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  1. RRR, You and I both know how this is going to turn out! I watched you in action for quite some time now!! Komments so far are spot on in some kases and kurious in others!?. Keep us kuming back, Brother... with your marvelous kommentary!!! KK PS Remember this 1929 Ford Full Fendered Sports Koupe from the GNRS 2019 Move in Day
  2. I'm sure by now your head has out grown any hat that you have on the rack! Having watched the progress on this dark 5ive window koop took me back to the early days of rods & kustoms built in the backyards of rouge street racers! The simplistic and eye stopping appearance of the exterior lends credence to it's roots. It's traditional look suggests that there is an ol' skool 8 cylinder business man's powerhouse lurking under the hood! Trip' deuces on the ever reliable Chevy mouse with block hugging ram horns tied to dual cherry bomb glass packs has to deliver that ear-ringing sound that we all grew up with in the late '50s and early '60s! RRR, there are only so many builders out there that can so realistically capture the essence of the the good ol' days of hot rodding! This one thought has drawn universal komments from your admirers from almost every korner of our planet! The whole world respects real grassroots hot rods!! Go back and read from whence your followers kome from... almost every kontinent has responded to your "Notso Special" Model A. Showing that the appreciation for your skills, talent and vision reaches deep into the hearts of fellow rodders from places that are still holding the era of the original hot rod near and dear! From the right coast North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, to middle America's Indiana and Kansas, Arizona, Pacific Wonderland, California, from Quebec Canada to Vancouver BC, United Kingdom, South Wales, Denmark, South Africa and Australia all the world over truly appreciates your ability to kapture the kolor, stance and aggressive look of a chopped Model A! -KK PS I have to share the last picture you sent ADL & me after you added the grille & radiator supports!
  3. ADL, What a awesome roadster! Has a whisper of Weesner... but, better! -KK
  4. FL West Coast Auto Modelers 2020 April Show Has Been Canceled Rescheduled for ?
  5. Insane building skills, Brother! You have come lightyears from when we first met back on TRaK! I totally appreciate your firsthand ol' skool knowledge of Hotrodding! -KK
  6. Because I trust you! You had a vision and I wasn't questioning your judgment, at first I felt the color was a tad bit too soft for a Mordor sedan. After her debut, I was totally onboard! She's a beautiful and graceful lady!! -KK
  7. Absolutely fabulous, ADL! When you first shared the final color, I hesitated and wasn't sure you were in your right mind, Brother... but, au contraire. And, the Ardun puts the real Hot Rod back in front of the Mordor body! -KK
  8. RRR, This is the "awesomest" show kar display ever! I kame from a time when you wouldn't have thought twice about building a display like this for you local Kar Show! The Portland Roadster Show was where I first saw a hot rod/kustom kar show! Then when we were doing model kar shows in Seattle and Goodguys Puyallup Show the Kool Kar Displays started fallin' away. Love what you've done!! -KK
  9. Outstanding 1:1 candidate ought to be built and run on a Road Tour!! -KK
  10. Everyone knows I am a shade-tree hot rodder... your deuce sedan is spot on, Bro! -KK
  11. You know I checked https://public.fotki.com/jferren/32-phanton/ and will have a conversation with @Rocking Rodney Rat about the status of this project! @Dennis Lacy we need to get to the bottom of this -KK @Rocking Rodney Rat this is where you left us! When will it be back on your bench? -KK
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