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Eric Macleod

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I am 99% of the way done with this 4 year project. I still have some door handles to install and some fiddling with interior pieces of the Coupe and Tudor but I am ready to present to you the only existing 1:25 scale complete set of all 6 body-styles of the Improved Fords, introduced in September 1925. Ford was careful to note these were not new cars, they were improvements upon the 16 year old Model T. I personally own the 1:1 versions of the Touring Car and the Fordor Sedan you see here. I was involved in the restoration of the Runabout and the Roadster Pickup. The Tudor is a 1:1 of a local car here in Battle Creek and the Coupe lives down the road from my sister in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. As far as I know, nobody has ever built all six of the Model T varieties as the Fordor in particular was quite challenging. I found the Roadster Pickup and Runabout with the Up tops to be tough as well. I hope to add the final details of this project later this week but until then, enjoy the cars.

Finished t's 2.jpg

Finished T's.jpg

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9 minutes ago, Ken Kitchen said:

Beautiful collection I admire your determination to see this project through. Are you aware of Anthony Hazelaar's 1/25 scale Model T Ford Car and Truck Models. I believe he's located in the Netherlands. Here's a link to his site: http://oldcarandtruckpictures.com/modeltrucksandcars/

I am aware of Anthony's collection and his incredible skill with these models, which greatly surpasses my own. If there was anyone out there who might have beaten me to the punch with this set it would have been him. I suspect if he were aware of my collection he would duplicate it, then do so much more skillfully. 

Thanks to all of you for the kind comments. 


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On 12/12/2017 at 8:41 AM, bbowser said:

Impressive collection Eric.  I really like the Fordor, your showroom dio is very cool also!  Can't have enough Model T's on here.

The dio is very much of a work in progress. I have been inspiredby many, much more skilled, model builders in this site. A nice backgrounddoes make the cars look better.

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On ‎12‎/‎14‎/‎2017 at 12:38 AM, Maindrian Pace said:

Boston, 1971 - my Father's first antique car, a '27.


I like it. It is a LOT nicer looking car than my dad's first car, though I love the car tremendously...and I own it. You can see where I got the inspiration for the Fordor in the collection. This is a photo of how the car looks today. I have had thoughts of restoring the car but there is a certain amount of charm to a car that is a bit rough and rugged.

Dad's Fordor.jpg

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On ‎12‎/‎14‎/‎2017 at 12:48 PM, dustym said:

I own a 1:1 27 roadster, and I would like someday to build a scale version also. What did you use as a starting point for a 27?


I started with the '26 T Touring by AMT for the chassis and (in the case of my model) substituted the wooden wheels from the AMT '25 Runabout shod with the bigger tires out of the '26 Touring kit. I used a Jimmy Flinstone Resin for the body and Revell Buttera '26 T Touring Fenders. I also used the Revell Hood, modified to look as if it was hinged at the center. The Revell Touring windshield assembly fit the Flinstone cowl better also. Next there was the interior. This was also a combination of kit sourced items and scratch built pieces. Interior fiber panels were scratch built out of Evergreen sheet and Evergreen half round. The seat was from the AMT '25 Runabout. The dash and floor was scratch built. Probably the hardest part was getting the top from the AMT '25 Runabout to fit the '26 Runabout body. I used quite a lot of Evergreen sheet and Tamiya filler to get it to line up. The car I used as a 1:1 reference was Gord Koll's (MTFCI President) Stynowski winning car, a very interesting "unequipped" car, with non-demountable wheels and oil lamps-$260 FOB, and the lowest priced Ford available for '26. Because of that I used an engine out of the delivery truck (AMT 1923 C-cab) which did not have a starter or generator. Here is what I wound up with. I had not yet painted the crank and would have liked better fit of the hood to the body but overall I am pretty happy with the results.

Gords runabout.jpg

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15 hours ago, disconovaman said:

Our Club challenge this month is anything black..  It's kinda a tribute to Henry Ford... one of our menbers sent this to me. Not  what I was thinking when the challenge was announced but it reminds of these builds.


I like this a lot, particularly the wheels. I think the seat might be just a bit too nice to match the rest of the car!

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17 hours ago, Maindrian Pace said:

Amazing job on that roadster, Eric, I had no idea that many kits/parts went into it. Very nice.

Thank you for the nice compliment. The Runabout did have a lot of work; much more so than I anticipated when I started this project. Without a doubt the Fordor was the most difficult with at least six different model kits plus three Jimmy Flinstone chopped Fordor resins (all eventually sent to the waste can after I destroyed them) being represented to get the one car completed. It is probably the most expensive model I have ever built and ultimately the most satisfying. That being said, it really does not fit in with the rest of the set as it is very much of a "used" car and the others are models of new, factory correct cars.

I have toyed with the idea of taking one more crack at the Fordor, this time representing a model of what the car will look like when I am finished restoring it. I have also thought of making an attempt to make a resin of the body as I suspect I am not the only model maker who would like a full set of the '26-7 cars. Obviously, a Fordor is conspicuous by its absence, except for the aforementioned chopped Flinstone car. I am sure some would consider simply using the Tudor Revell body but the Fordor is actually a good 4 inches taller than a Tudor (something I learned when I parked my 1:1 next to a Tudor) so the Fordor version looked weird without the tall side windows (give you one guess how I figured that out!).

I did a bit more with the Tudor yesterday, including putting a pretty good divot in the paint, so I am still a few days off from being completely finished with this set. I will post some more photos of the collection in completed form soon. In the mean time, this gives you an idea what I started with while building the Fordor.

T fordor WIP.jpg

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