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  1. what's funny is Eric was sending me pics of that from SEMA..
  2. Also mocking up and playing with a theory here
  3. thanks! You can go back and find it, I posted it here. I'm trying.. something I liked that look too, it just wasn't the look I was going for on this one. Also the way the fenders are shaped at the top I would have had to really recess those things in there. well about that, I'm not really going to. I want that tacked on look. In fact, I remade them and glued them on today.
  4. I used the backs of the fujimi wheels, with the spokes cut out and cleaned up the inside edge. I got lucky and the width of the two pieces ended up being perfect.
  5. I liked the idea of a modern twist on a vintage wheel that those C1 wheels gave, the width was right too, but the diameter was all wrong. Especially up front. thats where the fujimi wheels and tires come into play. But first I had to reduce the outside diameter of the c1 wheel.
  6. So I got stuck for a bit, the wheels and tires were neat but just not right, and I ended up fighting with it for some time. I think I won that battle today. Now maybe I can make some progress.. Started with two perfectly good sets of wheels, just not perfectly good for this.
  7. Man this one is fighting you! Probably a decent idea stepping away from it, I usually do the opposite and cause the situation to spiral out of control.
  8. I enjoyed seeing this one today, as always another well executed model from your workshop.
  9. So worked on a proof of concept tonight.. I like it
  10. Glad to see you back on the bench, this is one I have enjoyed watching
  11. that's a possibility I have that kit here.. although I'm not sure the engine is still in it... I do need to think of something, the viper engine has been ruled out. It's just too big.
  12. Just caught up on this one.. wow is all I can really think to say, its hard to have over the top look clean, and you are nailing it. Also, I kinda like the reversed colors, I know it was an oops, but I think it "pops" a bit more.
  13. very clean build, cant wait to see the end result. I also like the Black wheels/tires on the light blue.
  14. Started today's bench session working on fiddly bits that don't really show anything, mainly tweaking the firewall and adding tabs to the back of the chassis to ensure some sort of positive fitment between the body and chassis assembly. A little time now will save a bunch of headache later and ensure not only do I have a spot to actually glue the two parts together, but they will go back in the same spot every time. then I opened the front wheel openings a little more so I could put a larger tire up there that matched the rear, instead of that super thin Pegasus tire I had in earlier mock-ups. Then I wasted a LOT of time trying different centers in these wheel rings I made, only to end back up with the ones I started with. Oh well at least I know now. Next I spent some time modifying the door panels to match the new floor, I think I have it worked out that I can attach the panels and the dash to the body before inserting the chassis. This should actually help during assembly as I have seen during the several times I have assembled and pulled this apart already. Super happy with the stance, It is awkward and awesome all at the same time, debating if I am going to throw the stock bumper on the front with some sort of spoiler or just make something. Time will tell, winging it has worked so far. I know I will regret saying this, but so far this car has wanted to happen, it is almost scary.
  15. if you are referencing the links above the pictures, I have no idea why it did that, I pasted the img tags like normal..
  16. not sure, could be these, could be something else?
  17. So I have been bouncing this idea around in my head for a while, and it seemed like a good use for two kits that i otherwise probably would not have used. Those of you that may remember my Krusty Cuda build will get the idea for the name, for everyone else I'll explain as we go along here. Nascar kit meet Duster, it's almost asking me to do this.. first step, cut this stuff out, it's going to be in the way. Need to do a little trimming and some more.. Like it was meant to go there... and some major trimming on the wheel openings My original plan was to use some sort of bolt on flare, but with how that is looking so far I am not so sure anymore. I also haven't nailed down a power plant but I'm considering a viper v10 with individual throttle bodies, or maybe a hemi, even a modern one could work.. also not sure those will be the wheels and tires I use but I do like them.. what is for sure is I'm going for a weekend racer type, not going to be pretty, just pretty mean. Probably lime green, but of the neglected sort.
  18. I'm thinking of switching gears and making this a curbside build.. I can swap the cab for another kit I have here so the smooth core support area won't be a waste. I just keep thinking about how I would display this model.. And if the extra effort to fully detail under the hood and chassis is worth it. I wouldn't have it on a display stand I don't think. And it kind of looks better with the hood closed. So that's a lot of extra work for not a lot of viewing. On the flip side, I'll know it's there and that's good enough for me. Hmmmm
  19. This is most excellent. Really inspiring.. Like really Keep going!
  20. Glad to see some progress, I hope you do make it to Toledo!
  21. Exceptional as always my friend, always pushing the envelope of detail and idea. Is it done yet?
  22. Another build you are just hitting out of the park, I must have went back and looked at that front 3/4 shot about twenty times. Thank you for including your source of parts, it's really helpful for taking mental notes of kits to keep an eye out for.
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