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  1. The roof is a little off Chuck. 🤦🏻‍♂️😎
  2. AMT had all 3 of the Aoshimas in one kit in blueprinter mail off kit. May be cheaper. I got one ages ago. Haven’t seen many.
  3. Neither kit very good. 1/32 is a no. T&T was not a great rep, and the ones I’ve seen weren’t very well cast. Wavy panel lines on a black flat sided car not going to work. Thank you though. Apache wheels available, chassis available. Nothing very acceptable. With movie, it’d sell, Seth Rogen is funny. Curbside fine like Batmobile. I asked Don Holthaus as a joke, he did demo derby imperial. Phone went dead silent. Lol.
  4. Great Pantera, best replica out there. Tires may melt wheels so careful. Usually separate but if assembled at some point check. Other than no motor it’s a favorite of mine. Wish molds would arise somewhere. Congrats
  5. Frontenac is in 27 T pheaton. Amt. it’s for T motor. Diff motor than 32 4 Flathead from 32 Roadster amt. Thx Tom. I meant to type 32. Looks nice.
  6. Anybody say Black Beauty from Green Hornet? We’ve got zero even resin in 1/25. And there’s a 65-6 Imperial to start with. Haven’t waded thru here lately so may have missed it. Id take a recent GT350R or GT500 curbside with better headlights, CTS-V wagon, 49 Caddy 61, Buick Y-Job. There are Sushi/Sashimi models too. Can’t find pic but there were 4 kits. Fujimi maybe? Big manufacturer
  7. Tamiya probably will sell those if it’s in production. You can buy trees etc from them too. So worth a shot. Love 360’s. GL.
  8. Touring did most of the bodies on Z102B’s. Lots of different styles but many were this coupe style. Lol. 86 total chassis. Saoutchik did some stellar stuff. Jet-o-space for ‘53. Looks killer Gary. http://www.autoconcept-reviews.com/cars_reviews/pegaso/pegaso-z102b-touring-berlinetta-and spyder-1951-1956/cars_reviews_pegaso-z102b-touring-berlinetta-and spyder-1951-1956.html
  9. I thought so. Thank you. Have never seen that pic. GG1 I like better. Smooth CC is killer too. Thx 👍🏼
  10. Thanks. I didn’t recall tl like mentioned but that’s what was posted. Now you show the fast Rambler, I recall. How they decided to use those I dunno. What’s around I guess. Fun.
  11. Ugh. And they sold. Saudi and 4 others bought one with Nissan GTR guts for 300k+. Factory made them. I looked back a bit in thread and found TL are flipped late 50’s Rambler wagon TL.
  12. Rear too. Second shot is rear fender fitting TL. I forget TL, maybe Chrysler? Someone knows here. Agree one o George’s best. Pearl white cool
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