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  1. Very nice model. I really like the colors you used.
  2. Beautifully built Cobra. Very realistic looking.
  3. I'll try to post this amazing collection of paper models from youtube. Hope they show up here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH_8Ir2bB4E
  4. Roger U

    Mitsi EVO 5 WRC

    Very nice, clean build.
  5. Really nice looking model. The stance, the paint, and and the overall look is beautiful.
  6. Thank you for the link afx. I didn't know about that forum. it looks quite interesting.
  7. I agree, I would like a category for LSR machines (Bonneville, dry lakes, beaches). I've been to Bonneville twice and El Mirage a couple of times and enjoyed seeing and hearing the big variety of cars and bikes running there. I've been wondering where to get the proper style tires and wheels to use for building these models.
  8. Very nice model. Great paint and interior.
  9. That's really nice! Very clean build and great paint.
  10. Great looking model. Personally I prefer the one color Minis as you've built.
  11. Very nice, clean build. Beautiful paint.
  12. Very nice. Great finish and fit on all the pieces.
  13. Excellent weathering! The missing chunk of the tire is so realistic, all of the weathering of the interior and exterior looks realistic. A beautiful model.
  14. Really nice build! Very realistic looking rust/weathering.
  15. Wow, this is really awesome!!! It"s quite a fete for the jet and rocket powered vehicles to reach their 600-700 mph speeds but this is really an amazing accomplishment for a piston engined wheel driven car. Congratulations to Danny and his crew.
  16. Roger U


    Amazing work on detailing the models and the weathering. Very impressive models.
  17. That's a beautiful paint job on a beautifully built model.
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