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  1. RRR, This is the "awesomest" show kar display ever! I kame from a time when you wouldn't have thought twice about building a display like this for you local Kar Show! The Portland Roadster Show was where I first saw a hot rod/kustom kar show! Then when we were doing model kar shows in Seattle and Goodguys Puyallup Show the Kool Kar Displays started fallin' away. Love what you've done!! -KK
  2. Outstanding 1:1 candidate ought to be built and run on a Road Tour!! -KK
  3. Everyone knows I am a shade-tree hot rodder... your deuce sedan is spot on, Bro! -KK
  4. You know I checked https://public.fotki.com/jferren/32-phanton/ and will have a conversation with @Rocking Rodney Rat about the status of this project! @Dennis Lacy we need to get to the bottom of this -KK @Rocking Rodney Rat this is where you left us! When will it be back on your bench? -KK
  5. Ooooo! Two-tone paint, ornaments and Tru-Spokes... all the best of the 70's!! SBF & Chrome goodies, too?!. -KK
  6. Now you have me totally wondering what is going on in your hot rod mind!?. -KK
  7. Brother, you startled me! Snuck up on me, there!! Funny you should key in on those... had fun with the carbs over the last couple of days! Based on where they came out from under the engine hatch, the Block and Tranny had to be moved forward just a tad: So I had to add a short extension between the bulkhead & the two speed tranny: And, that set in motion yet another minor relocation: the cockpit, because it attached to the engine stringers. Just a little finish work on the engine hatch... and, then back on the Rack (as @Rocking Rodney Rat says! -KK
  8. Blew a gasket on you the other night... caught you PM & you're more than welcome, Brother! -KK
  9. Back on the Woodpecker Speed Boat Engine Hatch Here's where I could have made a better decision regarding opening the hatch from the underside of the deck... I now know, in hindsight, this would have come away just a bit more true to the deck design had I gone through from the topside. Following the inner hatch brace as a guide was very close to the deck lines from the topside of the hatch. Truing up the deck opening and adding the outer hatch border still needs a little klean up... Nice finishing touch to the hatch opening... lines up the hatch opening up with the deck design. Klamping down the hatch to it's new backbone hinge brace. We'll see how it all fits together, next time. -KK
  10. ADL, Just checkin' in and following up on the '33 Panel project... any update for your fine followers? -KK
  11. ADL, I guess I'll have to figure out another way of expressing my sincere appreciation for your classic style and grace in bringing traditional hot rod ques and period perfect parts together! I know we go way back and I've been privileged to be one of your mentors along with @Rockin' Rodney Rat and truly commend you on how well your skills and execution have improved over the past few years. This little koop is again right up there with all of your other very kemp rods in your model stable. I know RRR feels very much the same as I do... keep up the good work and know that a fortunate few are now your faithful followers and are learning about and seeing the 60's hot rod scene through your kool kreations! -KK
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