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1973 CHEVROLET Caprice.


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1238569936_s-l1600(47).jpg.efc7a048fe279e440f0a10a475afe75f.jpgBought this a few days ago as I wanted one for years. It did need some changes from what MPC put in the box, and those were donated from a AMT '70 Monte Carlo. While the body,chassis,glass, bumper's, wheel's & Tires are MPC. The engine, Heater,Radiator, Master Cylinder and Mirrors all came from the '70 Monte Carlo kit. The engine that MPC put in the kit was shall we say a bit to be desired, and the Fire wall detail along with the radiator were just as bad.








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14 hours ago, alexis said:

That tooling was updated every year up to 1976. That is where it is today. It still has a (not correct) for '76 Big Block motor in the kit.

Beautiful Build.

That old kit review that said the 454 wasn't available in '76 was BS. 

My '76 Caprice Classic Landau came from the factory with a 454 4bbl.

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On 5/7/2020 at 9:06 AM, Wm David Green said:

Now that's a really good looking car. 

Wondering if this tooling still exists?

I have wondered this myself since the 1974-76 body is so different. It would be cool if it showed up!

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1 hour ago, alexis said:

Steve. Was it a Canadian Car?  If so, that might explain the 454.  Other than that, I'm stumped.

I couldn't say about that. But,,  the 454 wasn't available in California. That may be the source of the confusion.

Here's a page from the American '76 Chevy brochure listing the available engines, it's right there. 

1976 Chevrolet Full Size-10

If you can't see the page, here's a link. 

http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Chevrolet/1976_Chevrolet/1976_Chevrolet_Brochure/1976 Chevrolet Full Size-10.html


Wiki also says it was available in full size Chevys through the '76 model year.


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