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  1. They did re-use the chassis several times under their life so it can for sure have been the same, one example is the 68 and 69 LeMans winner cars, they were in fact the same chassis but with different competition numbers, The history of the GT40 P 1047 chassis according to gt40.net is: 06/66 : Le Mans, 3,Gurney/Grant, DNF 02/67 : Daytona, 3, Foyt/Gurney, DNF 06/67 : Le Mans, 57, Hawkins/Bucknum, DNF Reims, 1,Schlesser/Ligier, 1st 07/67 : Mugello, 4, Schlesser/Ligier, 4th 10/67 : Montlhery, 1, Schlesser, DNF Montlhery, 1,Schlesser/Ligier 4th 1991 : auction Paris
  2. In my case I didn't buy through ebay I ordered directly from him, I did pay through Paypal tho' but its 4 years ago so I believe a claim through them might not be possible after so long time. As I said, I didn't get anything for my $62.00...yet.
  3. I read in this thread and on other places that the original issue T500 500 had green tinted windows but the T500 500 kit I have with the first 1969 boxart has clear windows...so if anyone hasn't done anything to it there were appearently two versions. I didn't buy this kit new as I bought it on an auction site a while ago, but it doesn't look like it has been tampered with and the clear windows fits the Unilite "Small Window" cab, so they can't be from the later 1100 cab version. The only other version I know of with the Unilite cab is the later T500 and the T522 Wrecker.
  4. The AMT Kenworth Torsion Bar kit's are very rare. I have never seen any AMT Kenworth K-123 with torsion bar suspension and if any of them had the numbers are wrong. The last 2 digits in the KW model number is the number for the suspension type, in this case the 23 stands for dual drive Hendrickson walking beam, the torsion bar version should have been numbered K-125 as 25 was the designated number for the KW torsion bar dual drive suspension. The numbers Kenworth used to designate the chassis type were: _21 for Single Drive Spring, Torsion or Air Ride. _22 for Single Drive "Monkey Motion" or other tag or push axle setups. _23 for Dual Drive Timken or Hendrickson Center Point Walking Beam, Rubber Pad Walking Beam or KW Air Ride suspensions. _24 for Dual Drive Larger Capacity Timken Center Point Walking Beam or KW "Big Six". _25 for Dual Drive KW Torsion Bar suspension. Later in the 70's Kenworth dropped the last two digits and the models were K-100 or W-900 regardless of suspension type. So the AMT W-925 was at first correctly numbered when it had the torsion bar but it should have been changed to W-923 when AMT changed to Walking Beam, the only kits I know of with dual drive torsion bar suspension was the Watkins and the Challenge Mixer versions. There are a couple of kits with single drive torsion bar suspension, both the AMT Tyrone Malone Super Boss and Bandag Bandit trucks have that setup.
  5. Well anything is possible as Round 2 finds gems in the old AMT/Ertl/MPC tooling bank all the time. Round 2 has appearently found the tooling for the first issue T500 500 Unilite "small window" cab - Detroit Diesel 8V-71 - Western Unit Stabilaire suspension version of the Peterbilt 359, it has never been reissued after 1975 and it's not on their website yet but they are going to do it this year according to our "Peterbilt oracle" Tim Ahlborn.
  6. Yes you are right there, I have gathered everything I have found picturewise and information on internet on these trucks and the Super Boss had at least two paint schemes when Jerry "Tyrone" Malone still lived, they were very similar but not exactly the same, and it has been repainted once more since then, so there has been a couple of versions of this truck under it's life. The Papa Truck, Bandag Bandit and Hideout Truck was also repainted at least once and there are a couple of versions of them too to confuse things. But if one are going to do the model from the time all the Tyrone Malone model kits were out 1980-81 the version with the Bandag Diesel Racing Team badge is the correct one as all trucks from that time had the Bandag Badges on the doors. I have been in contact with Jerry at Modeltruckin' and the decals he has for the Super Boss is for the Thermo King version, he told me he would look into this when he gets the time and hopefully he will do a new set...or even better, modify the one he already has and just add the few decals that differs to the sheet so you can choose wich one you want to build... but he is still busy converting the files he already have to the new printing system so it can take some time. But if and when he does a new set I will for sure buy from him so I can complete the model I have.
  7. I have used a bead blast cabinet with glass beads to knock the shine off kit vinyl tires and it works perfectly, I noticed one day when I did some parts with rubber on them that the rubber was like new afterwards so I had to try on some kit tires with satifying results.
  8. I got my copy in the mail yesterday, nice photos of many old racecars.
  9. I think they are the same as the old IMC and Testors kits.
  10. I have seen some questions here about what headers fits on wich engine or wich intake manifold I can use on what engine. So I have done a little thing that can be of help to see how the intake and exhaust ports are spaced on different engines and what headers/exhaust manifold or intake manofold can be used from wich engine type to do a convincing setup on your model. Because it doesn't look good with evenly spaced headers on an engine with siamesed center ports or the other way around Ford Flathead Exhaust o o o Intake oo oo Ford FE MEL Windsor 335 385 Exhaust o o o o Intake o o o o Ford Y-Block Exhaust o oo o (the center ports are close together but not as close as on a Chevrolet small block) Intake o o (the intake ports are stacked on top of each other) o o Lincoln-Mercury Y-Block Exhaust o oo o (same as the Ford Y-Block) Intake oo oo Chevrolet Small Block Exhaust o oo o Intake oo oo Chevrolet Big Block Generation 1 W Engine Exhaust o oo o Intake oo oo Chevrolet Big Block Generation 2 Rat Engine Exhaust o o o o Intake oo oo Buick Nailhead Exhaust o o o o Intake o oo o Buick Big Block Exhaust o oo o Intake oo oo Oldsmobile Rocket Generation 1 Exhaust o o o (the center ports are so close together so they share a larger port) Intake oo oo Oldsmobile Big Block Generation 2 Exhaust o oo o Intake oo oo Pontiac Exhaust o oo o (the center ports are closer than on a Chevrolet small block) Intake oo oo Cadillac Generation 1 and 2 Exhaust o o o (same as with Olds Gen 1, the center ports are so close that they share the center port) Intake oo oo Cadillac Generation 3 472 500 cu in Exhaust o o o o Intake o o o o Mopar A Polyhead Exhaust o o o o Intake o o o o Mopar B RB Exhaust o oo o Intake oo oo Mopar HEMI 426, De Soto, Chrysler, Dodge Exhaust o o o o Intake o o o o Mopar LA Exhaust o oo o Intake oo oo AMC Rambler Exhaust o oo o Intake oo oo
  11. Yes it's a bit challenging to do. I see you have found Bandag Diesel Racing Team decals for the doors. The other most noticeable thing that differs between the Thermo King and Bandag version decals are a couple of Bandag decals and the siluette of the 3 continents the Tyrone Malone Bandag Circus had been to at that time on the hood sides (Europe, Central America and Australia)...otherwise they are mostly the same.
  12. As Gabriel says, these are very easy to make yourself and the cost is close to nothing per spring. One thing to keep in mind is that springs for carb linkages mostly are pull style tension springs wich are designed to resist stretch, and not push style compression springs wich are desinged to resist being compressed. Both types are coil/helical springs but does different jobs due to how they are designed, the biggest difference is that the tension springs are close coiled and the compression springs are open coiled.
  13. Looks nice Alan. It's a hard model to build because of the all paint and all the decals on the bodywork and wings.
  14. Well it's easy to miss...I have both versions so that's how I know. I bought a set of Modeltruckin' decals for the Super Boss some time ago but they were for the Thermo King version...I don't know if he has done the Bandag version but I just sent him an email and asked...if he does the correct ones I will for sure buy a set as the decals from my kit were useless and the build halted...that was around 30 years ago and it's still not done because of the decal issue. I also see he does decals for Bandag Bandit now and I have to order a set of them too for my kit as I don't trust old decals.
  15. Nice start Alan, but you know there were two sets of decals for the Super Boss don't you. AMT did two versions of the Super Boss, Tyrone Malone had Thermo King as main sponsor early on and the first version of the model kit from 1978-80 had "Thermo King Diesel Racing Team" decals on the doors, and I see that's the decal you have. Later Malone landed Bandag Retreads as main sponsor and when the Papa Truck, Hideout Truck and Bandag Bandit was released in 1981 AMT changed the decals for the Super Boss to the version with "Bandag Diesel Racing Team" decals on the doors to match the others as all Tyrone Malone trucks had them at that time, so the Bandag version decals are slightly different with of course the Bandag decals for the doors and some others that aren't on the earlier Thermo King decal sheet. Unfortunately the only decals I know of that are reproduced (by Modeltruckin', and earlier a couple others also did them) are the Thermo King version and they are not entirely correct if you like to pair the Super Boss up with the Papa Truck wich only were released with Bandag decals.
  16. The White-Freightliner kits has larger wheels and tires, and I think the Diamond Reo has the same, they are Uniroyal 11.00-22 and are quite a bit larger than the Good Year and Firestone 10.00-20 and 11.00-20 from most of the other AMT and Ertl kits.
  17. Yes, the Aerodyne top fits on the flat top Revell AG K-100 as it's also a 108 inch cab...but both are kind of hard to find for decent money right now as it was sometime since they were out last.
  18. I use all the links I listed as they are useful for most forums and Instant Messaging. Especially the Direct link wich I use here and together with the < img src =........> code on the Spotlight Hobbies Message Board. And I use the "Img code" links on most other forums.
  19. The AMT KW K-123 has a Hendrickson Walking Beam suspension, same as the AMT KW W-925 (wich in fact is a 923, a 925 had torsion bar suspension and the AMT W-925 kit had that in the beginning but was later changed to a Walking Beam). ​Otherwise the scale is the same but the cab for the K-123 is a bit shorter than the K-100 Aerodyne cabs, most of the K-100 Aerodyne cabs were built on the V.I.T. cab and are equivalent to 108 inches on a real truck and the K-123 cab is equivalent to 86 inches...so the AMT K-123 cab is 22 scale inches shorter than the AMT and Revell K-100 Aerodyne...and that'll be around 22 millimeters in 1:25 scale (about 7/8").
  20. I ordered some stuff from him 4 years ago and got...exactly nothing for my $62.00...lesson learned the hard way.
  21. Since PB did the last major upgrade of the site quite some time ago you have to do some settings at your account for it to work like it did before. So you probably don't have the box for "Turn on easy linking mode" checked in your settings for your account, on the page before this I gave a description on how you to fix it and what links you need to show. But I'll take it again: "Log on to your PB account, click on your user name and choose "user settings", click on "Albums" on the next page. Under "Links" on the "Album" page check the squares for "Email & IM", "Direct link", "HTML code" and "IMG code" Go down to "Easy Linking Mode" on the same page and check the square to "Turn On Easy Linking Mode" And finally click on save at the bottom. Now the links will appear under the thumbnails in your albums as they did before and that's how I have my settings at my Photobucket account."
  22. I use both IE 11 and Google Chrome and both works. But I had to go and redo the settings my PB account after they did the last big upgrade about a year ago to get it to work as it did before...and after that it has worked fine.
  23. I thought the sleepers in the Diamond REO and White Road Boss were Mercury sleeper boxes, and they are shorter than 60 inches...more like 36 or something like that. But AITM has a 60 inch Mercury sleeper if you want a larger one.
  24. I don't have any problems at all, I use Photobucket for almost every picture I post and it works for me. It can be some settings either on your own computer or on your Photobucket account thats not working or aren't correctly set. Have you tried to click on the direct link so it gets marked (mine gets blue), then hold down the Ctrl button and c at the same time to copy the link, go over here and klick on the img icon and klick in the url box so the cursor appears and hold down the Ctrl button and v to paste the link in the box and click ok. By the way, have you done any setups under your Personal Settings at Photobucket lately? If not, click on your user name, click on "Albums" and under "Links" check the squares for "Email & IM", "Direct link", "HTML code" and "IMG code", go down to "Easy Linking Mode" and check the square to "Turn On Easy Linking Mode" and click on save. Now the links will appear under the thumbnails in your albums as they did before and that's how I have my settings at my Photobucket account. I just going to try myself to see if it works. Test passed.
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