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1936 Ford Cabriolet Finished!

Tom Geiger

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I’ve had two of this kit forever and I have no idea where I got them!  I just know that a dozen years ago I had a vision of this car with red fenders. So finally I scratched this itch!

This American Metal kit has a metal body and hood, while everything else is plastic, including the fenders. There are tons of tiny parts to fiddle with. Fit wasn’t great and frustrating at times. I abandoned the pegs on a lot of the parts and glued them in place.


I am quite pleased with the final results!  

The body remains the prepainted black, but the fenders and accents are Duplicolor Cherry 🍒 Red.  The grilles and running boards were then sprayed with Tamiya Semigloss clear. 


Per the board members advice in my build thread, I detailed out the wheels and narrowed the metal axles to tuck the wheels in the fenders better.

I also tried to modify the stance  by raising the front axle and lowering the rear axle. You can see the front tire sits up into the fender but I don’t think it all raised the rear by much. 


I got rid of the kit’s license plate holders since they were heavy and toylike.


The interior is all different tones of Duplicolor reds, then hit with Tamiya semi gloss.


Not that you can see it, but the floor was done in embossing powder.


The kit flathead didn’t have a lot of detail but actually came with a wiring loom.


And a final parting shot with a friend!  Glad to get another one on my shelf!

Now onward to finish my father’s Beetle and then back to the 1960 Plymouth airport limo!


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Love this two-tone scheme with the wide whites. The chrome wheels are very nice as well -did they come in the kit? Sounds like a less-than-perfect kit which you managed to beat into submission- nice job!

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