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  1. This is an interesting kit. The body is pure comic book fantasy, but the chassis and suspension are accurate renditions of a '55-'56 Lincoln setup with a Ford FE engine and a C6 transmission, all of which are accurate to the Futura based '66 TV Batmobile.
  2. One week? Oofta. It looks like a six month build, easy. Great colors, stance, wheels, styling, just everything. This isn't just a quick build, it's a quick build with firm plans and a solid vision of what the car should look like finished. And I'm sure it did well.
  3. Looks great, what brand of clear did you end up using?
  4. "Sucker play or not, I must have turned her on somethin' fierce. 'Cause this dame was goin' for broke. Or maybe it was her first time with a New Yorker, I dunno. Anyway, nothing can beat good old American know-how. And I was givin' this broad the Stars and Stripes Forever". Way cool project.
  5. Bringing this one back up, great build and an especially nice blend job on the body. I wish this car wasn't overlooked by AMT, or I'd be working on one now.
  6. Look at this dreamboat! how can you not like the fine lines of a '60 Merc?
  7. Nicest job I've ever seen on that kit, by far. A stunner!
  8. I love these forgotten '80s compact kits, I have a few of them and this makes me want to add one to the queue.
  9. I don't know how I missed this, but wow, that car just has a perfect look to it. I have a '65 El Camino bed that I have been saving for the right phantom ute project to come along, and this gives me ideas. The parking lot diorama is great too, I like the weeds growing through the pavement cracks.
  10. Order from him direct, 1 buck cheaper per part than on ebay. You WON'T be disappointed. He's the nicest guy too.
  11. Looks great, love the pearl white over red color combo.
  12. Looks great from every angle, did you decant and airbrush the paint?
  13. Very nice kit bashing, looks quite natural.
  14. Roger, Ironically I just did a level 3 on a '61 Comet, a glue/paint bomb that turned out pretty well as a bare plastic shelf model. As well as a '60 Comet, and most recently a '63 convertible which is missing only the seat unit. The Meteor kits have engines, as this one does. The '62 and '63 Meteor promos did not have an engine, but they had a separate hood and the engine bay as in the kit, but with the promo style chassis. The '62 Fairlane promo did have an engine, as Ford wanted to show off their all-new 145 HP 221 Fairlane V8. I have the same green Fairlane promo, but it's pretty rough and missing the hood.
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