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  1. Free or trade 1987 thur 1999 ertl blueprinter nov - dec 1999 replica thur 2002 March-april Then went to on line only Really do not want to ship Hope some body can pick up. Please delete
  2. hobby lobby watch them. I bought a 49 ford gas man in Oct for my christmas when I opened it the price tag was under the shrink wrap. also the shrink was stiffer than normal in side all was there but one wheel and tire was put together. I live over one hundred miles from that store.
  3. I have one from promo dated not much chrome left.
  4. But the little stands that the cae is proped up on are in falcon rancheros.
  5. If you need one or two let me know.
  6. every thing in your display was in 49 merc 50 ford conv 65 or66 wild cat and 66 thunderbird from A M T Customing Series.
  7. i was going by the ribs It is close enough for me.
  8. it is in rev swamp rat xxx dated 1987
  9. Tell us What kit they come from. I dug thru a lot of parts and kits I could not find matches to them. Larry
  10. I have one but it is old I cleaned it up and used novis 2 onit if you hold it tothe light it shows marks it looks ok just looking thru it. some people dip them in future and let dry. Larry
  11. I had a trade with Casey It went great as always . Larry
  12. I had a trade with AFXmustang every thing went real smooth Thanks Carl Larry ray
  13. thats a 62 not a 61 sorry no parts for 62 larry
  14. Thanks Bill for that info I had no idea what the difference was Larry
  15. Any body hear about or know any thing about outlaw speed shop resin. Larry
  16. I have a Mono 1/24 57 two door hard top It has stock steering wheel and stock hub caps.I would trade for the custom stuff. P M me. Larry.
  17. I have the roof from a AMT 62 Buick Electra I am putting on a 62 chevy roof trying to make a62 Buick Lesabre cut behind the visors and next to the body Iwould send it if it will work. Larry
  18. i have a thunder bolt one 70 Chevy Blazer. PM if interested. Larry
  19. The Revell 53-54 panel has one I just looked. In my parts box of tools I have two black plastic and one white one and one chrome 4 way lug wrench.but I do not know that they came from 53-54 panels.
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