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  1. keyser added a post in a topic Aoshima Pagani Huayra   

    That interior is going to be a bear to detail, both the polished stuff, and the CF stuff. 
    Best shifter and pedals EVAH.

  2. keyser added a post in a topic Pretty much done with resin.   

    Ray, lots of people have called out others. You've been polite. 
    But this is ridiculous. Some great suppliers are closing shop, and many of us will be looking for alternatives for some of their products. 
    If someone is jacking you around for 7 mos, multiply that by 20 or more other people, and it's huge. Mail fraud is not really dependent on value, but frequency.
    Let us know. 
    And we don't need excuses and TL:DR responses from casters. Send product, or send money back. Period.
    If you want to use other people's money, go to a bank. If you want to tell stories, write a book. 
  3. keyser added a post in a topic Aoshima Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4   

    It is quite small. It's faster than an Aventador too, lots of vids on YT show it. Regular doors, pretty easy to use. Worst looking shrouding around engine I've ever seen, looks like plastic pots plants come in from Home Depot. But it's so dmn fast you don't care. Nose lifter a must, as it'll drag, and planning needed as it's really slow to raise nose. Tracks great. Here's size comparo with M3. Parked corner to corner. I couldn't believe it. Roof comes up to a little above the side mirror parked next to each other. Inside great, also better than Aventador. It's lots wider though
  4. keyser added a post in a topic Rising price of our hobby   

    I was buying those AHM's then, still have them. No local shops would try to do anything close. Minimal mail order, cheap overhead, and I needed other supplies. Pretty myopic they'd tell a kid full retail. Model Railroader had ads, I had envelopes and checks. Problem solved. I offered them biz, would have been lots of impulse buys too. Nope. I spent hundreds on controllers, track, etc in mid 70's with a couple shops. I was looking at Tenshodo brass etc. I could afford better with money I was saving. They lost the biz. They killed their biz. Sorry. 
  5. keyser added a post in a topic Revell Display at GTR NNL 9   

    That's a nice honest looking Ranger. Someone's been dragging boots over the sill for many years, but still kept it nice. Not quck and dirty restoration like so many. Love it. Whitewalls suit it. A real UV that was sporty. 
    So glad we get one after 50 years. Can't believe it's been that long.
  6. keyser added a post in a topic Tamiya 2016 NSX*update OP with photos*   

    1:1 car actually designed and built here in US, so LHD is native set-up.
  7. keyser added a post in a topic Tamiya 2016 NSX*update OP with photos*   

    Great looking car. Hope it's as fast as it looks. Red a good color, I was leaning toward blue. Black would kill the curves as would white. Silver would be nice, but I'm greyed-out.
  8. keyser added a post in a topic Revell Display at GTR NNL 9   

    Kit looks amazing. I think box art is off. I don't care,  Only been 50 year wait.
    I've got full set of Gates Commandos sitting here waiting for it anyway.  
    I do need a Stroppe version though. Big Oly probably doable if we get some Stroppe flares, or a kindly resin caster. 
    Happy to start with a nice Ranger. 
  9. keyser added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    One and the same. It's ok, a bit underscale. You just got one not long ago?? Early GT40. Wish there was a reasonably priced pointed nose car, the spider. 
    Wish R2 would find the J-car bits too. The chassis bits for it and the Mk IV ended up in the Hardcastle and McCormack Coyote. Hopefully salvageable.
    RM has the Aurora GT40, E, GTO, DB4, Maserati 3500. I forget if there was another. GT has only been reissued once, the recent SSP IIRC. 
  10. keyser added a post in a topic What is your Favorite Auto or Truck Program??   

    Original BBC Top Gear, Chris Harris on cars and his Youtube channel, How it's Made, Leno with sound off (can't stand Indian givers)
    New Amazon series with Clarkson, May, and Hammond should be fun. Liked DeCadenet stuff too. 
  11. keyser added a post in a topic Obscure Kits You Never Knew Were Made...Until Now   

    Looks a bit like the ships in Riddick that the rulers of the Necromancers used too. Could not find decent pic of them, but they were similarly cool. 
    Looks like a Burlington Zephyr met a Hispano Torpedo and a Gladen Aerocar with some TASCO thrown in. Sweet.
    I can see how Claudia is a good name for a mystic substance of the universe. I always thought so. Validation is sweet 
  12. keyser added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I shoulda left all the pics in just to annoy people 
    Gunze decades ago did Lupin cross marketing with kits, their Fiat 500, etc.
    The only issue of the early 2CV with solid rear quarters and a corrugated hood was one of these, the hood included was resin, sail panel blank plates were plastic. Why I know this and own one pre-internet is as inexplicable as why there are seemingly 47 versions of this car in 1/24, and exactly ZERO other replicas of the earliest 2CV. I always thought the common versions were "cute", and this was utilitarian. 
    Lol Mike, I type slowly lately. 
  13. keyser added a post in a topic Revell Display at GTR NNL 9   

    In 66-75, I don't recall directional tires, certainly not mudders, certainly not OEM on Broncos. First directionals I recall are Goodyear Wingfeet in early 80's. Assymetric treads not uncommon for decades since 50's. Just sayin'
  14. keyser added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Gundam shop is a hobby dealer that sells on the bay. That's the shop mark on the pic so fine other sellers don't use their pic. Not cross marketing. 
    If I wanted to sell stuff, I wouldn't use a sweet hybrid kit. To their credit, it's not a boite-de-merde Pious. 
  15. keyser added a post in a topic Revell '57 Ford Gasser   

    The question I asked was about rear bumper. Front is ok. 
    Rear bumper should have 2 tiny bumps on either side of license plate area that are small bumper guards and place for license light. Kit has none. Guess it's my problem as will be pointed out soon 
    Sorry for confusion
    Just so people don't yell at me and my silly bumperguards, here's a vid of a Courier gasser that'd be easy conversion