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  1. Who'd a thunk? Having a deep junk yard stashed out back would come to be a thing. Actually, been trading kits for more parts that are getting scarce! -KK
  2. WOW! Outstanding replication in scale going on here! Wanna see more, Brother! -KK
  3. '33 coupe mockup '33 Coupe Money Shot! -KK
  4. Unfortunately, there's more than just the body that would have to be cast. The '33 3W will not fit the stock AMT '34 5W Coupe chassis, let alone the fenders. I even talked to Norm Verber before he decided to cut back on his casting. He had cast a couple of my other Deuce master's several years ago. Ed & I go way back, and this is not something he was interested in a couple of years ago. It's not something everyone is looking for when 3D is able to do one that would work on either the Monogram or AMT foundation. -KK
  5. '33 3hree Window Coupe 420c is back on the bench! I have been instructed to finish said build before all others. -KK
  6. '49 Chevy 3100 Suburban Woody & Woodpecker Speed Boat SSK maybe returning to the bench... -KK
  7. Happy B-Day!

  8. Oh! That this day would come when both the builder's and the person that this combo build was a tribute to, could and did unite in the salty desert town in Utah. Paul & I were truly honored meet Tim and share the finish work Paul completed in Montana. After offering the trib' build to Tim for his taking, Paul retained ownership of the '29 PU, Tow-Behind & matching Go-Kart and it returned home and then he offered visitation rights to me! A conversation with @Dennis Lacyand @Rocking Rodney Ratand @Speedprobrought up the question of having an Under Glass Trib' invitational thread and it has been mentioned as a potential article in Model Cars Magazine in the upcoming Hot Rod Hootenanny II.
  9. You hit this one out of the park, Brother! The imagineering that is on display in your rendition of a street roadster from the days of Pro Street influenced hot rods is beyond belief! Outstanding and so thought provoking!! -KK
  10. A Big Thanks to @Speedpro and @Dennis Lacy for the opportunity to join the 1929 Ford Pickup 80's Contemporary Street Rod - A Tim Boyd Tribute! - WIP: Model Trucks: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial - Model Cars Magazine Forum thread and be able to see it for the very first time at the GSL Finale. Here's the grand reveal: Thanks to @tim boydfor his contribution to modeling over the years and to old & new friendships! -KK
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