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  1. Been there... done that! Friendly builders, clubs and model magazines were all we had back in the day. On-line forums have become the norm and a great advent to the hobby! RRR & I met Dennis (ADL) on another forum years ago! We have been inspiring each other off line via texting and emails every since! We each have our own building styles, yet complement one and other on detail and many of the different aspects of the hobby! ADL has a great eye for the old school hot rods and RRR has blown both of us away with his rod & racer builds! We have enjoyed swapping ideas and techniques... and picking up on what others are doing in this forum and others, as well. FB has also been a resource, but has become way too political ;( More later!!! -KK
  2. From one ol' hot rodder to another... ADL you have a great eye for traditional hot rod style! And, the collective consensus tends to agree!! Keep on keepin' on, Brother! -KK
  3. RRR, this build totally blows me away, Brother! You really know how to capture this subject matter!! Love the Rivets!!! I don't know any builder that has the decal application ability that you possess! -KK
  4. Hot Rod! Hot Dog!! Y-Block under a Louvered Hood add a little HOT mustard & hold on to your buns!!! You've made me hungry, ADL!!!! -KK
  5. Tom, there isn't a 'How To' on this particular paint job, but the same process is pictured in the build at link: https://public.fotki.com/jferren/kitkarsons1929v12fl/ Basically, lay down the undercoat color; let dry; add salt to the areas you want to show through from below your topcoat. Apply the topcoat color over the undercoat and salt; allow to dry; and rinse off the salt in clear water. Weather powder is applied to areas where you desire different surface effects. Light surface sanding can also add to the destressed look, too. Finish with a dull coat to lock the finish. -KK&-RRR
  6. My fav' is on my MV-10... RRR heated the rattle cans over a butane torch as I sprayed the body all in one fell swoop! -KK&-RRR
  7. OK, I have to admit, my favorite paint jobs belong to my "Best Man", Rockin' Rodney Rat (RRR)! -KK
  8. And, pay good money just to look! -KK
  9. Now that's a good word! -KK
  10. Kyle, how 'bout some more pics?!. And, where you sourced the parts for your 5ive Window Coupe with the patina finish? -KK Here's our Rolling Bones style '32 5ive Window:
  11. Happens to the best of us, Bro... you've got a nice start on this roadster and it'll get to the finish line, all in good time. All I've been able to do on my deuce roadster is collecting parts!?. one of the most exciting aspects to building any hot rod... is pulling the right parts together! -KK
  12. Maybe add a couple of cushions to the bottoms of the bomber seats, Bro! -KK
  13. Awesome, Brad! We all have eyes on your "lil Diddy" and maybe one of RRR T's will help inspire you to race to the finish line!?.
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