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  1. keyser added a post in a topic Revell (Germany) Ferrari 250SWB! New for October   

    The GTO they recently did was the GS iirc. GS did a SWB too. Here's hoping for the Italeri. Much better. Esci is trash. Very abnormal for Esci, their other stuff is pretty nice, big thread about them somewhere here. 
  2. keyser added a post in a topic AMT "Rides Magazine" 40 Ford info needed   

    Wheels and fenders useless. I bought a few cheap for the 40 chassis for some resin projects. Body ok save for the visor, but ok.
    Cannot believe it went thru tooling to this. Guess I don't understand the biz.
  3. keyser added a post in a topic Delta Wing Street/road car   

  4. keyser added a post in a topic Revell to issue 914 2 in 1?   

    LOL Bill, fill in da blank. 
    I actually thought it made the 914 look a little better in rear, bigger wheel openings. Get the nice 914-6 GT conversion and it'll be good. 
  5. keyser added a post in a topic BRE Datsun 240Z   

    Great cars. I ended up with 6800 mi 73 in family since new. Had Minilites, Spook, 40 dcoes, cam, header new. I put dog clutch 2000 5 spd, 42 dcoes, threaded collar Konis, 3.9/4.11 rears, and sent motor to Electrodyne with JDM 3.0 forged L diesel crank and lots of head work. Thing crushed 911s. Persimmon Red over black, A/C car. SCCA C production was owned by these cars, as was CSP in my corner of the world. 
    Epic for cheap. 
  6. keyser added a post in a topic BRE Datsun 240Z   

    Truly, really delicate trim. Also, the seam between nose and fender is very slender but is not molded in, nor are the headlight covers. The seam should be there.
    Here's a decent 1:1 pic that show this. Love these cars, never should have sold any of mine. The wheel rim tree mounting points also can leave divits in rim if not careful. Chrome was mostly stainless, and wheels were not shiny. Bumper really only bright chrome on it, grilles were a medium metallic grey.
    Sorry for all the details. Really forgot how much I love these things. Landmark sportscar. Build a BRE 2000 roadster too, another awesome race car.

  7. keyser added a post in a topic BRE Datsun 240Z   

    Biggest issue could be rear panel, it's separate. Nose also separate, but really goes on pretty well. Not enough support on taillight panel to body to align great, but tack in place and add couple small tab supports/gussets at bottom of rear valance, and it's good. Slide chassis in from front too. TL panel was grey, so seam is ok. My head didn't hurt after messing with it on a couple builds. 
    The glass is hugely thick, but side and rear glass easy to make from sheet plastic. . Windshield tolerable so could punt.
    Found pic of nice build on Canadian modeler site. Need to remove side markers too, I forgot. See what I mean about window frames and driprails? 
  8. keyser added a post in a topic BRE Datsun 240Z   

    Likely same as previous issues, I've had a few, original BRE, Walt Maas. 
    Been looking for you, here's best I cold find, the stocker
    The BRE has race seat, roll bar, oil coolers, solid HL covers, spook spoiler, rear spoiler, Webers and header. Awesome American mags, not Libres, but correct. Plain bumper, no rear bumper, straight exhaust, and now have the decent fat tires rather than the awful 2 piece ones in many early issues. 
    Fun build, need to drop it down a little, but easy fiddle with struts. Nice detail, east to paint. Window frames a bit clunky, trim down, and paint /foil flat part only, use thin black paint for rubber gaskets either side of moldinds with ultra-fine sharpie. 
    I've had 3 original 240's, so I'm picky, and it's very nice. 
  9. keyser added a post in a topic Now This Is Customer Serivce.   

    They didn't know that , but they recognized cool decals need a home. Oh the predictability of the lunatic fringe.
    Did they run from any message boards, or tell you we're lucky to get cracking decals, a "super-secret mosaic effect"??
    Post it up, looks cool. Fun races to watch.
  10. keyser added a post in a topic Now This Is Customer Serivce.   

    Brilliant service, and a freebie that likely will sell another kit. 
    They're new, and they understand the "bidness" everyone talks about. 
  11. keyser added a post in a topic New 66 Ford Galaxie   

    Yes, that motor was in that kit, a couple of the IMC Ford GT's too. Maybe a little small, but convincing. 
    I was just wishing for a more readily available motor, the IMC's are pretty much collector status/thin on the ground. 
    29 A with DOHC 255 and bundle of snakes out the top with Franklin QC and some other hardware another project I'll never finish, but it'll be the coolest estate sale ever 
  12. keyser added a post in a topic New 66 Ford Galaxie   

    The cammers in the 66, 69XL, 68 Shelby are easy and nice. I looked for a nice 57 post with cammer tucked in like it grew there but can't find it. 
    Can't wait to see the fixes on the DR Andy. A nice 312 Fcode and a Cammer version prob what I need. Or put a McCullough on the cammer. Have one of those in a 63 F100 
  13. keyser added a post in a topic Buying kits at swap meets   

    Tom, I know some vendors like that, and they do sell some stuff, trade too. 
    The vendors that baffle me are the ones with same Grail kits, same huge prices, but everyone has a story, flaw(s), and I've watched the boxes get shelf worn over the years. No deals for imperfect kits, boxes that are 6-7/10 at best. I've even tried to buy from a few of these guys for a builder so I can blow off my MIB whatever. No go. 
    Stuff is too scruffy for museum display, but that's what their inventory is, a hands on history of kits. Based on some other observations, they'd be better served with the $. 
    That said, I've bagged some incredible deals at shows, sold some great deals. Nice to see a grail find as the provider. 
  14. keyser added a post in a topic New 66 Ford Galaxie   

    No, you are both good. I didn't mean you  pointing it out was wrong, just if I did. Andy showed same glitch so that's kinder. Plus, there is no such thing as a bad cammer. 
    i couldn't wire a motor if you held gun at my head, so I'm last guy to be schoolin' anyone. I've watched model judges and 1:1 judges rip stuff apart, and they'd never touched the real deal. The good judges pull someone aside and make suggestions. The bad ones call it wrong and diss the builder . Easy mistakes in common are just that. You both had plugs in right place 
    Nascar SOHC would have crushed. Twin cam Hemi too. 
    Learning everyday.
    The Del Rio could benefit from a cammer too.
  15. keyser added a post in a topic New 66 Ford Galaxie   

    I hate being a river counter on someone's build. Saw it but it and yours are nice. Iirc instructions aren't great about that but you're correct about chain clearance. Picking on new kits is one thing  picking on build mistakes is another  
    Mall we need now is a readily available twincam Ford Indy v8 and I'm good. IMC was ok but hard to find. 
    I have original issues of this and the 66 7liter convert. My convert has clear up top. Was that from the 66, or did I put one in from 65 Galaxie convert??
    Kits not handy and I have 2 clear uptops in both 65-66.