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  1. Just now saw this, fantastic replica of a very unique Bronco. Love the graphics and the round headlight conversion, among all the other touches.
  2. Very nice, well thought out street machine. Nice finish with the Testors enamel, a notoriously hard color to get good and even coverage with.
  3. I always liked the look of this kit, even with the way-wrong fender flares and undersized wheels and tires. I forgot how plain the engine bay was, but that was just the Revell way in the late '70s.
  4. Thanks gentlemen, that didn't take long and I didn't think it would. A friend's 2 year old really wanted it, but it is a bit delicate for a toddler so he had to handle the crushing disappointment. Life kinda blows sometimes.
  5. Came in with a parts/kit lot. Drag semi with tilt cab and bed, marked Fundimensions (but not MPC) on underside of the black interior tub. Appears to be a kit, but I've never seen one before.
  6. Coolest build I've ever seen of that kit, original, clean, and well executed. Didn't know that R/C parts like that existed.
  7. I don't think I've ever seen a removable trunk mat with a spare tire underneath in scale before. That's some next-level stuff from a kit manufacturer. Stunning build too.
  8. You know I like it, super clean build and razor sharp trim too. Very, very nice.
  9. My goodness, that is as nice as a kit can possibly be built. Aside from being flawless, the details, colors, wheels, and stance just give it a presence and resolution rarely seen in scale.
  10. Just hang a turbo on the right side. That'll fill it up good.
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