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  1. keyser added a post in a topic AMT 1950 Ford Showboat   

    There's a nice resin Victoria body with body, trim, and interior available. It's old R&R I think, but I got mine thru Steve Kohler at Star. Chrome not done, but with Molotow or Modelhaus chrome (got it for mine) it's easy. 
    http://resinrealm.net/Star/STAR Models/51_Victoria.html $41

  2. keyser added a post in a topic D-Revell Panamera   

    Merde Brun Metallik 
    Could start a thing with applique corn kernels applied artistically.
  3. keyser added a post in a topic D-Revell Panamera   

    Twice around the bowl and pointed at both ends 
  4. keyser added a post in a topic D-Revell Panamera   

    Just asked Wheels boutique guy for weight of new wheel vs. factory forged on 720. Non-answer, 3rd forum I've asked. 1# unsprung ~5# sprung weight. Morons.

  5. keyser added a post in a topic D-Revell Panamera   

    Didn't say I'm not buying it. Merely posted it is imminent. Posted my disbelief that out of ALL new Beetles, they pick THIS. 
    I've grabbed slot bodies to do cars that'll NEVER be done (2J, etc.)
    I usually buy 1:1's, so a kit is just a nice pastime. I don't see Panameras getting tracked at COTA or MSR. Guess a day trip to Spa or the 'Ring due for the product planners at GRev. 
    Considering most Panameras are sold as car guy cars for guys that really don't like cars, or Junior League staff cars (along with Rangies, et al), I not imagine what Germans under 30 think of this? LOL.  
    Bob may get his GT out of this tool. But a 991 tool with minor changes can yield base cars thru GTS. Flared body gets GT2, R, GT2 Touring. Big flares get GT3RS, GT2 RS, TT, 
    That's a real mindbuster on efficient tooling use, and 991.1 and 991.2 as well. 
  6. keyser added a post in a topic Time for AMT / Round @ to get going ?   

    Because it's been explained twice in this thread, and I've seen it used as written abbreviation in the prewar hobby for 40 years.
    Sorry it's so hard for you. Nobody else seems confused and irate. Have you tried decaf?
  7. keyser added a post in a topic AMT Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Reissues   

    AMT did a 64 Cutlass ht and convertible. They did a 65 Olds 88 coupe. No 65 Cutlass/442 ever done.
  8. keyser added a post in a topic D-Revell Panamera   

    Not be an iconic race car? Not be a crushing supercar? (see Koenigsegg, etc)
    I forgot 906, 910, RS60/61. Who would remember these cars??
    Panameras will be remembered through the end of their leases. I'm sure 10's of people will rush to buy a kit. 4/10 will return it because it's a kit. 
  9. keyser added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    D-Revell Panamera
    Just saw German Revell Panamera kit coming on order sheet.
    911 GT2? no. GT3? no. GT3 RS? no. SUV that sells like crazy? Of course not.
    A better than Mk1 4 door? We're on it.
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  10. keyser added a post in a topic Time for AMT / Round @ to get going ?   

    Mark, as usual, you're correct on tub. It is Identical to the 6899 issue with the chopped WSF on the orange Phaeton. The rear door trim is still missing in Phaeton tub now.
    I'm pretty sure WSF is boxier on the Tudor, but couldn't find the Vic. 
  11. keyser added a post in a topic Time for AMT / Round @ to get going ?   

    Windshield frame
  12. keyser added a post in a topic Sharpie always rises to the surface   

    On related note, there are no films in radiology departments for the most part. Digital imaging has been standard for years now. Marks are digital if used, measurements easily made. So no pens or markers used. They use tattoos for radiation treatment targets, but that's about it. FWIW.
  13. keyser added a post in a topic Time for AMT / Round @ to get going ?   

    It's a new Tudor only tub. The fenders are the same as the Phaeton and the Vicky, as is most of the kit. IIRC it only has front buckets. Mine is in progress with a bunch of other 32's but I've messed with it enough I'm pretty sure. Bought it new. 
    The chrome tree is nearly identical, but the wsf is boxier than the Vic too. You can see it in Casey's photo of chrome tree. 
  14. keyser added a post in a topic Warped body any one build this kit with a wrapped body?   

    Don't "drop it in boiling water". EVER.
    Here's my friend Mike Poole's tutorial, it works well. I've tried many ways, and had zero luck with any but this.
  15. keyser added a post in a topic New kit tool to break cover at this Sunday's NNL Motor City?   

    Nice. Not my thing, but nice.
    Agree some things need fixing/refining, but we shouldn't do much other than contact Moebius with POLITE suggestions.
    I do like the 66, and 64-66 can be done, as well as 4wd, looks like 64-65 Nova can be hardtop, post, and convertible, maybe wagon but diff wb IIRC. Nice effort. Looks far better than Trumpeter thing. 
    Cool surprise for many.