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  1. keyser added a post in a topic Beemax Models BMW M3 (E30)   

    Still, if a kit is fine with bumpy rotors (C7R) per some here, they'd think the Fujimi M3 was just fine, and we're beating a dead horse.
    I tried to use a 325 to make a replica of a girlfriend's car. So sad. Palmer of the East for a few things. 
    These are going to be awesome. Evo 2 and Sport Evos. Then 2.5-16 Evos. For $30-ish? Cool. 
  2. keyser added a post in a topic Corvette C7R - Revell new tool   

    So you troll and rant. Riiiiiiiiggght. 
    Just like so many others these days, if YOU declare it "just fine", it's all good. 
    Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. 
    Entitlement-it's the new black. 

  3. keyser added a post in a topic Corvette C7R - Revell new tool   

    It should be correct. Period. It took 0.62 seconds to find these giant photos just now.
    Maybe a computer with a modem and a color screen would help designers? Google. Try it. 
    Basic understanding of how a car works? NO. THOSE ARE NOT TINY LUGNUTS. 
    Who looks at test shots, someone that drives a car with drums? 

  4. keyser added a post in a topic Beemax Models BMW M3 (E30)   

    S38 in anything is just fine. 
    Why we don't have an S65 in scale baffles me. European motor of the year <4.0L for FIVE years in a row. Fits in an '02, E30-36-46-90's. 
    I cringe when I see LS motors in 3'ers. 
    Can't wait for this kit. 
    Just for grins for you guys
  5. keyser added a post in a topic 1/24 and 1/25 scale Harley Davidson?   

    Maisto did a nice, huge series of 1/24 scale HD's. Diecast, quite good, many different models, from WW1 era until present. Still occasionally see one paired in an HD liveried Maisto pickup, but I haven't seen the individual bikes for years. I thing there were 5-6 release sets of about 5-6 different bikes. Nice Police Electraglide, some cool 40's panheads, etc. 
    I've got a ton of them, but none handy now. These are NOT their 1/18 bikes.
    I know you said kits, and mentioned these, but few people seem to know about these. Sorry, just trying to fill in gap. 
    Quick Google:
  6. keyser added a post in a topic Corvette C7R - Revell new tool   

    I like that, but Revell should bring a curbside in for a bit less than $175+. 50th anniversary of Ford GT LM win, I'd think it'd be easy to get it to roll for this year or even for the Mk4/P1075 anniversaries in '17-'19. 
    Lots of resin I'd rather spend 175+ on than that. Plastic Ford GTLM and a GT350R even semi curbside would get huge welcome, even if screams from much of this board. A Platz M6 lump has zero interest for me, but the M3/M4 DTM, the C7R, etc all kill at a $35-40 price point, still cheaper than Asian stuff.
    What do I know
  7. keyser added a post in a topic What did you get today?
    Quick search here got this, new and old issues both.
  8. keyser added a post in a topic building the (AMT) Avanti; intake manifold   

    No intake manifold, just steel plate covering valley, seen in top photo just in front of distributor. 
    Fuel meter 510 hangs off the Intake runner 530. It glues to the blowers on the belts, as outside air goes straight to blower, not intakes. Pressurized air comes straight from the output side of the blowers to the intake ports of the heads in the valley. No intake manifold. 
  9. keyser added a post in a topic building the (AMT) Avanti; intake manifold   

    There's a nice thread here, bu the twin blown engine issue not directly addressed.
    That is the Due Cento (200) engine out of Andy Granatelli's record setting Avanti.
    Lots of pics here
    These two pics may help. Check other thread too, lots of build stuff in there. 

  10. keyser added a post in a topic Aoshma (BEEMAX) Nissan 240RS Rally   

    That looks nice! Way overdue car. Sweet. Mahalo.
  11. keyser added a post in a topic New added to Round 2   

    Stuff the Allison in the Coronado. Wish anyone would bring Miss Bud back. 
    Airfix Mustangs have a really nice Merlin. The Allison was a good motor, but the Merlins did much better in the Mustang than the Allisons did. Pretty sure that particular Miss Bud U1 had a Packard Merlin in it. 2 stage superchargers made them amazing at many altitudes. Few Griffons were in Spits.  
    Allisons have 12 exhaust ports per side, seen in the display motor and in this slightly different U12 Miss Bud with an Allison in it 
    Way off topic, sorry, but cool. 
    Also found nice pic of a Merlin in an early wood hull Miss Bud. Last pic. 

  12. keyser added a post in a topic AMT Junior And Craftsman Kits   

    Funny thing too is Revell making modern day Craftsman kits of new Mustang, Ford GT, Raptor, C7R, etc. and guys complain. They complain about Fujimi and Accurate Miniatures too. Complain about not made in USA. They can't afford to do it here. Nobody including the complainers would work that cheaply, and everyone insists on 40% off to buy one. Sorry, but If you won't take 40% off paychecks, the USA chants ring very hollow. It's a BUSINESS. Not aimed at you Bob, just observation over years here. Never have seen so many unhappy people on a board in my life. Sad. 
  13. keyser added a post in a topic AMT Junior And Craftsman Kits   

    I typed a reply earlier, but punted. 
    I was wrong about Skylark. Sorry, I thought they were. 
    Weird that 59 Continental was able to be reissued, but it should have turned into the 60. 
    Agree about the 63 Falcon, and the 63 Comet was closer to the 62 than the 64, so who knows if it got flipped. 
    The Craftsman 57 Bird top was discussed at length in a thread here. The HT was much better than the regular kit, and that HT has meen unchanged since original issue. John Goschke was the knowledge source, the pic is his. I bought a couple Craftsmans after that thread.
    Much better detail in the Craftsman than the glue kit on top, hubcaps, bumpers, taillights. Odd. Craftsman Tbird top on left. Glue on right, with the sloping window.  

  14. keyser added a post in a topic AMT Junior And Craftsman Kits   

    The Cuda chassis was under the Fireball 500, with the Hemi. The Valiant lasted as promo from 63-66, and the 66 Promo is wrong, and rare. IIRC, it had a one piece chassis with engine molded in. 
    The 65 Nova was the AWB IIRC, and the 63 Nova Wagon became the mid-engined wagon drag car. The 63 Nova detail kit and the Craftsman shared much, but Craftsman kits always had the large Promo style axles. That chassis had an engine insert too.  
    The 64-65 Chevelle I think became the AWB then the Modified. 
    The 66 Skylark annual tool became the Modifed, but the Annual and the Craftsman were not the same tools, I have both, and they differ. The annual has a radiator crossmember that the Craftsman does not have, and the screw posts are in different places on the chassis. It did not have an engine insert like many promos/Craftsmen based on glue kits (63 T-bird, for one). It came back as the Mexicali Mudlark once. 
    The 59 Buick HT, 62 Galaxie HT, 64 Comet, 61 Ranchero, and a couple others (?60 Merc?) came out in a desert series someone here knows as well.
    Several annuals were different as well. They did introduce convertibles first in the Annuals, but some differed. One of the early 60's Fords said Sunliner on fender of the HT. I have it, but cannot remember the year. 61-2. Many HT's had convertible interiors, so those were shared a lot. 
    Weirdly, I have all the Imperials from 58-82. The 58 was converible only. The 59 and 61 HT's were add ons to the convertibles. The 60 Imperial HT was a completely separate HT tool. Only that year, no idea why. They did stuff like that.
    I think Art, Rich and a couple others can fill in details better than I can with my chemo addled brain, but there are tools that should be left if not scrapped.