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  1. Mix a little Flat Black & Thinner... just a drop of each. This is a wash that you lay in with a very fine paint brush. Over run can be wiped away with a soft cotton cloth. Let the thinned down flat black bottle paint flow through the door channel... vent reveal and clean off any overflow. -KK
  2. '41 Ford COE Die Cast Flatbed Roll-Back (left); Flintstones COE & the Monogram '40 Ford Pickup K&R Kustoms+Rods '41 Ford COE Chopped Top Left Front K&R Kustoms+Rods '41 Ford COE Chopped Top Right Front K&R Kustoms+Rods '41 Ford COE Chopped Top Right Rear Corner K&R Kustoms+Rods '41 Ford COE Chopped Top Left Read Corner K&R Kustoms+Rods '41 Ford COE Chopped Top from the Top Down K&R Kustoms+Rods '41 Ford COE Chopped Top Front End (Stock Inner Door Panels) K&R Kustoms+Rods '41 Ford COE Chopped Top Profile '41 Ford COE Chops for dinner '41 Ford COE Chops Baked and Ready For The Trimmings '41 Ford COE Step-Cut Chop Mock-Up '41 Ford COE Setting Up The Trimmings Hold on... it gets even better... '41 Ford COE Chopped Top Back Lite Easy fill job: CA & scrap stock trimmed to fit... '41 Ford COE Driver Side '41 Ford COE Passenger Side This is where it was when I sent it to RRR, some time ago! -KK
  3. Fine Art Pen You can also float a flat black solution into each recess... -KK
  4. @alan barton We may need to call them out by @Name to get their individual attention! I want to call @Gregg's attention to this thread, @Dennis Lacy asked me last night if we could get some of the builds in this thread into the magazine... Maybe we could get a couple of @tim boyd early builds included!?. I think there are at least one other "Tribute" thread here on MCM Forum... maybe we can get a link over here, to it, too! What do you think?
  5. What ADL is referring to is the inspiration for RRR's One-Man Speedster:
  6. Way Kool! What a great addition to the @Dennis Lacy "Tribute" thread!! Your thought process is making this thread more interesting with every stroke of the pen! Young model builders are being exposed to a the art of creation and combining of parts from way different kits that contributed so much to our long-time love of model building. Forgotten engines, fenders, running gear options and 1:1 contributions from awesome mentors in the hot rod and custom car building mecca. Over the decades, building styles have evolved from the back-yard mechanic to the high-scale Hot Rod Shops across our great nation; and now car builders around the world! @Rocking Rodney Rat is an avid follower of The Hokey Ass Message Board - spreading the gospel of traditional hot rods and customs to hoodlums worldwide: The H.A.M.B., thus giving us the MCM Forum. This is our modeler's version of The H.A.M.B., IMHO. To that end, these are the "good old days" of modeling and we are able to bring years of experience and dedication to the hobby and share it with our fellow modelers, both young and old! My personal thanks to @tim boyd and his many years of bringing "Modeler's Corner" to us from the pages of "Street Rodder" and rekindling the fires for a modeling era of long ago! @alan barton thank you for picking up the baton in this marathon "Tribute" thread, started by a real-life hot rodder and traditional model car and truck builder, @Dennis Lacy! And, I really have to thank @Rocking Rodney Rat for encouraging me to get back to my bench and join this "Tribute" build! Let's make this the most watched thread in the history of the MCM Forum! With over 11,000 views, so far! -KK
  7. @tim boyd @alan barton @Dennis Lacy @Rocking Rodney Rat Name Droppers! Back in the day these guys were trail blazers in the hobby and a great inspiration to the young and restless modelers of yesteryear! GoodGuys had sponsored a Model Cars event along with their 1:1 Hot Rod & Custom Car Shows and while RRR & I were just starting our partnership, Pryor Passarino was the traveling host when GoodGuys came to Puyallup, Washington. Pryor pulled me aside and presented me with an opportunity that I couldn't refuse! That was the last time I saw him and from that point forward Gary Meadors, R.I.P., invited me to be the NW traveling host for the GoodGuys Model Car Show. What an honor! And, to have RRR as my wingman was absolutely the most fun we had early on in our life long friendship! As it turned out, @Rocking Rodney Rat became my "Best Man" and still remains my BEST friend, ever! -KK
  8. RRR, You are most prolific; creative plastic surgeon; and, enthusiastic scale hot rod builder! Here are a couple of perspective views of your One-Man Speedster: A little T & A in front of the K&R Kustoms+Rods Hollywood Shop! '34 Hot Rod Primer Pickup & A V-8 One-Man Speedster in front of the K&R Kustoms+Rods Hollywood Shop! Absolutely, on of the most spot-on roadsters in your collection, Brother! -KK
  9. While sourcing parts for the '29A Closed Cab Pickup Tribute Build, it was mentioned by @Dennis Lacy in one of our off-line conversations, that the Revell Deuce 10 bolt rear end with the disc brakes might be a good go-to rear axle for this PU! Starting with the parts from the Revell Dan Fink's '32 Ford Speedwagon, Kit 85-7606, Parts #: 33 Rear Axle 34 Rear Cover 35-36 Stabilizer Bars 89 Rear Shocks First to go... the air bags Marked the upper shock mounting holes Before drilling any hole, use a #11 blade to center punch the point of the hole to be drilled (btw the Stabilizer Bars, parts#: 35-36, turned out to be too long) Pumpkin clearance concern surfaced during the first rear end mockup using the Radius Rods (2) from the Monogram '33 Ford Street Rod, Kit 2480 - 2702 ZZ Top Eliminator - AKA Kit 7647 Thom Taylor '34 Ford Cabriolet Street Rod (part #51) Using a curved file, the Roadster frame crossmember was hogged out to allow the third-member to fit Looks good to go! Houston we have pumpkin clearance! Measured a piece of stock to be used as a WIP crossmember for the Deuce 10 Bolt Rear End Drilled the shock mounting holes in the WIP crossmember Years ago, I picked up some Scale Railroad parts: And, used a couple of the nuts & washers to bolt the upper shock mount to the WIP crossmember Ready to set between the frame rails Fits! Even from underneath, ride height looks good! Previously, in one of the first posts in this thread, the shock mount crossmember was removed from the Roadster frame Picking up the cut-out crossmember and shortening it to match the WIP crossmember, the Roadster crossmember can be turned around to be mount the shocks Using a little white glue to assemble the parts Mocking up the rear end... we now have a second option for hanging the rear shocks Noticing the two body/floor pan mounting pins on the top of the Roadster crossmember, a couple of things occurred to me: If the Roadster crossmember is going to be used, the pins can either be used to mount the PU bed; or cut off. When scoping the posts out, the pin base turns out to be level with the bed rails To make sure, I laid my 50+ year old scale across the rail plane to see where the bottom of the bed would hit the top of the pins And, sure enough one could drill a couple of holes on the PU bed to solidly mount the bed to the frame While discussing the facts of the Roadster shock crossmember with @Rocking Rodney Rat, he felt the WIP crossmember might fit this build better! Any thoughts? Measuring for the final location of the shock mount crossmember Places the crossmember 5/16ths forward of the inner edge of the back of the frame. To that end, here are the parts for the rear end for the '29A Closed Cab Pickup Tribute Build: Including: the two Tranny crossmembers (140 & 141) and the Radius Rods (2) from the Monogram '33 Ford Street Rod, Kit 2480 (parts #51) Taking a look at how the parts fit together Sets the ride height right about where it needs to be! Note to self: Just have to decide on which shock mount crossmember to use? -KK Rear End Donor Parts List (& Parts included in the above pictures) Revell '29 Ford Pickup Kit 2085 Custom Rod 3'n1 Parts #: 51 Fenders 53 Pickup Bed 54 Tailgate Revell '29 Ford Roadster Kit 4463 Model A Roadster 2'n1 Parts #: 141 Crossmember Revell '29 Ford Roadster Kit 4322 Model A Roadster 2'n1 Parts #: 77 Fame/Chassis 140 Crossmember Revell Dan Fink's '32 Ford Speedwagon Kit 85-7606 Parts #: 33 Rear Axle 34 Rear Cover 35-36 Stabilizer Bars 89 Rear Shocks Monogram '33 Ford Street Rod Kit 2480 - 2702 ZZ Top Eliminator - AKA Kit 7647 Thom Taylor '34 Ford Cabriolet Street Rod Part #: 51 Radius Rod (2)
  10. @avidinha Andrew, Your work on this project is coming along swimmingly! Several years ago, I had a similar build: '55 NoMeo And, added a '55 NASTRUCK Then packaged it up and sent it all to Dirk Joseph to finish... with a tandem trailer with matching fenders. @Jairus Watson followed the concept and created his version in a drawing, later published in MCM! Keep up the good work, Brother! -KK
  11. Spent some time checking out the difference between the older '29A Roadster that Revell first released and the latest offering. The Crossmembers are different for each of the '29A Roadster kits: Older 140 (right) & the newer 141 Crossmember (left) And, the adaptor was added to cover the distance from the post on the older crossmember and the pad on the C4 Transmission. 140 Crossmember... 140 Crossmember & Transmission 140 Crossmember & Adapter 140 Crossmember Adapter & Transmission 141 Crossmember 141 Crossmember & Transmission Donor Parts List Revell '29 Ford Roadster Kit 4463 Model A Roadster 2'n1 Parts #: 141 Crossmember Revell '29 Ford Roadster Kit 4322 Model A Roadster 2'n1 Parts #: 77 Fame/Chassis 140 Crossmember Revell '32 Ford Sedan Kit 85-2062 Street Rod Parts #: 407-408 Engine Halves (2) C4 Transmission Revell Dan Fink's '32 Ford Speedwagon Kit 85-7606 Parts #: 52-53 Engine Block Halves 65 Cylinder Head (2) Revell '27 Touring Kit 7144 Street Rod Parts #: 12 Bellhousing Note to self: Decision on using 140 Crossmember or 141 Crossmember TBD Any thoughts? -KK
  12. @tim boyd Noticed a modification that you made while building the replica of Jim Jacob's "Pete and Jakes" Closed Cab Pickup, I made the same modification to the '29 PU V-12 Midnight Auto Salvage... Closing in the rear big lite on the early release of the PU. The later issue came with the small back lite... -KK
  13. Just an idea of where modeling has come, over the years. Imagine how many have learned something from history to current day modeling! Totally enjoying the ride on the time machine journey we've been on from the start of this thread! We've come a long way, guys! Honored to part of something so inspirational!! I want to see more from everyone following and/or lured in to the progress on all of the builds, so far... -KK
  14. @Dennis Lacy I opened this thread this morning and saw this: 10,247 views! Thanks to @tim boyd & @Rocking Rodney Rat!! Good work, guys... -KK
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