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  1. Page 9 Moebius. Bob Downie posted Chopper's vid.
  2. Cal Custom 40-40 scoops, which kit ?

    Thanks Casey. You're more tolerant than I sir. Doubt you'll get gracious thanks from Greg. It's the rest of our problem, not his. Chris, Casey is correct. Eldon/Doyusha Invader. Suggest you use another spokesmodel next time, or just PM Mark, Casey, me, a few others. Here's huge picture from Showrods .com. Great place to look for obscure speed parts and great builds. Credit to Mike Scott for the build.
  3. Seems like a lot of Ed Newton stuff on pinterest. I remember the car, there were a couple Larivee cars at the time with transverse DFV in pointy nosed winged turtledeck. IIRC it was Oakland winner. A start hopefully This isn't the car I'm thinking of but Ed based a couple things on this one. The real one reminds me of the Monogram Trick T , shorter nose, sort of, is that what you're thinking of?
  4. Honest to god, I had exterminator in CA that used Nutella in traps rather than peanut butter. Hadn't thought of that til just now. So, FIFY "The early bird might get the worm, but the SECOND mouse gets the Nutella" Nobody should eat Vegemite. Sounds like a crop parasite, tastes like rotting grass clippings. Revella couldn't sella.
  5. Why a 49-50 Packard kit? Dollar Tree butter dish lid. You're set Sorry, couldn't resist.
  6. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Wow. Nice stuff. Seems like line expanding, but vintage toy stuff looks great. They've got Breitling 1/72 Stearman decals too. Thanks for posting that.
  7. Don't have to be first with idea. Just BEST. Like Revella Nutella. A snack, AND a non-toxic body filler for kits. Leftover container perfect for mixing paint for airbrush.
  8. When I was doing my post doc, I'd carry a giant 1liter trigonal sterile fluid measuring beaker filled with ice and diet Dew on rounds and on call. Looked like several bodily fluids depending on ice/drink mix. More thought it funny and gross than just gross. I just used it as it was biggest cup in hospital, and had a nice lid for suction that doubled as a straw holder. I've used bits of those things on builds over the years. Someone used to have nice Xmas Budweiser decals for the BW, real 50's looking stuff, and one cute santa's helper. ePay. ANyone else seen those??
  9. Nice Scott. Plus Dew. Basic food group. I've got one in progress that I closed up hood and sides, pipes up behind cab. Also have a semi Mack flatbed in progress with huge Maisto wheels. Big Beer. Long road ahead, but fun. May drop regular BW onto flatbed
  10. D-Revell Panamera

    I'll tip your waitress
  11. Yes we do. Archer, 8 seasons. often on FXX late My favorite clip summarizing 5 years of leukemia and upcoming stem cell transplant at Johns Hopkins...: Ya ain't dead til ya stop livin'
  12. Funny thing is, most of the 67-8 chassis is still in use under 69's. I've used them for various bits in builders. So, R2 could conceivably retool a 67 body, use decals for side markers for 68, perhaps decals for upholstery, and boom. Original kit was great. No need for new tool, just enough to give R2 options for 67-69, maybe 70, and a Terlingua car on top. The chassis under the 73 Cougar IIRC is left from the 70. If body of CV, never reissued, is in a hanger shot, again, boom. I'd even ignore the plate fonts. Still won't buy Nutella, but I'd consider Revella Nutella. >:)
  13. Coffee out the nose dude Different guy in Panamera Thread complained about Plate Fonts too. Aurf, "the" Sunday was weeks ago at beginning of thread. OOOh 64-65 Novas and 66 Ford F100 et al. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. OK, I'm convinced. The plate font is CLEARLY the worst error. Scale stop leak should fix the hole in the block. Bwahahahahahahaha...breathe...Bwahahahahahahahaha