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  1. Testors bonder works just fine. That's what it's meant for. I've also used clear Krylon and my current favorite is clear Duplicolor.
  2. Steve Earle has a number of great songs with cars in them. Copperhead Road: Sweet Little '66:
  3. Wherever Duplicolor is sold. I usually get mine at Pep Boys but Auto Zone, O'Reilly and other car parts stores carry it in this area, also.
  4. Two coats of this... ...worked on decals made in 1959.
  5. It started when VHT paint came out and you'll notice that many of the early drag cars with white headers also carried VHT sponsorship decals. It came in a number of colors but if you want to draw attention to your product paint the headers bright white!
  6. Holy Moley! That's paintin' it! You say you have a long way to go but I think you did a great job. Nice work.
  7. First, thanks to everybody for the compliments. Feels good to be appreciated! The nerfs (and the side molding) are made from half-round Evergreen styrene. Very simple to do! The side molding is there mainly to emphasize the horizontal for the center section of the body. I've noticed that on a lot of 1:1 sectioned Fords the overhangs look too shallow compared to the center section of the body so I used the molding, the flares and the paint fade to emphasize the horizontal in the center and the vertical at the ends. I do have some WIPs of the build that I can post later. Didn't take as many as I often do, however.
  8. This is the AMT '49 Ford coupe (great kit, I think) sectioned about 3/16". Back in the 50's, the shoebox Fords were probably the most frequently customized cars and definitely the most often sectioned. It turns out to be a lot of trouble - even in 1/25 scale but the low look is worth it. Paint is Duplicolor Metal Cast decanted and shot through a Grex. The grill is from a '57 Chrysler 300C and front turn signals are actually the stock taillights re-purposed. Hope you like!
  9. WOW! That's thinking outside the box. I just love it!
  10. Really excellent work. Did you scratch build the airbox on your Stude R3 or is there a source for that part? It looks very authentic. I built an R3 replica a few years back and scratch built the airbox but mine didn't capture the look of the real thing like yours does. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/111013-1964-studebaker-avanti-r3/
  11. That is excellent work and the most amazing thing is that there actually was a GAZ promo. I never suspected!
  12. Another superb build! I wish Round2 would use the AMT Chrysler 300C tooling to create a De Soto.
  13. Beautiful work as always! As far as the high stance, you are absolutely correct. That's how they looked. Many sports cars of that time were simply "jacked up" by the manufacturers as the easiest way to meet new federal bumper height regs. More sophisticated solutions were left for later re-designs. As I recall, MG's a really bad case of it.
  14. The box art may be BAD but it looks like a Rembrandt compared to kit that was inside!
  15. I call that many levels above "decent". That's beautiful work and I'm looking forward to seeing more in the future!
  16. Beautiful build! You make it look a whole world better than the box art does. Of course, I was really hoping to see the soap box racer.
  17. That's a great build and a great idea that had never occurred to me. Even though we started from totally different sources your statements about the problems of box art building exactly mirror my own experience. I was totally surprised by how many changes were needed to build the box art from what was in the box! Beautiful job!
  18. That's a great looking build! However, as something of a wooden boat geek, I am required to add this bit of trivia: The Robt. E. Lee, the Robert E. Lee, and the R.E. Lee are three separate and different vessels. So it's not correct to say that you've built the Robert E. Lee!
  19. Most early styling prototypes use different styling treatments on each side so that they can be easily compared while keeping the costs own. Sometimes they're even done as a two door on one side and as a four door on the other.
  20. Actually, I agree with you, Sam. There are a number of little issues that I have with it but, hey, it displays pretty good!
  21. That is a really fabulous build for 1959 and it still looks good today!
  22. I totally agree! Nothing against wire wheels but those wires on that car just don't look right. Now that's a very sharp and much improved model.
  23. The Hydro Hawk is a combination of the AMT 1959 vintage speedboat kit and a Jimmy Flintstone '51 Stude resin body. It helps that I know a little bit about boatbuilding and was able to plank up the transition from one to the other pretty much like you might do in 1:1.
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