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  1. keyser added a post in a topic Ferrari 250 GTO - Fujimi or Revell Germany?   

    Actually, no, they're not. The squared off fender openings seen in the Gunze/ recent G-Revell issue are not how these cars were made. They used body bucks to form the panels, but wheel opening shape was consistently round like the Italeri and the Fujimi. I've seen 26 together at one time, and other than some flared lips (still a round radius, they're all the same within a few mm on the originals. What happened after they were repaired is different story. Pourret's GTO book also documents it well. Also, the red used on most of the GTO's was Rosso Cino, Chinese red, not Rosso Corsa. 
    Nice builds, nice stash.   

  2. keyser added a post in a topic Motorcycle sub forum....   

    Still think it is silly to have regular pickups in with big trucks and commercial. I like both, but I don't get to truck sub-forum as much. 
    Motorcycles and pickups should be in car forum. Threads get moved instantly, while other stuff lingers. 
    Bring your scooters. They may get shoved in big scale stuff too, but I doubt certain mods like motorcycles, so probably just "Other". 
  3. keyser added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I wanted a model of an Aoshima T-shirt to put in a little model box. Bummer. 
  4. keyser added a post in a topic Cool Parts   

    I just enjoy multiple posts complaining about little boxes instead of discussing the cool parts like the lights, stands, car-hop trays, safes, etc. that are out there. 
    Harry, start a "Harry doesn't like" thread so we'll all know how stupid we are liking something you don't. 
    The floor lights are neat. I've got a couple but never had a 64 Bird. The "fountains" are odd but neat too. Very 60's autorama. 
    There was a thread about all the animals around here. 8 different ones? Squirrel (could put in a little box?), lizard, mouse,.... Did they have names on instructions?
    looks like 10+Kat in your bins?? 
  5. keyser added a post in a topic Star Models resin belly tanker   

    Considering I had no idea what you'd seen, and usually people ask the question before looking, I posted pic. Sorry I wasted my time. You're welcome.
    Considering I've dealt with Steve, and he backs up other's product even if they don't, and doesn't tolerate poor quality, I think it'll be fine. 
    If you don't trust a picture, you're close enough to go to a show and look yourself. Kit is new, so probably few out there. Looks nicer in some ways than my CMW. 
    Guess you shouldn't buy it unless you touch it first if you worry that much. 
  6. keyser added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Micro car double kit usually brings big money. I scored one on ebay for $35 or so but they go much higher. Weird kit with bodies molded in clear. Nice haul. 
  7. keyser added a post in a topic Models for kids ?   

    For semis, the 1/25 R-M Kenworth and Pete started as snap-tites. Pretty amazing, now available new for $20 or so online. I've got an old Kenworth, and a newer Pete, as I needed some semis to tow race trailers but didn't want to grind to halt with hard to build semi. Here's pics of snap boxes and current issues.
    Big parts, big model, not too fiddly. 
    The Lambo Diablo that R-M has now was/is a sophisticated snap, as is the 96 Impala SS

  8. keyser added a post in a topic Future floor wax question
  9. keyser added a post in a topic Future floor wax question
  10. keyser added a post in a topic Future floor wax question   

    I think 15yo is probably too old if it doesn't shine well. I've never heard of a shelf life, but normal customers don't keep a bottle 15yrs
    Mine is about 6-7yrs and it's fine. Has the 2008 label, not 2011 label
    Stuff has had about 12 names and repackagings since yours, so here's a gif from another thread here.
    Pledge Floor Care
  11. keyser added a post in a topic Amt Der beetle bus.....   

    These are the other 2 of the 3. I have the van, and the new kit looks like it has the goofy arms from it. It shouldn't be too hard to close up the roof for a panel, and I think the pickup would be easy too. No surfboards or tow stuff, but shorty buses were huge back then. Not hard to bash with a Manx or pop a Vair motor in either. 
    Just a silly fun kit that looks cool built. I've heard. I bought my van new in '69, it's not done yet. 

  12. keyser added a post in a topic Amt Der beetle bus.....   

    Have to get extra one for tires for my Bus. Lettering is awesome. 
    Lug Bug pickup only one I don't have. Love it. 
  13. keyser added a post in a topic Chrysler DOHC Hemi   

    Fun to have scale version. One is in a Johan Superbird pro-touring I built 25yrs before protouring was a thing. Injection with stacks, all fits under hood nicely. Pretty awesome idea even if goofy combination of gear drives and belt drives. 
  14. keyser added a post in a topic Star Models resin belly tanker   

    It's on his site. Models/Belly_Tanker.html

  15. keyser added a post in a topic Interesting note on towing from a pro   

    For Lexus and Mercedes both, dealers will send trucks to pick up and deliver cars for services. Many Lexus and MB's don't have spares either, I haven't driven a car with a spare since '98, has never been an issue really. So the frequent tows could well be service pickups and drop-offs, and flats. 
    I've got 2 AMG's that both have dipsticks, but the blocks/motors aren't shared with any other Benz. Both are dry sumps and have an oil level monitor as well. The cars we have without dipsticks are also dry sumps, and they have amazingly accurate level sensors. One came back from oil service 1/2 qt low, and it showed it immediately.