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  1. Upgrade Status

    Thanks. Sounds like we both remember the bad old days. This is like my second worst upgrade ever. I’ll keep trying, but vendor support is very limited on the weekends. Going to have to do this during someone’s business hours.
  2. Upgrade Status

    Try sending me a message. Other people have been sending them. It you still can’t, I’ll dig deeper.
  3. Upgrade Status

    We’ve been getting that message for a while now. It's not harmful, and should disappear with the upgrade. The mobile presentation has been problematic for a while. The upgrade will also fix that. The site should be more responsive to your input.
  4. Upgrade Status

    Update: I haven't had this much trouble with an upgrade in a very long time. Got past the first place we ran aground, only to find another roadblock. We'll get that solved and try again, probably on a weekday. Thank you all for being patient. Please let me know if you have any trouble posting pictures, or encounter the infamous 404 error. I did make tweaks to the server that may affect these.
  5. That looks a lot like the rubber buttplate that's on the 30-06 my dad built. Brownells has rubber buttplates that look similar, but aren't likely identical. There's a surprising number of Mauser fans for a relatively small population. I have three, my dad's in 30-06, mine in 30-06, and another on in 6.5mm Gibbs. (speaking of P.O. Ackley)
  6. Tamiya acrylic paint ?????

    It depends on where you're buying your lacquer thinner. Traditional lacquer thinner is a mixture of toluene, xylene, and maybe a few other things. However, in California, it's mostly acetone due to clean air regulations. I don't know of any other state that requires this. Cali modelers are advised to buy some good stuff on their next trip to Nevada or Aridzona.
  7. Got a new daily ride yesterday!

    I hope I can act as confirmation for that. We had a yellow Xterra for a long time. Great SUV. It lasted 13 years until the transmission failed. I completely approve of that color. Out here, most of the cars you see are either silver, black, or white, and sometimes a dull, boring shade called something like Champagne.
  8. Indy Rod

    I need to build one of these in 1:1.
  9. Well great...my basement is flooded....

    Yes. Wash the models, then dip them in a weak solution of household bleach to sterilize them. You’ll lose the boxes, instructions, and decals, but not the kits. Ne sure to label them and wear gloves when you wash them.
  10. t-bird battlebird

    I blame autocorrupt, sometimes mistakenly called autocorrect. I fixed it.
  11. I first bought Windows in 1993. I'm still waiting for a credible product. Does that count?
  12. Forum Software Upgrade -- Failed

    Well, that didn't go as planned. Ran into a couple of problems that caused the update to fail, and I had to restore the site from the backup made at the beginning of this process. I know what went wrong, but it will take some time to fix. I'll let you know when our next attempt will happen. I do apologize for it taking so long. The backups are 170 GB. They take a long time to make, and a long time to restore. Please let me know if you encounter any problems. Thank you all for being patient.
  13. What did you see on the road today?

    I saw a super nice MG TC today at lunch. I hope they show up at British car day in October. I’d like to take a closer look at it.
  14. What are you doing during the upgrade?

    I'm taking the board offline tomorrow morning. I'd feel bad about this, except that I'm very confident that most everyone on this board has something they can build. Or, maybe some family member who's feeling neglected. Whatever you decide to do tomorrow, take some pictures, and post them here.
  15. Resistance Soldering On A Budget!

    You could probably use a scrap of Hardie board, or Hardie siding. I found a broken piece of siding at my local Home Depot, and they just gave it to me Won't be as handy as that honeycomb board, but it's certainly good in the flammability department.