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  1. Nope. A running 1/3 Ferrari 312PB flat 12. That I’d pay money for. Race cars not influencer bs. https://craftsmanshipmuseum.com/artisan/pierre-scerri/
  2. Ebbro rebox so wouldn’t be same. I like these almost as much as the tires were skinny and drivers were fat era. 😃
  3. Nice Gary. I think the black hood mimicking the 991.2 GT2RS. Here’s a pic that’s disturbing-
  4. Me too Snake. @Steve G another great revitalization. Thanks.
  5. Bill, it’s like Santa bringing you stuff in am. Lol.
  6. Actual factory color from 964 era., Mint Green. Stripe from 997.2 GT3RS. Wheels can be matte gold, aurum iirc. Black out between spokes and dump the rally stance, it’ll be great.
  7. There was a 65 88 Olds convertible promo, boot, all of it. Might be around, though unlikely. I’ve one and the coupe.
  8. Reconditioned iPhone 12 or better. 12 pro or pro plus has stellar camera.
  9. Looks great in green. Wheels and tires look like temp spares though.
  10. Pepto Edition. Must be more than 1 this has Jersey plates. Prob a first car attn. whore thing. 🤢🤮
  11. US has tax credit if $7800 usd. Only for first ?10k cars, I forget. Makers are trying to get that extended, obvs would bring price parity. CN have any subsidies? BTW, what is stock and sales # looking like? Anything improving?
  12. It was a joke, I’m not speaking for anyone. FIFY is fixed it for you, on boards it changes a statement for cynical or humorous purposes. Ego is polar opposite of “everyone gets prize”. Lots of stellar builders are humble and open to stuff not in their lane. Some aren’t. They’re the issue imho.
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