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I just finished this. It's a Meng M2A3 Bradley w/BUSK III. Meng did a superb job with this kit. It has a fully detailed turret, driver and crew compartment, detailed engine compartment and individual workable suspension and track links. I built it OOB, with the exception of adding anti-reflection coatings on the thermal sight/commander's CITV and the various periscopes. AFV Cub's AC35017 Anti-Reflection Stickers for M1A1 AIM/M1A2 SEP  were adapted for use on the Bradley.


















The model was painted with an overall coat of MM 4720 Acryl Sand FS33531. The interior was painted using Krylon ColorMaster Satin Pistachio Color/Primer, which is a dead-on match for FS 24533 Seafoam Green. Weathering was applied using Vallejo Model Color acrylics applied with Q-Tips, cosmetic applicators and misted on with an airbrush for a dust coat. Using Q-Tips dampened with water and 91% IPA, the weathering colors were blended and then wiped with a lint-free cloth.

It was an enjoyable project; and, I'm definetely going to get a couple more. This kit is that good. :D

Thanks for looking in.






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Looks like a really nice kit. You did a fantastic job on the build.

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Thanks, guys. I appreciate your comments.

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I have to confess that I have no interest in building military models but reviewing your pictures very closely, I am in awe of your build!  The detail in this kit is excellent but your paint choices and the weathering are masterful....really create a model that will be difficult for other builders to duplicate.  Curious about how many hours you have in the build of this kit.

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Thank you for your comments, Carl. I could understand not being interested in military models. Armored vehicles aren't what you would consider as sexy and sleek like a Ferrari. Nowhere as fast, either. :D I enjoy building them because they present a mother lode of opportunities for scratchbuilding extra details and modifications for specific, historically documented vehicles and equipment of all types. Also, they provide a canvas on which one can improvise and improve one's painting and weathering skills. Total time spent on the Bradley was 152 hours, spread over three months. Painting and weathering required more than 1/3 of that time.

I enjoy researching the mechanical aspects of AFV's and apply what I learned. These are photos of the Gunner's position in a Trumpeter 1/16 King Tiger. The entire turret basket and floor sections, including the traversing gear housing/elevation mechanism are scratchbuilt from brass. The gunner's traversing foot plate is fully functional, including the lock.




With the exception of the hand traverse wheel and shaft, which are kit parts, everything seen in the following pictures was made from brass.





The lever on the right is the traversing control. Every part connected to it is fully functional and connects to the Power Take Off motor via the small link rod seen in the first photo.

This is a German TFZ 9c tank gun sight.



I decided to scratchbuild a fully articulating one for the Trumpeter 1/16 King Tiger:




This is the 8.8 cm KwK 43/L71 main gun. All of the molded-on bolt details ere removed and replaced with 0.3 and 0.5 mm brass hex bolt. The recoil buffer at the top contain spring loaded steel rods, replacing the plastic kit parts; so, now it recoils in the same manner as the actual mechanism. all of the stenciling on the recoil buffers and side plate were hand drawn using a .13 mm technical pen.




I do take my scratchbuilding seriously. :D


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Incredible detail in this kit right out of the box , Meng definitely does some great kits .  Your work on this one is excellent , nicest Bradley I've ever seen built ! :)

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That is a crazy amount of detail .. love the back end with the rads and fans. looks great 

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