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  1. Haven't worked on the front axle, yet... but have been planning how it will fit with the nose: And, then onto the hood... Found an old MPC '28 Ford PU hood that is just shy on the length; one piece; sturdy/solid... add a little to the leading edge! Might just work!?. -KK
  2. @Speedprosent along a '29 Truck Teaser: btw Paul's favorite line goes something like, "Some Assembly Required"... Now he says, "I'm about to put this in a box and send it to me!" Should Paul Finish it or send it to me to finish? -KK
  3. @Dennis Lacystarted this thread a long time ago! 36.4k views later! Talked with @Speedproand the paint is almost done and he's ready to send it back to me to be assembled! -KK
  4. Rhinoplasty Had to perform surgery on the '29 Track Nose Roadster's nose! To take the height out of the nose a pie cut will come from the back edge... Measure twice & cut once... Total material removed from both sides match! Nicked the corner and had to repair it... A little scotch tape to hold the two parts together add a little CA and... Vertical cut to the trailing edge of the nose to better set the angle of the grille opening... Thanks out to @Rocking Rodney Ratfor the 90degree steel block! Good example of "Take" the line when sawing through a thin plastic wall... Belly pan meets the new nose... '29 Track Nose Roadster with a bit of an attitude! -KK
  5. Been spending some time on the belly pan... Nose turns out to be a bit too tall... Easy fix! -KK
  6. You know how seeing something triggers the mind to recall something very similar seen once before? The chrome tree did that to me!! AMT 1925 T is the same!!! The axle from the BIG RIG ROD is the only version with the two sets of two points on the top of the axle: Have no idea what they're for, but they are perfect for the elliptical spring shackle mounting points for the TNR front suspension:
  7. Replicas and Miniature of Maryland Catalog Links http://trakinscale.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=reg&action=display&thread=7275 http://public.fotki.com/crstan/replican-and-miniat/replicas-and-miniat/ http://public.fotki.com/Rikster/model_cars/replicas__miniature/rmcm_catalog/ http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/1/2/1/after-market-source/replicasminiatureof/ send by mail $10.00 for latest catalog /order forms....to: Replicas& Miniatures of Maryland 317 Roosevelt Ave S.W. Glen Burnie, Md 21061 Norman Verber ReplMinCoMd@aol.com
  8. Is that the chrome piece w/o the shock?
  9. Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland may have re-pops...
  10. I'm not looking for one, I'm trying to find out what kit this front tube axle came from? It could be 1:24th or 1:25th scale: Shown here with R&MCoMD Kinmonts & Mystery Tube Axle... R&MCoMD Kinmont Hubs & Mystery Tube Axle... Any help would be greatly appreciated... -KK
  11. Front Axle Mystery? Way back when looking for the right front axle... one that had most of the desired features turned out to be this one: R&MCoMD Kinmonts & Mystery Tube Axle Driver's side Other Driver's side Going to strip the chrome off it... Then fill in the voids and remove the static axles and fit the R&MCoMD Kinmont Hubs & the Mystery Tube Axle, both left... ...and right sides... So, help solve the mystery about the tube axle, what kit did it come from? -KK
  12. I know that old Revell Chris Craft kit. One of the things that I admire about model builders is their aspect. What is "aspect"? aspect: [noun] a particular status or phase in which something appears or may be regarded. appearance to the eye or mind. a particular appearance of the face: mien. When you can see something different than what it's presented to be, then you have an eye for transition! That is an admirable trait, Brother! Your take on the SSK Speedboat is another point of view, too! Not to steal your thread, but this started out as a Revell Bass boat: Keep going, Brother as the Woodpecker Speed Boat is back in the box and waiting on being finished... -KK
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