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1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal

Michael Kröger

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Today is send some Pics from my actualy Build.

A Hendrix resin kit from a 1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal.
The basic kit I bought a few years ago from a friend.
Only the body with bumpers and discs use.
As donor for the interior and the chassy I used a used 57er Chrysler 300 from AMT.
The body was originally painted in pink and was stripped and worked up. The whole decoration as emblems and afford had to be sanded down there very ugly.
For this I have new decals printed.
The hubcaps are 3d-marked, turned in aluminum and the stars are 3D printed.
The Rarosse was painted yellow white with revell Aqua as base and clear lacquered with 2k Automotive paint.
The interior is mostly Schratch built with the Chrysler 300 as base.
More pictures soon if there is interest.



1957 Dodge_01.jpg

1957 Dodge_02.jpg

1957 Dodge_03.jpg

1957 Dodge_04.jpg

1957 Dodge_05.jpg

1957 Dodge_06.jpg

1957 Dodge_07.jpg

1957 Dodge_08.JPG

1957 Dodge_09.JPG

1957 Dodge_10.JPG

1957 Dodge_11.JPG

1957 Dodge_12.JPG

1957 Dodge_13.jpg

1957 Dodge_14.jpg

1957 Dodge_15.jpg

1957 Dodge_16.jpg

1957 Dodge_17.jpg

1957 Dodge_18.jpg

1957 Dodge_18a.JPG

1957 Dodge_19.JPG

1957 Dodge_20.jpg

1957 Dodge_21.jpg

1957 Dodge_22.jpg

1957 Dodge_23.jpg

1957 Dodge_24.jpg

1957 Dodge_25.jpg

1957 Dodge_26.jpg

1957 Dodge_27.jpg

1957 Dodge_28.jpg

1957 Dodge_29.jpg

1957 Dodge_30.jpg

1957 Dodge_31.jpg

Dodge centers.jpg

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Very impressive looking build. The Resin body looks well done also. I like how you got the Hub Caps put together. I suggestion would be to find some images of a 1:1 Dodge and look at the License Plate mounting area in the Trunk Lid. I think who ever designed this body got the opening in the trunk to small.  

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50 minutes ago, espo said:

The tires and hub caps look perfect. Those hub caps were a very high theft item in that era. Guys would want those on their cars before Mag wheels became the style.

Do you think resin copys where good to sell?


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Just now, Michael Kröger said:

Do you think resin copys where good to sell?


You know I think they could. The reason I say is, at that time I lived in Southern California, and all of the customized cars that were on the street every day were trying to make their cars standout. The most cost effective way to do that was to change the hub caps. The Dodge Royal Lancer and Oldsmobile Fiesta hub caps were the most popular followed by the Cadillac Sombrero hub caps. There are a few model builder including myself who remember or lived that era and like to build correct models from that era.   I don't think you will make enough money to retire from selling resin castings of these hub caps, but they are the best I have seen in years. The only ones I can remember were from the old Jo Han kits and that was a long time ago. Modelhaus used to offer some very nice resin versions but they are no longer with us. I think if you could offer these at a reasonable price you would have some buyers. The only down side I can think of is the cost to ship them to the US may be more than the cost of the hub caps. I know nothing about the modeling going on in your part of the world or if there would be any interest in these but that would be a factor.  If you should start offering these please let us know on the forum site for after market products. Maybe even post something there that you are considering making them and see what kind of reaction you get. Either way good luck to you and I enjoy looking at your build.     

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Wow! Some fantastic work going on here! Everything looks so good that I don't know what to say... Really nice work!

Those hubcaps look good. I know I'd buy a set or two if there was a resin version available. Those would look great on a Custom.

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