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  1. Matchbox did one as well in 1/24, I’ve not had hands on Ertl. Frankbury did pickup too, forget which one.
  2. Looking at inventory of Hyman. Found this nice 32 Imperial. History pretty interesting, one owner saw the MPC kit and wanted 1:1. The car turned out to be the car MPC used to make the kit. Owned since 71. Neat kit of cool car. https://hymanltd.com/vehicles/6844-1932-chrysler-cl-imperial-convertible-sedan/
  3. Those are made from the OG Jeep “Swamp Buggy” CJ2a kit. The bulk of tire was a hard plastic 2-pc slick x4. Tread was separate soft vinyl you were supposed to glue on as tread. Didn’t work for squat. I don’t remember these in anything else. I got the Modelhaus ones ages ago. Look great. MPC centers fit as do AMT.
  4. Amt orig trophy issue 57 Ford. Still have it. Dropped it on stairs taking it to my room. Didn’t know swear words yet 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. @Snake45 strong work on all. Esp sobriety. Hope y’all better.
  6. @jaymcminn Nice builds. Thank you for no red Ferraris 👍🏼Nocciola NART Rubino Cal, TdF Daytona,… 😍🔥🔥🔥
  7. Any 39-40 AMT Tudor will work. Reissued a few times recent years.
  8. Grand Junction CO, Colorado Grand. Running an XK140. Fun times, 1100 mi in 4 days, tried for 2y to get in. Speedster with rare hardtop, DB4 Zagato, LWB Cal spider, XKSS, all rare pre-‘60. In rain
  9. Prob de badge it. Auction time. Lemon claim a thing in CN?🤣
  10. 3y almost. Suspect no. Could’ve been fun.
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