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  1. ADL, What a awesome roadster! Has a whisper of Weesner... but, better! -KK
  2. FL West Coast Auto Modelers 2020 April Show Has Been Canceled Rescheduled for ?
  3. Insane building skills, Brother! You have come lightyears from when we first met back on TRaK! I totally appreciate your firsthand ol' skool knowledge of Hotrodding! -KK
  4. Because I trust you! You had a vision and I wasn't questioning your judgment, at first I felt the color was a tad bit too soft for a Mordor sedan. After her debut, I was totally onboard! She's a beautiful and graceful lady!! -KK
  5. Absolutely fabulous, ADL! When you first shared the final color, I hesitated and wasn't sure you were in your right mind, Brother... but, au contraire. And, the Ardun puts the real Hot Rod back in front of the Mordor body! -KK
  6. RRR, This is the "awesomest" show kar display ever! I kame from a time when you wouldn't have thought twice about building a display like this for you local Kar Show! The Portland Roadster Show was where I first saw a hot rod/kustom kar show! Then when we were doing model kar shows in Seattle and Goodguys Puyallup Show the Kool Kar Displays started fallin' away. Love what you've done!! -KK
  7. Outstanding 1:1 candidate ought to be built and run on a Road Tour!! -KK
  8. Everyone knows I am a shade-tree hot rodder... your deuce sedan is spot on, Bro! -KK
  9. You know I checked https://public.fotki.com/jferren/32-phanton/ and will have a conversation with @Rocking Rodney Rat about the status of this project! @Dennis Lacy we need to get to the bottom of this -KK @Rocking Rodney Rat this is where you left us! When will it be back on your bench? -KK
  10. Ooooo! Two-tone paint, ornaments and Tru-Spokes... all the best of the 70's!! SBF & Chrome goodies, too?!. -KK
  11. Now you have me totally wondering what is going on in your hot rod mind!?. -KK
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