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  1. I do believe that the owner went out and whupped up on other cars beating them handily - 383 Roadrunners, 396/325 Chevelles, 390 Fairlanes, and the like. He knew what to avoid.
  2. A stunner, It's been a long time since I've seen black paint that smooth. Great color combo and clean, clean, clean!
  3. A great show, even if it was a bit smaller than in years past. It will be much bigger next year, after the final GSL in two weeks - which will be amazing. I entered two models, the Emberglo Mustang won first place in Factory Stock. I was also a vendor, sold lots of stuff and talked to lots of people; which is as much fun as selling stuff. We had great vendors in attendance, including Robert Burns of Too Many Projects, most of which were there attracting buyers. Quality is unreal, but we already knew that. Dig that 1:16 scale '72 Country Squire, the ideal tow car for all of those 1/16 drag car kits. The man himself, (left) a super nice guy and quite knowledgeable in all things '70s luxobarge.
  4. Why is this program or carbon based life form still a member?
  5. Really rare kit, better off just making the parts. Not likely someone has a parts kit.
  6. Just got one yesterday: Don't even know what he's talking about. Joined yesterday. Mods, after a cursory examination, maybe he should be sent off in style.
  7. Cleanest build I've ever seen of that kit, a real stunner. I wonder if Scalefinishes or MCW can get the Mystic paint.
  8. Thanks everyone for the compliments. I used these on the interior. I did decant and airbrush the Rustoleum.
  9. Now that's some kit bashing. Fantastic result, very convincing looking.
  10. Thanks James, that clears it up. They must slide forward in slots.
  11. They do have pins on the back side. I thought of hood hinges, but I don't see how they would work, they would run the hood into the cowl before it came up.
  12. It doesn't get much better than perfect, does it?
  13. What are these? I don't have the instructions, and can't find these online. Many thanks.
  14. Love the proportions, very balanced, very factory looking. The best kind of phantom.
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