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  1. Here are the two pieces that truly inspired the S'Lincoln Continental Coupe Here's the build link:
  2. Bruce Rathbun finished the K&R Kustoms+Rods S'Lincoln Coupe, built originally by @Rocking Rodney Rat& @Kit Karson How 'bout a big atta boy, for Bruce! -KK&-RRR
  3. K&R Kustoms+Rods S'Lincoln Coupe finished by Bruce Rathbun K&R Kustoms+Rods S'Lincoln Coupe was sent to Bruce Rathbun Let's give Bruce a well-deserved round of applause! -KK&-RRR
  4. AMT Rayson Craft Ski-Drag Boat Kit Wish we could have a re-do on this kit! Dean Jeffries & the Drag Boat
  5. Had to chime in here with a 1:1 surf&turf combo: '51 Ford F100 tow truck '55 Chris Craft 19' Capri Restored 1976 '55 Chris Craft 19' Capri, Flat Head 6 Cyl with 3hree Zenith 1 Brl Carbs Found the "LAST" crank on the right coast... Transom was a real mess!
  6. Now I'm wondering just how many other Ford bodied kars could benefit from this transplant from the ol' deuce phantom?!. -KK
  7. It's not the first time... over the last three plus decades I've passed several builds off to other great modelers! Any time two or more modelers get to contribute to particular build the best of the contributor always immerges! Case in point: the '37 Ford Fat-O-Fender (above) Paul (@Speedpro) & I built it almost thirty years. @Rocking Rodney Rat(RRR) & I have collaborated on a number of builds and a select few have been passed on to other luminaries in our hobby. Short story... K&R Kustoms+Rods SD 40 de Aire Barn Find It all started with a sketch that Rodney (RRR) brought to my attention: Early development rendered the body: With a little more work... our SD 40 de Aire had more air-miles than most frequent flyers! RRR laid down a fine Candy Orange Flak paint job: (Lost Picture Never Seen 'til NOW!) Fast forward to March of 2019... I had a conversation with a well respected kustom model kar builder and exchanged mailing addresses. RRR had located the missed placed K&R Kustoms+Rods SD 40 de Aire after a brief search and packaged it up and it was on the move a month later. Again, the SD 40 de Aire was stripped, honed, with a new beltline added and a new layer of primer added: And, the new owner, "Chopper" Ted Lear, was caught sharing the K&R Kustoms+Rods SD 40 de Aire prior to the 40th NNL in Toledo in late 2019: This is the last picture he sent me before he passed, R.I.P. Brother! I know where Chopper is, but the whereabouts of the restored SD 40 de Aire is still unknown. -KK
  8. @Speedpronow that we've talked about some of the deficiencies, I feel confident that the '29 in in the right hands. Handing it off to you wasn't as difficult as watching you leave to go back to Montana! Glad you had a safe return trip, Brother! Keep us up to date on your progress! -KK
  9. Thanks, Brother! It has been a point of concern, not only for me, but also to a couple of other mates as well!! @Speedprovisited my Kave this last weekend to attend our NNL (see below)... and he has custody of the 1929 Ford Pickup 80's Contemporary Street Rod - A Tim Boyd Tribute, the build that I started. Waldo & I have done this sort of thing before. '37 Ford Fat-O-Fender (ACME Meeting 3-5-17) Back in the day, he restored '37 Ford Fat-O-Fender(above). It was a cover car(model) for Cruzin Magazine(some 30 years ago). And, I still have it today, so having Waldo ask if he could do the redo I had to say, YES! (with a tear of admiration in my eye... what an honor!) Thanks, Brother -KK
  10. It really got off to an early start... and, before you could turn around to say Hi! to someone, things got busy! Before too long the table tops came alive while in the background the venders were being overwhelmed with the early bird crowd! While all the spectators and builders were starting to gather, the stack of donated door prizes over took the front edge of the stage! Most every one stepped across the street for a burger &/ hot dog! @Speedpro had one of each!! -KK
  11. Once again you deliver on another marvelous early drag car with a lift-off body! The SoCal ghost brought to the surface with day-glow blue under ware powered by a Potvin blown Hemi rolling on period perfect rims & tires... what more kould a grass-roots Sunday racer want in a straight-line hot rod?!. -KK
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