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  1. Didn’t the original caster pass away? I was going to order that conversion well over a decade ago, and ?Ron? passed away iirc.
  2. Yeah. Spindles are annoying. Can’t flip. maybe Maisto Mustang or Shelby wheels would work. Or make dropped spindle and upper arm. Sprue prob work. Lol. Making work for ya Rich. 🤦🏻‍♂️🙃
  3. Excellent Gary. Joyful trio. Hot Wheels does a nice 1/64 33 Stradale too. And a BAT 9 from ages ago. Lol. The hunt never ends. B24 Lawnchair Spyder worth it too. Cream over green guts. 😍🤤
  4. Tim, was that stock issue or rod? 31833 not a 41. Mentioned in instructions? Or mystery item? Surfboard trailer made me nuts. i had stock issue, and pro shop. Nada. Guess I should tap my vast trailer collection. Some guy influenced me to stockpile them. Never mind the original issue Raysons. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
  5. Corgi 1/43. Man from uncle car, and police car iirc.
  6. Swap wheels and drop the nose a bit. Nice that it’s not a pd car. PD here uses “shadow” lettering and normal plates, so I’ve become a great spotter of them. Lol.
  7. Tim Boyd showed a surfboard trailer that was supposed to be in an issue of the 41 Woody. Anyone know which one? I need that trailer.
  8. Scale car cover, or container truck with sealed doors. Snake Fu good. Not that good.
  9. The Iron Horse was issued after the current cobbled up 66 coupe iirc? So maybe? I’ve got Mach 1, Autolite, and IH but wouldn’t say no to more.
  10. My old line is #57 of 40 built. And a “tach-needle restoration”, they had a tach needle and fabbed the rest. Ferrari stopped numbering cars, only plaque that says one of 399. Yep. Doesn’t say there isn’t more. Enzo’s say that and there are over 400 extant. Then there’s the duplicate vin thing, car crashed, 2 cars reborn.
  11. Revell did Z8, Tamiya did Z3. Dragon did M Roadster (MZ3) which has disappeared along with their E36 M3. Z8 and 750 both in World is not enough.
  12. That’s a 750iL, 1/24. UT Minichamps. Nice model.
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