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Same old $300 Jordan gluebomb.

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28 minutes ago, lordairgtar said:

This guy keeps reposting this thing. Never gets any bids. What was that called when you keep doing the same thing expecting different results?

Lol. Typical? 

Unbuilt minty don't usually bring 1/2 that. Rarest one, but still. That's the "common" color flip. The tough one is the dark blue body and light blue interior for some odd reason.

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Ditto on this seller's '30 Ford he's been relisting for a year if not two years by now. Started out at $115.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/254900449952

For laughs one time, I PM'd the seller with a link to a nearly identical build listed at $10 and his reply was that the one I showed was an unpainted out-of-the-box one while his was a pro build with Italian red / gloss black paint.

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EBay is full of listings with outrageous prices that get relisted for very long time periods (sometimes like year or longer).  You can thank the eBay's fee structure for that.  We have discussed this on this forum in the past. In the good days of eBay, there was an insertion fee, opening price fee, and then the ending fee (based on the percentage of the selling price). But now you can list for free, and only pay when the item sells.  That enables all those "dreamers" to list their overpriced items, hoping for a sucker to come along. 

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8 hours ago, Ralph Henderson said:

I don't know. It seems if you wait long enough, a couple bidders will fight over it.

Bidding is up to almost $350 right now, with less than a day to go...


Guess there was a few suckers born this week.

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I see he has a factory sealed Stutz ($175) and Mercer ($250) as well; no bidders.

I wonder who has the rights to these designs at the moment? The Exner cars would be great subjects for an outfit like BOS to create in resin in 1/18; they could really make them match the proportions of that beautiful box art, especially with photoetched or hand-laced wire wheels. The folks who collect BOS seem to have no qualms about the price.

For that matter, too bad Franklin or Danbury never tackled them either.

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