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  1. The Supersonic has landed.

    Outstanding, Brother!
  2. 'A' Mod: '29 Model A track style modified

    Yeah, where did the back of the cab come from? -KK
  3. 'A' Mod: '29 Model A track style modified

    Something like this, Mike?
  4. 'A' Mod: '29 Model A track style modified

    ADL, you hit on it! As soon as I saw the first glimpse I heard the same thing in my mind!! RRR, you have a Signature Look!!! Unmistakably RRR. It begs Carb Linkage... -KK
  5. While searching for the right roadster body to use along with the ''28/29 Ford Cowl, I know of one that has the right aft cab contour... but I already built a modified roadster out of it. You might remember my Oldster?!. The Oldster was built from the AMT The Beverly Hillbillies Kit... Almost the exact aft contour... See if I can scare on up... -KK
  6. Was it this? -KK
  7. 32 Ford Jet Rod

    Absolutely outstanding! Totally encapsulates the past, present and future of Hot Rods!! The Flux Capacitor era of automotive age has come alive in an expression of your vast talent and visionary skills. A true example of manual dexterity and mental engineering. Very creative sources of amassing the use of collective parts from resources that we are all aware of and should recognize. Impressive work, Brother Modeler!! -KK
  8. All wonderful suggestions come from the most unexpected opportunities... It appears that there has been an increased interest in Hot Rods and Customs (HRs&Cs). There has been some discussion among a few Brother Modelers here about enlarging the circle of builds to include said HRs&Cs as it's own entity. HRs&Cs encompass a history dating back to pre-war vehicles to modern day works of art. Imagine a world without them!?. As management, you yourselves have ventured into the realm of HRs&Cs one time or another. Face it, we all appreciate the automobile and their cousins the boats, motorcycles and trucks. And, we are seeing them all slipping into the past far too quickly. Government officials and law makers are taking away the last bastion of individual means of transportation left to us by our founders. Our art may be the only survivor. We have the ability to chronicle our hobby here on the MCM Forum. Let's do it! Let's turn this great stage into our theater staring the past, present and future of our collective hobby and passion. Yours always, KK
  9. '29 Model A roadster pickup

    Nailed it, Brother RRR!
  10. Chopped '32 Ford Tudor Street Rod

    All Hot Rod, Buddy! -KK
  11. João Carlos, Those are rubber bands the help your grip... -KK
  12. '29 Are Pee You -updated 11/25/17 -in primer

    Here's a sneak peek at RRR's '29 Are Pee You Chassis & Engine in Paint -KK&-RRR More to follow...
  13. Yup! I believe we're on to something, ADL! Thanks for the feed back!! -KK '29 Roadster PU on '29/'30 Deuce Frame with the AMT Ala Kart body in the background... let me mock it up and we'll see -KK
  14. Some of you might remember the first '29 Roadster PU built from the first AMT Ala Kart Roadster body and '29 Cowl from the early Revell '29 PU/Roadster.
  15. '29 Roadster PU inspiration Snuck into the Kave and dug out the standard issue Revell '32 Frame and the latest Revell '29/'30 Roadster/Coupe Deuce Frame. And, the Revell '29 Roadster PU Body for the initial mock up. Pretty clear how much work there would be modifying the Revell '32 Frame for this project. Think the '29 Roadster PU would actually get a head start using the newer Revell '29/'30 Roadster/Coupe Deuce Frame. -KK The Ala Kart Roadster body in the background is also a contender for this build, too! -KK