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  1. Yes Modified Production had "looser" rules than the Super Stocks in some places and harder in other...mostly in safety, but they didn't have the full roll cages and tube chassis that many of the modern race cars have. Even a Super Stock race car has more of a roll cage and are allowed to be modified more today than back then...but that's maybe necessary due to the fact that some of them are able to run low 8 second passes now.
  2. Well the Demon name and devils pitch fork wasn't that popular with the "believing" church crowd so they changed it to Dart Sport in 1973...so you could use the 74 Dart Sport for your build, there are small differences between 73 and 74 but on a race car they aren't that noticable.
  3. Great work Alan, can't wait for your next one whatever it may be.
  4. The old Monogram Snap Kit Peterbilt 359 and Kenworth W900 recently re-issued by Revell has a Caterpillar 3406 inline 6 engine and the Revell Germany Peterbilt 359 has a Cummins NTC 475 inline 6 and the Revell Germany Kenworth W900 V.I.T. has a Caterpillar 3408 V8. Revell Germany also had a Kenworth K100 and it has the same NTC 475 as the Peterbilt has. The biggest drawback with the old snap kits is the wheels as Dennis says, and the missing outside sun visors.
  5. Sagehorn's truck is one of the TV trucks but it has been updated to Air Glide 100 8 bag suspension instead of the torsion bar it originally had, the wheels has been changed to one piece Alcoa's instead of the original lock ring wheels and the engine in it now is a Cummins NTC Big Cam 3. If I would do the Movin' On truck correctly (wich I will some day) I think I would start with the Revell AG W900 and use the short hood from either the AMT W925 or a Revell snap W900 Aerodyne, and use the wheels from the AMT W925 or maybe even the larger wheels from the AMT White Freightliner. I believe the AMT W925 frame is too short for the 60 inch double bunk VIT sleeper, and the Revell suspension are a bit difficult to change as some of the suspension parts is molded to the frame rails, so I would cut off the Revell frame in front of the rear suspension and replace the rear part with a piece of the AMT frame (either the AMT W925 or K923 will do as the rear part of them are pretty much the same)...and as the original AMT W925 with torsion suspension is a bit hard to find P&P Resin Works http://www.ppvintagekits.com/ or Melbourne Model Truck Accessories http://mmtaer.webs.com/ comes to the rescue as they have resin copys of the KW tandem torison bar suspension. The correct paint can be found at http://scalefinishes.com and http://modeltruckin.com does Movin' On decals for both 1:25 and 1:16 scale. The Cummins VT903 engine can be found at Auslowe Model Accessories http://www.auslowe.com.au/ and here is a couple of pictures from Tim Ahlborns http://timstrucks.com site to prove that one of the TV trucks had that engine....but of course a Cummins NTC would also work.
  6. The manifold looks to come from the Revell Pro Stock Firebird kits. There are still some carburated Pro Mod engines out there amongst the Super Charged and Turbo Charged engines in that class...they are large cubic inch mountain motors with sheet metal tunnel ram intake and dual carbs on Nitrous Oxide. But as James says, this build is too sophisticated to pass as a "period car" as the Pro Stock (wich the car body is too old for) and Modified Production cars looked more like Super Stock cars with a more suped up engine back in the day...they didn't have tube chassis with roll cages and that wide tires so one of the more modern classes would be more suitable
  7. As far as I know the Cummins Formula is a version of the NTC.
  8. This build could run in many classes, Pro Mod, Competition Eliminator, Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street among others...but not Pro Stock as the body style must be approved and not older than 5 years for NHRA competition (and many other sanctioning bodies). Over here in Europe the body style can be up to 10 years old, otherwise the rules are the same with one year delay for updates other than pure safety.
  9. The 427 SOHC in the AMT 33 Willys Coupe and Van kits is probably the best there is in model form...but the blower belt is only checkered on the boxart, no decals for it in the kits. I don't know the exact reason why this engine was banned from NASCAR competition other than that NASCAR thought it could get out of hand. Because when Chrysler heard that Ford was developing the SOHC they started development of a 426 DOHC 32 valve Hemi engine named A925, and when NASCAR heard of that they banned engines with overhead cams from NASCAR competition and only allowed pushrod engines...and that's still the case today...so both engines were stopped early. The A925 426 DOHC was still in the experimental development stage and was never finished...none of the engines built were even started...Ford came a little further with theirs and the leftover parts and engines was given to the drag racers. The A925 engine is available in model form in the AMT Pro Street 70 Dodge Super Bee kit, but as I said, the A925 were never finished to a functional engine.
  10. Thanks. I really liked the kit and it went together nice and easy.
  11. Yes the Signature 600 and ISX CM570 is pretty much the same engine. Here is a list I put together from information found on various places and it should be fairly accurate as far as I know...I didn't do all the legwork so the credit goes to the people who did, I did just put it together in one list, corrected it some here and there and added some kits...I also posted it here on this forum a while ago. Model truck kit Diesel engines 1:24-1:25. Caterpillar 1160 (can be converted to a 3208 with a V-style Diesel Pump)AMT Ford LNT-8000 Caterpillar 3406ARevell/Monogram Snap Kenworth W 900 AerodyneRevell/Monogram Snap Peterbilt 359 Caterpillar 3408Revell AG Kenworth W 900 VITRevell AG Kenworth T 900 AustraliaRevell AG Kenworth W 900 Dump TruckRevell AG Kenworth W 900 Wrecker Cummins V903Ertl International Transtar F-4270 Cummins NHC-250AMT White Freightliner Dual DriveAMT White Freightliner Single DriveAMT/ERTL Autocar 9964B DumptruckAMT Autocar A64B Cummins NTA-370AMT Kenworth K 123/125AMT Kenworth W 900 Alaskan HaulerAMT Kenworth W 925 Challenge Transit MixerAMT Kenworth W 923/925AMT Kenworth T 600A/Canepa Cummins NTC-350 AMT White Road Boss (the Road Boss box says NTD-350 but no such Cummins engine exists)AMT Peterbilt 359 1100 Series Cab Wrecker (T533 and all issues after that)AMT Peterbilt 359 1100 Series Cab (T501 and all issues after that)AMT Diamond ReoAMT White Western Star Cummins NTC-400Italeri Freightliner FLCRevell AG Mack SuperlinerRevell AG Ford LTL 9000 (no aftercooler) It's probably supposed to be a N14Revell AG Ford Aeromax (no aftercooler) It's probably supposed to be a N14Italeri Freightliner FLC DumptruckItaleri Western StarItaleri Mack SuperlinerItaleri Freightliner FLD (no aftercooler) It's probably supposed to be a N14 Cummins NTC-475 (twin turbos)Revell AG Peterbilt 353Revell AG Peterbilt 359Revell AG Peterbilt 359 Bill Signs Trucking ConventionalRevell AG Peterbilt 359 Wrecker Stepp's "Can-Do" and the new Revell US "Will-Do" re-issueRevell AG Kenworth K 100 Heavy Hauler Tri-driveRevell AG Kenworth K 100 VIT AustraliaRevell AG Kenworth K 100 AerodyneRevell AG Kenworth T 600A Detroit Diesel 8V-71AMT Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker COE (T551 and all issues after that)AMT Peterbilt 359 California Hauler "Small Window" Unilite Cab (T500-500 and T500 and the newly re-issued AMT866)AMT Peterbilt 359 "Small Window" Unilite Cab Wrecker (T522)AMT GMC Astro 95AMT Chevrolet Titan 90AMT American LaFranceErtl International CO-4070AErtl International Transtar II Eagle Detroit Diesel 8V-92AMT/Ertl GMC GeneralAMT/Ertl Chevy Bison Detroit Diesel 8V-92TAMT Kenworth K100 Aerodyne AMT Kenworth K100 Aerodyne BJ And The BearAMT/Matchbox Kenworth K100 Aerodyne Papa TruckAMT/Matchbox Kenworth K100 Aerodyne Hideout Truck Detroit Diesel 12V-71TAMT Kenworth W900 Super Boss (Termo King)AMT/Matchbox Kenworth W900 Super Boss (Bandag)AMT/Matchbox Kenworth W900 Bandag Bandit Detroit Diesel 16V71AMT/Ertl International Payhauler 350. Detroit Diesel Series 60Italeri Peterbilt 377AEItaleri Peterbilt 378Revell AG Peterbilt 377AE International V-800AMT/Ertl International Paystar 5000AMT/Ertl International Transtar 4300Ertl International F-2674/2575 International Maxxforce 15Moebius International LonestarMoebius International Pro Star II Mack ENDT-673MPC/AMT/Ertl Mack DM600 Mack ENDT-675AMT/Ertl R-685ST/R Model Mack ENDT-676 Tip TurbineAMT/Ertl Mack Cruiseliner COE Mack ENDT-865MPC/AMT/Ertl Mack DM800 Turbine ExperimentalAMT GMC Astro 95 (T510 from 1971-72) There are some engines available in resin also and I have a small list of those. The availabillity of these resin engines can vary as they are made by aftermarket resin casters. Kit Form Services (KFS) "Yellow" Engine 1693 TA P&P Resin Works Cummins KTA 600Detroit Diesel 12V-71 Auslowe Cummins N-14Cummins Signature 600/ISX CM570Cummins V903Cummins V903TDetroit Diesel 6V-71TDetroit Diesel 8V-92 Detroit Diesel 12V-71/12V-71TDetroit Diesel Series 60Mack E7Mack E9"Yellow" Engine 3406A Melbourne Truck Accessories Detroit Diesel Series 60Detroit Diesel 8V92T Front TurboDetroit Diesel 8V-92T Rear TurboDetroit Diesel 8V-71Detroit Diesel 12V-71Detroit Diesel 12V-71T Saurkrauts Model Trucks Cummins KTA 600Cummins L-10Cummins M-11Cummins V903Detroit Diesel 4-71Detroit Diesel 6-71Detroit Diesel 6V-92TDetroit Diesel 12V-71Mack Thermodyne 6 cylMack E6Mack E7Mack E9"Yellow" Engine 3406A"Yellow" Engine 3406B Mo'luminum "Yellow" Engine C15 Detroit Diesel 12V-71 A & N Modeltrucks "Red American Engine" X15
  12. Yes I agree...the Jo-Han Holley 4500 Dominators from for example the 71 Sox&Martin 'Cuda are way better than the Monogram Dominators from their Pro Stock kits. I also see a great need for better carburators, if you are trying to build correctly and true to the real cars you can't use Dominators all the time as they aren't used, or even allowed, on all racing engines, so nice looking well detailed Carter AFB's, Rochester Quadrajet and 4Jet's, Holley 4150 and 4160's and carburators from aftermarket manufacturers such as Demon are a must if you build race cars. The carbs are kind of the focal point on a racing engine as they mostly doesn't have air cleaners...so I'm constantly looking for good carburators for my builds, both 2 barrels (for Six-Pack/Tri-Power setups) and 4 barrels and of all manufacturers.
  13. As you see on Dale's picture the 6 foot chain drives both cams...and one cam was actually set a couple of degrees before the other to compensate for chain slack. Yes the engine was a true beast with 12.0:1 compression, 2.250" intake and 1.90" exhaust valves, roller rockers, huge intake and exhaust ports with great flow and two carbs.
  14. The blue covers on the timing cover on Ace's photo is to get access to the tensioner and idler wheel for the 6 feet secondary timing chain, the cam shafts are directly under the wide valve covers. This engine is a true Hemi as the combustion chambers are hemisferical and the 427 SOHC put out 616 hp at 7000 rpm and 515 lbs/ft torque at 3800 rpm when Ford dyno tested one back in 1964....not bad for an engine developed in 90 days.
  15. I thought I would show another of my old builds, this time a Revell 1966 Pontiac GTO I did this one for a christmas display at our local hobby shop some years ago. I have friends in this hobby who think you have to super detail to do a nice model and win prices and say that they can't do it and that they will never win anything...I told them the the only thing necessary is to do a nice and clean build where you fix everything thats visible from any angle with sanding and paint and you will have a good model with a chance in a contest...so I did just that and it took only a week to do from start to finish...I got the kit from the hobby shop one friday and delivered it back to the shop friday the week after. So this build was a nice break from my ordinary builds detailed with wires, photo etch parts and other stuff and it's built out of box with just basic building techniques and only detailed with paint and BMF...and I did the redline tires myself as I didn't like the decals. I had a short time frame to do this and had to wait for the paint (a Volvo color) over the weekend and got it on the monday after, so the paintjob isn't polished as the paint didn't have time to cure completely to withstand a polish before I had to put it together, but it came out half decent anyway. To the pictures. Enjoy!
  16. Well it depends on where you're going to drive with your model. On smooth asfalt or concrete highways you don't need an aggressive tread pattern and the steer type tread rolls easier and are more fuel efficient...and might even last longer, but on sand, mud, snow and ice it's another deal, then you need a more aggressive tread to get grip. To be honnest, I have never done anything about this yet but I might in the future...and Ben does have great tires.
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