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GT/AA '96 Firebird


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I just finished this, over the past weekend. It's an AMT snap-together/unassembled promo that came in a three(?) pack, from a Kaybee Toys outlet store.The chassis is a sheet styrene plate. I cut out half circles of sheet to support the axles.  I blacked out the windows, since it was never intended to be anything more than a slammer.

When I started painting it, thirteen years ago (?), I thought I had a plan for it, so, I taped it off and began spraying what the can's label showed to be a pale yellow. As soon as I started shooting it, I realized that the label was wrong! Out came a dusty coral color, which would have looked great, on a 'sled, but, not so much on an early 2000s race car! Back in the box, it went. Fast-forward to 2017. I returned to Colorado, and had gone to visit my late friend, Don Fahrni, and had taken the model with me, to show him. I took one look at it, and handed me a can of Testor's Inca Gold, and said, "Fix that!" So, I did. He was much happier. While the color was better, I still really didn't have a plan for the paint scheme. I decided to use it as my entry in Snake's "Bring Out Your Dead" thread. I needed to come up with a scheme, for the paint. Out of some sort of desperation, I just began to tear pieces of masking tape, and apply them over the paint that was already there. Next I shot some Plasti-cote automotive paint (I don't recall the color's name) over that. I followed that up by striping the colors off with One-Shot Process Blue.

I made the door markings and the hexagon pattern for the taillights , as well as the "Conrad's Engine Service" decals on an inkjet printer. I added wheelie bars and a master kill switch to the rear of the car. It's far from perfect, but, I like the way it looks. It's probably a tad low,in front. By rule it should be no lower than 3", and I think this is about 2". Anyway...

Questions, comments and critiques are always welcome! Thanks for looking!








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3 hours ago, AmericanMuscleFan said:

Looks good Daniel!  A lot of work on that paint job but the final result is very convincing.  Nice job on the taillights, looks like the 1:1 car!  Great dead back to life...

Thanks again, Francis. Even when I build something simple, like this, I try to generate visual interest, whether via paint, or small details to catch a viewer's eye. I am pretty happy with it, but, as always, there's room for improvement!

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9 hours ago, Mile High Scale Modeler said:

Very cool paint!

Thanks, Mile High.

5 hours ago, Bainford said:

Very cool! It’s a big look for such a basic build. Not so easy to accomplish. And hats off for the killer paint. Nice work. 

Thank you very much, Trevor. I enjoy little details, and other points of interest, no matter the level of overall detail. The paint was fun! I'd like to use the same general technique on another car, one of these days. What I'm thinking of trying might just work on my '63 Nova Wagon Stock Class racer! Thank you, all, for your interest and your comments!

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