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  1. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Hawaiian Glossary?   

    We've been there a few times. It is so hard to get on the plane going back to the mainland. 
  2. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Hawaiian Glossary?   

    Gregg is in Hawai'i. Being good Americans, we incorporate a lot of local vocabulary in our conversations. 
    Things I've come across here:
    pau -- finished or doneokole -- the north end of a horse heading south, a rude person, or your tuches.ali'i -- the ruling classakamai -- smart, intelligent, or cleveraloha -- hello, goodbye, or an exceptionally compassionate way of living indigenous to the Hawai'ian Islandsmahalo -- thank youPost any new ones here, and I'll translate as best I can. Unfortunately, I don't have the proper diacritical marks, so I can't clue you in on which syllables are accented. But, all the vowels are pronounced, and use the same pronunciation as Spanish.
  3. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Getting help   

    I have Presbyopia. I could not build without one of these, or the clip-on magnifiers for my glasses. 
  4. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Getting help   

    This is uncalled for. We're supposed to be doing this for fun. 
    You don't need a vast tool chest to build model cars. You can enjoy yourself with an Xacto knife, a set of needle files (highly recommended), some sand paper, a few good brushes, and some paint. Oh yes, glue. You'll need that. Try a few, stick with the one you like. "Best" often degenerates into a religious argument. If you're feeling luxe, get some small diagonal cutters like the Xuron cutters to remove parts from the trees. 
    As someone who could open a hardware store in their garage, buy tools as you find you need them. 
    Your first model car won't be great regardless of your tool collection, so just build it and enjoy yourself. Your skills will develop with practice. 
  5. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Whatever happened to "view the source" button when posting messages?   

    Thanks. That's what I was wondering. 
    The ability to delete posts is a separate issue, and was removed because someone was abusing it. As an operational policy, we don't actually delete postings, we hide them. There are times when we need to go back over old postings so keeping them around is essential. 
    I'll look into the source button. It seems to me it should be there, but it may be affected by some other setting in the BBS software. 
  6. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Whatever happened to "view the source" button when posting messages?   

    What's your screen resolution? Some people with really old, low res screens, end up with the tablet version of the editor. It don't think it has that button. My editor window does have that button, it's on the left hand side of the toolbar. But, I'm not sure whether it extends to otherwise normal people. 
  7. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic e model cars webby   

    Hardly anyone ever used it, so it got shut down, and we let the domain expire. It was then renewed by some entity who thinks they can get big bucks for it by selling it back to us. 
  8. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Moderators - Who are they?   

    I'm also the site administrator. I keep the underlying software and servers working properly. 
  9. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Photobucket   

    Going forward, please just upload the photos to this site. We have unlimited disk space from our hosting company, and they will never go away unless we do. You can also go back and edit your older posts with new pictures. 
  10. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Plan To Repair Harry's Threads   

    I'm looking into the possibility of downloading Harry's pictures from Photobucket and hosting them here. The, ahem, people at Photobucket aren't making that easy. I hope they understand that when I see that company on their resume, it's going straight into the trash. 
  11. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Photobucket Problems   

    We're looking at doing that. If we can download the pictures from the links, we can probably write a program to update Harry's posts. Unfortunately the P'tak at Photobucket haven't made it easy. 
  12. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Photobucket Problems   

    You should be able to go back and edit them. 
  13. Dave Ambrose added a post in a topic Photobucket   

    Just upload your photos to this site. I removed the storage quotas. Our hosting company doesn't have them, and we don't need them either. That didn't used to be the case, but we have a much better hosting company now. If you run into problems uploading pictures, please let me know. 
  14. Dave Ambrose added a topic in General   

    Photobucket Problems
    Photobucket has, without prior announcement, stopped serving picture links from "3rd party" web sites. That means that a lot of our embedded pictures will not show up. My feelings about this run afoul of our bad word filter, but I do hope that the fleas of a thousand camels settle in their beards.
    Photobucket pictures will display if you right click the link and select "Display in new tab." This doesn't help the funky display on the article itself, but will at least let you see a picture in an old post. 
    Going forward, I recommend that you just embed the picture(s) directly in the post. You can drag the file into the paperclip region at the bottom of the post editor, or click choose files in the same region. 
    We have unlimited storage on our server, and I removed all storage quotas. Please let me know if you have any problems.
    This is an incredible pain, but if you used Photobucket links in old posts, please go back, edit the post, and embed the pictures. 
    Dave Ambrose
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  15. Dave Ambrose added a comment on a calendar event MOSSCON 2017   

    More information at http://www.ipmsmoss.com/