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  1. Yes! Don't do it. That tape is very crinkled to let it make curves. It used to be used for manually laying out printed circuit boards. Those same crinkles make it a terrible terrible terrible masking tape.
  2. Just report the post and say where you think it should go. One of the mods will move it.
  3. They seem to be linked to some external hosting site. If you have the picture files on your computer, you can put them directly into the postings and we'll store them here. Send me a PM if you want to edit them.
  4. Welcome to the forum. I like that both you and your girlfriend build. Do you both work on everything, or do you each have your specialties?
  5. Kyocera and Mitutoyo make excellent tools. Mitutoyo is almost the equivalent of Starrett. e.g. more than good enough for my purposes.
  6. I tweaked the settings. I'm getting to viscerally hate Google Ads.
  7. It's not just you. I noticed it this afternoon. What kind of device were you using? It still seems to be okay on desktop.
  8. I have a set of those. They are great! Been using them for a very long time. I've broken one or two, which I'll ascribe to carelessness on my part.
  9. Yes. You will have to reset your password via the "Forgot Password" facility. It will probably invalidate any dormant sessions, but you can just log back in.
  10. I got off to an odd start. My first science fiction book was The Moon Era. I was in the third grade when I read it. (I know, I was precocious, and my sister loved feeding me things I shouldn't be able to read.) After that, I read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I'd already seen the Disney version of the movie and loved it. Both those books had a profound influence on the direction of my reading. After that it was a steady stream of Isaac Asimov science and science fiction books, until one of my friends turned me on to Heinlein. Concurrent to this was a large stack of science books and Scientific American magazines. Somewhere in there, I read Siddhartha, and that book sent me down another path with lifelong influences.
  11. Management is not going to be happy about this, that's for sure.
  12. I'm sorry to hear of your health issues. You'll always be welcome here.
  13. It should. It isn't the operating system as much as the browser. IE11 is insecure, and getting less supported as time goes on. There are some good technical reasons for this. IE11 is also a terrible browser. You'll have some adjustments to make, but once you do, I think you'll find yourself a lot happier. I'd also note that there are no more routine security updates and your system is more or less wide open to being hacked. I see there's an update you have to install manually. But, I recommend you update to something current. If you're connected to the Internet, you are getting probed all the time.
  14. If this happens again, just report the post and put where you think it should go in the report.
  15. I just went through the release notes for the new version of forum software. I can tell you that there will be some significant changes in the forum interface, but I'm also pretty sure you'll like them. They've clearly thought carefully about how the boards get used, and found ways to legitimately make them better. This is unusual in the industry, and I'm impressed with both what they've changed and the thought that went into it. Support for Internet Explorer 11 has been removed from the new version. There are lots of good reasons for this, and if you're using Internet Explorer now, you should upgrade to the current version of a modern browser. Most people here are using FireFox, Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. Those browsers will continue to be supported. It will probably be a month or so before I upgrade, so you have time. Any of the above browsers will be a major improvement over IE11. They will import your bookmarks, and perhaps even your stored passwords. FireFox is my personal favorite for its emphasis on privacy, and general robustness. But any of the above browsers are good. If you have questions, leave them in a comment below.
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