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  1. Tom G has an odd separate issue of that service trailer. I’ve never seen one, or I’d own one. Had the 48 truck style fenders too. I haven’t found much on it. Tom, it was a bagged kit iirc?
  2. Funny. The Eckler came out after the Foxy Vette. And the stock side pipes remained on tree with the new ones. Pretty sure car built in 74 or so. Camaro taillights used per articles then, though may have been same as Monza. I think author is member here.
  3. Try qtips and pledge/Kleer whatever it’s called on the Donahue car. Worked nicely on matte blue McLaren P1. No brush/qtip marks. Wick runs with paper towel/tissue. Nice Fu on the yellow car. You fu, snake fu’s, fu two? 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️😱. I’m funniest guy I know sorry.
  4. Just shorten rear springs at front of leaves, and driveshaft. That moves wheels forward in wheelwell without cutting frame Unless you will show it, ez to shorten wb. Looks close anyway.
  5. Just reissued or soon. Great looking elky btw
  6. Sorry you misunderstood, and I screwed up the name. I was thinking of the Pontiac Banshee that Revell and Hot Wheels did. Chuck Jordan was GM stylist that did the original Firebirds and retired as chief of GM styling. One of last show cars he designed before he retired was the Pontiac Banshee.
  7. Not butt hurt. Frustrating trying to help people here and often wasted effort. I like to help, I learn sometimes, and I hate wasting time pointlessly. Reading some threads in various forums can make you dumber by the minute. Rather it not happen here. I’m not upset. I learned to not waste time.
  8. 71-72 Snake. More like 71 to me but cartoonish.
  9. Link had production numbers, real owners, and verifiable stuff. Sorry to help. 🤨 OP asked. Not you. C/K is convention btw for that era. Not a universal mystery. 🤣🤣🤣 Lol. I had just replied to your FE intake thread with a pic. I’ll go delete it, unreliable forum info. Don’t want you angry.
  10. Geez. They did reissue it. Zero recollection of those. Oops. Thx Joe.
  11. Found this today. No 550 but fish! https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/m/10797116
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