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  1. I think my point was missed about the Saturn rocket and Apollo moon lander models. I built both kits as a kid. What I was trying to point out is that it would be cool if some model company would tool up a kit of the Tesla with “Starman” at the wheel and the Falcon heavy lift rocket!
  2. Some model company needs to make a kit(s) of this event like the Apollo moon rocket and lunar lander!
  3. What I don’t get is why are they still considered an endangered species when they are ubiquitous anywhere there’s standing water?!
  4. Another trick I learned after purchasing a tool from micromark and giving it a closer look was, take a sewing needle and nip or grind the eye end off to make a fork. Then use this fork to transfer a tiny drop of glue to hard to reach assembly points. Surface tension of the liquid glue will hold in the fork until touched to the part. Works great for all types of thin adhesives. Mount the needle to a handle of your liking for better dexterity. Sewing needles come in a variety of sizes so you may want to use a smaller size for the thinner viscosity adhesives. Nice thing about this set up is when it gets gunked up with glue it can be cleaned with the proper solvent and reused.
  5. I’ve had great success and highly recommend Donn Yost’s “The Old Man” technique for working with enamel paints and cheap lacquer. It’s been discussed on this forum a few times.
  6. Agree! This is perfect! Can reach the corners of those square testor bottles with it too. Just remember to stop spinning before removing it from the bottle!
  7. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville. Kit or promo. That front end is so unique it’s cool! When I was a kid our neighbor had one. Great old guy. Taught me a lot about cars since my own pop wasn’t much of a gear head. Like to have one in his memory. eBay prices are just ridiculous!
  8. I always thought 1:1 was kinda goofy referring to a real car or truck. After all, it’s not a “full size” plastic model.
  9. Just an FYI to all Tucker fans, the AACA museum in Hershey PA hs an amazing collection of Tuckers cars and collection of memorabilia including multiple iterations of engines, prototype frame, drive train and suspension components, pictures of the plant and original drawings by Preston Tucker and so on! Truly a must see.
  10. Yeah, big sale! The one near me had four, counted them, four model T kits! That's it! Either someone came in and scarfed up everything early to flip on eBay or this was all they had to begin with. Didn't bother to ask because there was really nothing I could live without.😏
  11. Some grayish white residual substance appeared on the tires of unbuilt revell 69 Dodge Charger R/T. It seems to wipe off easy with no damage but wondering what could be causing it? I'm storing the kit in a dry basement with the rest of my collection. This seems to be the only one I've found like this and have never seen this before. Should I be concerned?
  12. The list of all the dead people bugs me. I come to this forum for fun and relaxation not to get depressed. My own mortality is creeping up on me fast enough so maybe a separate section can be made up and called it Celebrity Obituary where everyone famous that died can be listed. That way one can choose to avoid it if they want. I use to like coming to the off topic lounge but it's been pretty morbid lately! Sorry for the rant but I needed to get this off my chest!
  13. Pic doesn't show up on my iPhone. Not sure if it's a problem on my end
  14. I see your digital version, but this magster app appears to have the latest issue 203 of model cars available. I know jack about apps but this seems like piracy or copyright violation to me if this is not authorized by yoou! p.s. I'm a subscriber for more than five years love this magazine!
  15. How about wet sanding to keep the dust down. Also helps keep the paper from loading up. Painting though, respirator and paint booth or outside.
  16. So, is this a revenue source for Gregg? I thought he wasn't going to go digital with the magazine himself.
  17. I'm a tool and die maker. Take my excess used blades to work and toss em in the scrap steel hopper.
  18. Stewart's Hobbies in Whilloughy http://m.yp.com/willoughby-oh/mip/stewarts-hobbies-collectors-toys-453026289 Depot Train and Hobby 4342 West 130th St. Cleve. OH Been to both places, nice selection of kits, and supplies. Stewarts in Whilloughby has a better selection of vintage kits though. If you go, check out Whilloughby brewery down the street. Great food and craft beer if your so inclined!👍
  19. Saw something on TV about London sewers being clogged with what they call a "fatberg" the size of a bus. It consisted of food fats, wet whips and other such "flushables" that don't break down like the manufacturerers claim. It had to be removed before it caused flooding. Big fun for the sanitation department!
  20. I don't toss stuff nearly as much as I should as well! The eyeglass lenses got me thinking I do the same thing! Multiple old scripts filling a drawer! My rationale is that good money was spent and seems a waste to throw away! Even though they're unusable. Same with old computers and electronics, clothes, magazines....you get the picture. D.mn, I need to clean out my garage and basement!LOL!
  21. Gotta get one of these to help with BMFing like everyone else has mentioned. Just bought a new Dewalt drill with a built in light and love it! This idea for the knife is just as "brilliant"!😄
  22. The type I'm familiar with is magicians flash paper used for on stage pyro effects.
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