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  1. Wow, never seen a Vega get the full house low rider treatment, but that looks great!
  2. As do I, or a spoon test; always a good practice.
  3. Very impressive conversion from the Delta 88, which has an almost entirely different body and different wheelbase.
  4. Thanks. I still need to make a tach out of something, and then the end of this build is near.
  5. I got Dwayne's master a couple of weeks ago to make sure it was ready for its date with the silicone. After a very light sanding with 1000 grit paper, it was. Amazing work, perhaps Dwayne's most accurate car to date. Chief Joseph did the wheel and tire masters just for this model, both the steelies and dog dish caps and the "shower drain" Pontiac wheel covers. I don't know exactly how he does this, but his parts are perfect to the tiniest detail, right down to the valve stems. Special Police lettered tires will also be included. I am working on the glass buck, and I'll do the glass sets that will come with the kits.
  6. That just hits all the right notes.
  7. Dual exhaust conversion. I mean, you gotta have that.
  8. Cool idea. Here's another vintage muscle car radio car.
  9. Automotive paints are almost always too hot for plastics, and automotive clear can be very tricky.
  10. After letting the filler settle, got it in paint. Testors Wimbledon White, AKA Polar White in Mercspeak. Tamiya clear. Had to be decanted and airbrushed because the newer Testors spray cans only last a year or two before they start leaking at the seams. Interior is red with maroon carpet.
  11. Very nice job on a kit you rarely see built, great period color combo as well.
  12. I like the color. I'd be tempted to build it nice rather than weathered at this point.
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