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FRW resin 32 Vicky dirt track supermod

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Haven't finished a dirt tracker for quite a while so it was good to get this done.  I reckon I painted it about 5 years ago and for some reason don't appear to have taken many construction photos.  Oh well.  

It turned out to be quite a complex model, mainly due to the need to fit 10 pounds of parts into a five pound bag.  EVERYTHING needed massaging. What I am most satisfied with is that I think got that home-built look to it.  There is a fine line between building a good model of a crude racecar and building a crude model of a crude racecar!  I would like to have one nice piece of white signwriting across the back but in spite of having a massive stash of decals, I haven't yet found anything that looks right.

The body came from Fred Sudlow at Fred's Resin Works  It is a great shame his work is no longer available as he did a great line of resin parts for short track racers.  I bought a lot of bodies and parts off him about ten years ago and he also generously gave me a bunch of parts as well. Fred, on the off chance that you are reading this, thanks for some great parts. I would still be buying if you were still in business!

So the recipe goes something like this.

Body, hood ( modified), rims and rear tyres FRW

Frame AMT 25 T zeed at the front and new engine mounts and radius rod mounts added.

Engine - AMT 25 T "Lincoln sortof "

Driver - Monogram sprintcar driver massively modified

Scratchbuilt front, rear and side nerf bars, front axle and steering gear, floor, rollcage, bellypan, exhaust headers, aircleaner ( with real foam!) dashboard, dirt screens and wing.









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Alan, if by chance your on here reading this, I'm still here. I  went through some really rough times when I lost my son in 2008, and my life as a forum host didn't last too long. Trying to run it and constantly screen it got members to turn on me quicker than a unicycle on ice. Over time I got so depressed, and down on myself over things that I ended up in a Hospital for about three weeks. To this day, I'm still seeking therapy, but I am NOT embarrassed by this. This year 2021 is the first year I have actually been excited about arriving. I have done a couple builds and posted them on a Facebook page, but now maybe I can post them on here. I have FINALLY gotten closer to finishing my office in the shop, after three years, and I'm hoping to pour something in resin just to see if I can.. I also have a Facebook page, just Fred Sudlow. I just posted a new build on there, and have been up loading photos of ALL the resin items I ever made. Thanks for all your nice words, and all your purchases. I read comments like yours, and I get humbled and a little embarrassed that I broke down and quit.

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Hi Fred, yep I'm still here and tickled pink that you have made contact. I always surmised that things weren't going smoothly for you at the time and it is terrific to hear that you are looking positively to the future. I will go and check your Facebook page.  Can't wait to see your builds.

For those of you who weren't around when Fred had his forum, it was an awesome place for short track guys and this guy makes the best resin parts for dirt trackers - tyres, rims, bodies, you name it.  He builds a killer model and on our behalf I would like to welcome him to this forum and hope that he shares some of his models with us - I can assure you, it will be worth the wait!



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Fred, welcome back!  Glad to see you here.

I'll add my voice to the choir: as has been said, your products, your builds, your forum, all were great contributions to the hobby and have been sorely missed. 

Glad things are turning around for you (after your hard work); Godspeed.

Stay with us, friend.


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