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  1. Jess Pourrret The Ferrari Legend: 250 GT Competition Also Ferrari I Love GTO https://www.abebooks.com/book-search/title/love-gto-ferrari/
  2. Lots of fender differences with 28 tudor vs WOODY/Pickup. Not a slam dunk. Some bits ended in the Ramchargers Dune Buggy But great looking body, folding front seats, Chrome wires. Fun to see a 27 T Touring with XR6 again.
  3. Bubbletop WW2 birds unikely. Same with awesome A-model/Sova Gulfstream, Falcon 10-20-100-50, Lear 35-55-60 in 1/72 Does with the Matchbox HS 125-600, Airfix 125 Dominie, and the Aurora Westwind/Jet Commander (Truly lost in trainwreck). Anyone tried the new tool DC3 by airfix? Esci great, I have a couple, including Aeroflot livery. Helos in 1/72 pretty plentiful too. Civil biz jets a thing of mine
  4. I've got a lot of stuff I've acquired over recent years I've not seen in here,The Quattroruote Magazine stuff-Alfa Disco Volante, Giulietta Sprint, Duetto, TZ2, 33 Stradale, Lancia Villa D'este, B24 Spider, Fulvia, Fiat Giardinetta, 131 Abarth, Citroen SM and a Welly DS19 Decapotable, Miura, Miura update (Motormax), Alfa Giulia spider, Kammtail Alfa spider, BMW 02, 230SL MB pagoda. Alfa 2900 MM coupe. I also have some great 1/24 Vespas (called 1/32 but 1/24 best I can tell), a couple shifter karts, a John Deere Gator, a center pivot Deere mower, 4 wheel off roader, a few single rider atv's, some jet skis, a golf cart with clubs, all diecast. Don't want to duplicate stuff, but haven't seen any of it. LMK if anyone would like to see any of it. Pretty fun stuff. All but the QR stuff quite reasonable. Shifter karts never seen again, odd Old San Francisco toy company manufacturer. Need to Snake fu a few, lower the Citroens a bit. etc. ots of fun stuff from QR still coming, WRC rally cars, LeMans cars (have not seen any, maybe a GT40 here Russian stuff, Japanese stuff too, a 2000GT better than EBBRO, Now White Box, few others making some to easier to obtain. LMK, happy to shoot quickie shots. Fun Maisto 2000 VW Bus showcar, that took awhile to get. Keep up stream of goodies. L
  5. MPC didn't do Cobra, AMT did. I'd guess it's MPC 66 Mustang 289? Thanks for winnowing chaff from wheat,
  6. Weathered Jeep. What a leap from military. Breaking the rules. Sad when Snake doesn’t buy it he likes airplanes (me too, too much online stuff now). Hey Rich, any fun winged stuff going on?
  7. Fire is from friction of terminal under steer. Same with the Matra. Only way that’d be power slide is if it was front wheel drive and it ain’t. 🙁
  8. Mark can correct me, but there are 2 different fenders for that trailer, a regular flat round set, and a set that looks like a 50 Chevy pickup. One year the Buick wagon had one set, another year they had other, I forget 61/62. I don't have the 50 Chevy style fenders on the few trailers I have. 62 Buick issue found pic
  9. Funny you should mention the divot. That's slated for filling with a small character line following the base of the trim on the door. The taillight and headlight zits going away too. I've stared at these things for hours, I love Exner (great drugs in early 60's I guess). Pierce is 66 equivalent to a Panamera. Bug, Stutz, and Mercer all cool just as is. I've got regular chrome for updated Mercer, and copper for the oem Mercer Cobra, the copper industry paid for the build originally. The other 4 need screwing with. The weird packard Landau that's sunken below roof needs build up, or chop front of roof, but cowl is a mess. rear deck involved too, so guess I gotta live with that, find workaround. Pierce easier compared to that. Duesy just needs rear fender and roll pan tweaks, door rework for dual cowl. Normal human cant contort to get out of the back of the Duesy or Pierce. And how did anyone get in the rumble seat of the Jordan? 66 Mustang kit has Cibie HL that are 1:1 correct for Bugatti. EZ fix. Geez I have a lot of work to do.
  10. Haven’t seen any. No Big Oly either. Need those, wing too.
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