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  1. 1977 Toyota Celica LB 2000GT

    It's funny how the Celica looked so much more Mustangish than the Mustang of the same era.
  2. Outstanding, Dwayne. Looking forward to seeing your new LTD-S (single headlight) header panel, always my favorite design.
  3. Old Car Meet in 1939

    Wow, how cool! Love the Mercer Raceabout, (there were possibly two) and I bet they were affordable back then.
  4. Ferrari 250 GTO sold for BIIIIIIG Bucks!

    I considered picking one up for 35 mil. Hey, that's half price!
  5. Gator McKlusky’s White Lightening Galaxie 500

    Looks great! An iconic, yet rarely seen movie car.
  6. PhotoBucket's Back?

    Same here, I had a paid account starting around 2013, automatically deducted from my bank acct annually, and my account with them never did stop working - although a few random pictures in a thread here and there got nuked. They probably decided not to screw with paying members because it was at least some money rolling in.
  7. Mom passed away

    I'm sorry to hear that, Greg.
  8. Revell Bronco

    Beautiful job, nicely outfitted for the overlanding look that's gaining in popularity.
  9. Revell tire project

    I can use a set of ugly 15" Torq-thrust II's to model my 1:1 Ranchero.
  10. Monogram Big Scale Corvettes

    Fabulous work, the engine looks like the real thing. This is going to be very nice.
  11. I have one, and am planning on giving it to the Master Caster; so there will be more in the near future.
  12. Wow, what a looker! (how did I miss this thread?)
  13. Alpine plus

    That is definitely thinking outside the body.
  14. 61 Plymouth Fury

    What a beauty!
  15. Ford to Only sell two cars other than their pickup's/suv

    That's nuts. I see Fusions absolutely everywhere, how can they be losing money on them.