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  1. Charles, The angel of the cowl as it slops toward the hood can play a part in the height of the radiator shell, too. It's like Goldilocks and the three beds: Too high! A little better... ... maybe a little low? ...and just right! -KK
  2. Working toward making sure the nose fits over the inner skeleton and eventually the firewall, too! Rember this all snapped together... tight fit meant parts pressed together. Painter's nightmare, without a doubt. So, the drill here is to relieve as much material on the sub-structure as possible to allow the hood to close against the body at the beauty line and kowl. Filled in the kick panels... This is what it looks like inside... and out! This is where the body will rest until the firewall is trimmed to fit... And the other side... I used to build in a mirror to make sure the other side looked like the other side... '29 4 Banger Under Construction -KK
  3. This whole build has reminded me of other model builders, as it comes together it's much like building a ship in a bottle. Drawing the tool slowly is time consuming... The #11 is the final cut-through tool... '29 TNR Rhinoplasty fini! Long time planning and looking forward to this day! Let's see what the ship looks like in the bottle!
  4. Radiators mocked up... Bleach bath... Removes old chrome... Measure twice... cut once (actually a little lone and file/sand down to fit) -KK
  5. Update: No real progress on the '29 TNR Tow Truck... waiting on the rear rims to get back from Hendley's Machine Shop! As soon as they do, the '28 XPU will be back on the bench! -KK
  6. Jim, the 120-inch wheelbase lets the '41 Lincoln Potvin Blowen Flathead V-12 hide under the soon-to-be-removed track nose hood! -KK Andy, No! Should I?
  7. This entire thread has drawn a hat full of attention and rightly so! The level of detail and the skill of execution has me in awe!! -KK
  8. Back a while ago the '33 3W was put on the back burner while a woody & a water mixer hit the bench with the power of a pacific tidal wave... if you had jumped over to check out the termite bait build, well that duo ended up all wet with the deadline for the Flordia's West Coast Auto Modelers NSRA Southeast Street Rod Nationals having come and gone and has since been set out to dry. I promise that if life provides me with the time to finish these, I will bring them all back to the forum! As for now, the '29 Track Nose Roadster is center stage on my bench! -KK
  9. Spent time working on a rollbar for the '29 TNR... Might be a tad bit too tall... Revell Tony Nancy 22 JR 1-25 Scale Plastic Model Kit H-1224-200 Where's the bomber seat? Looks like it might fit... Fun-Tac the top together and see if it works... We'll see how it looks after it's been kleaned up!?. -KK
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