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  1. I've shipped all kinds of things to Canada. I don't know what the problem is, other than customs sometimes holding a package for 2-3 weeks before sending it on to the recipient. Some sellers just don't want to be bothered with filling out a customs/declarations form and going to the post office to send it.
  2. Looking for a 1:32 scale Monogram Mercury LN7 taillight lens, the EXP kit is probably the same. Left side pictured, I need the right side, or a parts kit.
  3. Sports Coupes are very nice indeed, and somewhat pricey in the market. Ford also produced a hardtop coupe that was just a Fairlane 500, and these are more common and affordable but have the same sporty roofline as the Sports Coupe. Modifying the roof of the 2 door sedan to hardtop specs would be a neat project, and a take on this kit not seen before. The roof from the AMT '65 Fairlane modified stocker kit would be a natural swap, as the '63-'65 HT Fairlanes used the same roof.
  4. Very nice job, and quite the little hot rod there too.
  5. You got it Ken, Pyro '32 Lincoln. I found a picture of a tree in a kit for sale on eBay.
  6. That's one of the nicest weathering jobs I've ever seen, very realistic and nothing over the top. Great proportions and stance too, great build all around.
  7. Came with another kit from eBay purchase, anyone know what it is from?
  8. Very nice job, that finish is mint.
  9. Very nice work here, ingenious really. You might try fast setting epoxy like JB Quik for filling in large areas to reinforce the aluminum foil.
  10. I like the plans, and the progress looks top notch. Beautiful color combo choice too.
  11. Super clean job, it's hard to imagine how that car could be any nicer. I've always liked that generation of Camaro far more than any of the generations that came later. It's my second favorite beyond the first generation.
  12. Holy schmize. I go away for a few months to build some 1:1 stuff, wade back in here, and this shows up. Francis is making jewelry out of styrene, brass, and aluminum, while the rest of mankind is hoarding toilet paper. What a world we live in.
  13. That's got just the right amount of spacey custom goodness.
  14. So, so nice in every way.
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