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  1. IPMS shows are often not very car-heavy, but Arizona modelers must not have gotten the memo. This show was great, and the models in the other categories were just downright epic. Something for everyone here.
  2. If your skills were overwhelmed ten years ago, they certainly aren't now. Fantastic build.
  3. The later non-warping promos were made of Cycolac, a trade name for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene - or ABS. Depending on how the material was mixed, Cycolac can either be tough and resilient, or brittle and fragile. Either way, it's difficult stuff to glue. You can use ABS adhesive like Loctite Super Glue for plastics with activator, or Gorilla 2 part epoxy.
  4. This is going to be a little animal. The booster doesn't fit the Coyote swap in a 1:1 either, so they use a Hydroboost system from a Cobra. I made one for an AMT '93 F350 truck, the car versions were essentially the same.
  5. You could put a small block of styrene in there to increase the gluing surface.
  6. Very nice, perfect color choice too.
  7. Pretty cool, this Fordvette is an unusual pairing, but it's coming out nicely. The dash looks natural, being kind of Corvettish as it is.
  8. One of my favorite Monogram kits, I built one when they first came out, first issue. I built it just like on the box, black, flames, red interior. When I was done, I couldn't believe how nice a job I did, (I was ten, so it wasn't *that* nice, but to me it was perfect) the Testors gloss black laid down nicely over the black plastic, and Dad's red Krylon worked nicely on the interior too. I remember the smell - Monogram kits in the '70s had a unique smell when you opened the box, and their decals were always fool proof.
  9. A few years ago, the city came by and pounded a bunch of small, colored flags into my yard and other houses on the street as part of a gas/electric line revamp. After the work was done, I pulled the flags out and saved the wires from them - they are exactly the same as model car axles, but about 15" long; perfect for 4x4 trucks and other projects that take extra-long axles.
  10. That car looks absolutely real, and builds that can make that claim come by very rarely. Amazing job.
  11. Fantastic looking Squire. Having worked on a number of '57 Fords, there have been many times that I have wished that they had standard forward opening hoods. Access with the reverse hoods can be a real pain, I usually have to remove them and set them aside.
  12. You can also use the very similar looking and more common Johan '62 Cutlass for the gasser project.
  13. I have one on the tree. Decent condition except for some chrome loss to the bumper. You can have it for shipping. I have no idea what that will be from the US to Germany, but I can look it up tomorrow or Wednesday.
  14. Wild. That car lends itself quite well to a low rider build. Makes you wonder why there aren't more of them.
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