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  1. We don't get them here in the UK.
  2. Yes Ray. I personally have a problem with white paint. The kit comes in grey though so I have to paint it!
  3. Two kits both in 1/72 scale and both for £5 each! Funny! Both 1/72 scale, The Gee Bee R-1/R-2 is 2.3/4" or 7cms long and the Beriev is 12 1/2" or 32cms long!
  4. Thanks guys. Yes Chris it's time you to build it! Gary It's a superb kit, worth buying and building. Here it is in the top of my IKEA Billy Bookcase, the space needed is about 12" by 10". Like this.. The LEGO Ducati behind it looks so much smaller.
  5. Very Interesting! As I'm looking for a whole motorcycle chain in 1/9th scale!
  6. Thanks lazlow. Yes the 'TOON' style kits are there for a laugh!
  7. Well Bob you beat me to it! I was just about to buy another but their supply is short as they are made in the Ukraine! I think that this was released last year, but not sure. The suppliers say they can't get them at present. And I'm not wanting it for the female figure, really!
  8. See below the finished build, with back box, flowers and helmet with goggles.
  9. Today I've done everything to finish the Vespa 125 build. Fold up luggage rack, spare wheel cover, brake lever below it, front wheel suspension, kick start lever, helmet and helmet with goggles. See finished build on the completed section.
  10. Well it's been an interesting build, but it's not quite finished. First picture is the engine and the second is very close to the finish, with side panels, steering, stand and headlight fitted. A few blocks just need a squeeze up.
  11. Second day on the LEGO Vespa 125, the rear with the number plate and the body with the front and rear seats. As a 16-17 year old I had a Lambretta 125 quite a few of my 'MOD' mates had vespa's.
  12. On the shelf for about 15 years, so as I was waiting for my new LEGO Vespa 125 Scooter kit to come I chose this to fill the time. Front decals around the grill difficult to lay up, eventually did it.
  13. Thanks for your info Chuck. We had a few years ago during the build of a new town nearby a 'Future Homes' build of various new ideas in design/layout etc. These had basements for sport areas, snooker, table tennis etc plus cinema rooms. They also had in the walls a vacuum pipe that used with a vacuum hose enabled all dust etc to be sucked into a holding tank in the basement. Also a laundry tube from all the rooms above down into a laundry area.
  14. We have very few houses with basements. Only very expensive city houses were built with them in the 1800's. We still don't take the benefit of them in 'standard' housing as I see it. We just built directly 'on the ground' and waste the possible amount of room underneath.
  15. Well Chuck I contribute to about five or six forums, and someone else has also had the same problem as you recently but a 'deeper' experience. They also had a sump pump blockage. All the best on sorting out the damp and getting rid of it'
  16. Embarrassing, We have two Bentayga's around about here! Neither are ours! We also used to have a number of VW Beetles over the years too!
  17. Whilst waiting for my new LEGO Vespa to turn up, I started an Airfix Aston Martin that had been on the shelf 15+ years. I preferred the yellow interior to dark black!
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