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  1. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic 1977 Ford 4x4 pickup   

    I drilled the headlights out and replaced them with reflectors cut from '60s custom headlights and parts box lenses.
  2. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic Are NASCAR kits falling out of favor?   

    Disclaimer: Second-hand info, and I don't know how much is factual. But it seems reasonable.
    I discussed this with Dick, owner of Hobby Depot. He said that he has customers regularly calling him for new NASCAR model kits, and has all along. He told me that the main reason for no newer kits is because of the Car of Tomorrow. Not so much because they were generic, but because NASCAR declared their design to be their intellectual property, and only allowed companies to make models who were willing to pay exorbitant licensing fees, like 200K-300K per model - and this left pretty much die cast companies as the only takers. This was also one of the things that upset the car manufacturers, until Ford and GM reportedly threatened to pull out of racing unless they were allowed to run cars that actually resembled what they sell. Thus, no more CoT as of 2013. The manufacturers now own the car designs. Will they loosen up on the model companies? It would be nice.
  3. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic The Truth Is Out...The Earth Is Flat !!!   

    You round-Earthers are totally square.
  4. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic Blazerburb   

    I love it all decked out with the rack and trail equipment, and the all-orange big block under the hood is the perfect engine choice. 10/10.
  5. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic 1977 Ford 4x4 pickup   

    Paint mostly cut and buffed, this clear is really easy to work with.

  6. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic 1971 Ford Ranger XLT   

    Best one yet, not surprising considering the builder.
  7. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic Mad Max Gigahorse   

    You guys that build these things out of paper just blow me away.
  8. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic The Equus Bass 770   

    Looks like a rolling Photoshop. With an LS swap.
  9. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic 66 Ford Galaxie 500 7 Litre brought out from the shadows   

    Beautiful job, Ron. The hardtop sounds intriguing, I'm planning a similar '67 build, using a kit that I royally screwed up as a misdirected youth.
  10. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic 1967 Ford Mustang GT FINALLY done!   

    You know what keeps me coming back to look at this Mustang? The stance. I'm a stance wonk, and this car sits just right, with perfect height, in/out and fore/aft placement of the wheels within the wheel wells. It's the first thing I notice on any build, and as nice as it is, this kit doesn't build like that out of the box. Very few do. I also like the color combo, corrected headlights, and added wheel well trim. It all just comes together so well.
  11. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic AMT Macho Mustang   

    Very tough looking Mustang!
  12. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic Revell 56 Ford F-100-Better Ideal for Fenderwells-11/20   

    Fantastic work, Joe, the best I've seen on that kit; and some Revell kits from that era definitely left you with a feeling like you'd gone three rounds with Mike Tyson. The details are on point, and the stance looks way proper.
  13. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic 1977 Ford 4x4 pickup   

    Update: The hood, not so good.
    I used Testors clear on the hood, Tamiya on the rest. The result: The hood was too dark. Not happy with that. So I stripped it, re-primered it with Plastikote and Tamiya, repainted it, and applied Tamiya clear this time. The result: Much more better. The Tamiya clear gives the Mica blue a deeper, slightly more ultramarine color, while the Testors made it more on the purple side.

    I keep learning lessons.
  14. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic Can Anyone Tell Me What This Color Is?   

    Looks like Vintage Burgundy, 1964-65.
  15. Maindrian Pace added a post in a topic 1977 Ford 4x4 pickup   

    Thanks again gentlemen!
    I'll be doing the Rick Flair Woooo when this is done! Which shouldn't be too much longer now...
    The clear coat Odyssey:
    Since when is this step so much of a PITA??? I had an unopened can of Testors lacquer clear (non Wet Look, but what's the difference?) So I tried it on the spoon test. Came out OK, but spoons are easier to paint than model bodies. You have to try really hard to goof up a spoon. I did the hood, and it came out too thick, and the can was too low pressure to atomize it any better. I usually dip it into about 1" of simmering water for a minute to thin the paint and increase inter-cannular pressure, but I thought, "I'll just pop on down to H-Town and get a new can of Wet Look." Not so fast, Space Cowboy, see my thread on the demise of that store. So I went to H-Lobby instead, got the new can of WL, and tried it on the second Mica Blue spoon test. Horrors!!! The paint was contaminated, it looked like a thousand little dust specs in the finish, giving it a rough surface. I'm glad I did the spoon instead of the body. Stripping that monster at this stage is a death sentence to the whole project. And my laid-back persona. So I returned it to H-Lobby, bringing the spoon to show them the problem in case they asked. They didn't. I then went to H-Depot and did what I should have all along, buy a can of Tamiya clear. Surprise surprise, it goes on almost like a pro was wielding the can, and cuts and buffs far easier than Testors. The tail gate is done, the rest will be cleared tomorrow, cut and buffed a few days later.
    The hood was a little scary with the Testors, but some careful sanding kit and Treatment Wax work salvaged it.