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  1. So cool, you really nailed it on the small details. I especially like the ratchet strap, the gas can, and all of the little adult product details in just the right places.
  2. Coming along very well, hard to imagine that this started as a Thunderbird given how correct it looks now.
  3. What a nice build, the paint, the real looking interior, all coming along so well. Sorry to hear about Bear, that news just hits any of us who have had to do the same thing, more than once in my case.
  4. Very very nice, possibly the cleanest build yet seen of that kit.
  5. Super clean, love the engine and the color combo. A cool rare car too, I believe Jay Leno is restoring one.
  6. The tires from the Revell Saleen Mustang Speedster fit.
  7. Yes they do, so no reason for us to go elsewhere for now. The interface can still be a little clunky, but hey, it works; so I'm not complaining.
  8. I used Photobucket for free until 2013, when I started a build thread here that got very popular. When my free megabytes got used up and nobody could see my pictures until the next month, I started paying for the service so I could make updates to the thread. The price was $25/year, and it still is. It has never gone up, and they never approached me asking for more money. It's on an auto-pay arrangement, and it has never stopped working - no watermarks either. I guess I got grandfathered in.
  9. It looks fantastic! Are you sure your middle name isn't Caractacus?
  10. Sure. Here's another one of that car, the engine came from a '10 California.
  11. Thanks a lot fellas. I've been a paintin' fool lately.
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