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1970 AMC Javelin SST Trans Am


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25 minutes ago, Dave Van said:

WOW.......Proof we need Javelins from 68 to 74 in kit form!! NICE work...

Yes! Moebius are you seeing this?? Lots of versions can be done especially with the '68-'70's. AMX's should be in the mix no doubt! As nice as those old Johans are body shape wise, it sure would be swell if we could get these with detailed chassis' and engine bays. ;)

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A little background on the Javelin. ...bought it at the Salisbury,  NC swap meet about a year ago. Already built with a color scheme of brown, white and gold (?) with Johan decals #27.

Checking later on what the kit box might have looked like, I found that the builder did copy the box art and supplied decals.

The body was in great shape, couldn't say the same for the paint and decals.  The frt bumper was broke into 3 pieces but glued back together nicely,  was stripped and painted with the rear with Spaz Stix mirror chrome.

The interior was pretty much a 1 piece excluding the dash n steering wheel. The dash was a racing style with a small block cluster. I fabbed a wide plastic strip to make the correct dash and the steering wheel was correct. There was a unusual roll cage that was glued in but came out in one piece. It did appear to be original to the kit. The windshield needed very little polishing . Rims were wide stock steel that the outer lips were either chipped away or worn round for glue. Standard  60"s period magnum 500/Rallye rims were used from a AMT 70 Chevelle kit with hollow smooth sidewall tire with Goodyear polyglot decals used. The Javelin still uses frt/rear metal axles.

The engine was basically the one piece block and trans, exhuast manifolds and one valve cover. I scounged up a intake manifold and carb, fabled up the air cleaner assy and belt/pulley alternator. Other than make some exhuast pipe connectors from the manifolds to the chassis,  that's it. Planning to make some tailpipes from the rear end to the rear of the valance pan since the exhuast is molded and the tailpipe are tucked underneath the rear pan.

The only other scratch build was the rear spoiler. A top wing portion from a R/M Daytona and 2 spoiler supports from plastic strip filed and sanded to the right contour.

Paint was Testors Gloss Red and Dark Blue and a generic emanel gloss white from Lowe's. As much as I love two tone color schemes, this bad bod fought me long and hard. No sooner than I would get 2 of the 3 painted perfectly, trash or a run would ruin the last color application. But patience and perseverance  ( 3 cans of paint, 4 purple pond baths, almost a half roll of Tamiya tape and 4 painting attempts) ruled the day

Once completed, it is a nice addition to a model collection that is a rarity in both the real and modeling world....Chuck

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That looks fantastic! A 70 Javelin is basically my holy grail kit because I own a 1:1 one that's white with black stripes. I'm very curious how much you paid for the model you used. Whenever I see them they are certainly not going for cheap. I also LOVE the addition of the airfoil spoiler that they put on the Trans Am cars. 


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