing for 11 year old self. I'd totally buy some reissues. But, truth be told, there probably isn't a big market for them.
  13. I changed the settings to be much less prolific. Hopefully, this will fix the problem without killing our support revenue. I do apologize, and thanks for being patient. If you turned on your ad blocker in disgust, please white list us again.
  14. I agree with you completely. I'll be working on turning those off tonight.
  15. The current settings are too aggressive. I’ll turn them down as soon as I get back to San Diego.
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